New life

Bella is a 18 year old who has to move to Australia with her brother Ashton and live their life alone since their parents are dead, what happens when Ashton introduces Bella to his band mates


6. Heartbreak girl


"Hey Luke, Calum, haven't seen you around, can't wait to go to the band camp for two weeks with you guys, why didn't you call us back about 20 weeks ago" 

Luke's mouth and cals were wide open those two girls were beautiful, one that was by Luke had blonde straight hair, her eyes were blue like mine, and she was skinny and her make up was on point, the one by Calum had brown hair with dirty blond ombré like mine and had hazel brown and tiffs were blue, she had good make up and her hair was in small curls, and she was skinny.

I grabbed Tiffany and before we left I said 

"Hey guys see you around and here's $40 for the food thanks for being great friends see you around" Luke looked at me confused and his mouth still trying to say something but the girls kissed them and that's when me and tiff ran to the car and cried, we drove back to the condo and our stuff where still in there so we told Ashton what happened and he is returning the car back to Luke and the houses back to cal and Luke, we stayed in the room and Ashton brought us breakfast, lunch, and dinner we mostly watched movies and cried. 

"Hey sis, Tiffany come out please I'll lock the door and make sure the don't come out and Bella I bought you a black Range Rover, please come out."

"Fine let us get dressed"

While I took my shower Tiffany picked out her outfit and mine, and the make up and dryer and straightener, I got out and she took a long shower I did my make up, eyebrows, dried my hair, straightened my hair, and put on my outfit Tiffany pick out an okay outfit it was some black joggers, white crop top, and white and black adidas, with a beanie. She got ready and was in grey joggers, white crop top, beanie, and black and white adidas, we grabbed our phones and headed out to the living room I saw some girl sitting next to ash, I walked up to them and said 

"Ashton who is this?"

"This is my girlfriend, Selena do you guys wanna go out to eat?" Ashton had said 

"Sure" Tiffany and I said 

We walked into my car and I drove while he gave me directions we ended up going to Apple bees, we got out and we sat down and ordered we bonded with Selena and shared laughs 

**2 hours later** 

We were still sitting there talking and 4 people walked In and sat in a booth across from us Ashton turned around and said 

"Guys lets go look down umm Selena give Tiffany your sweater, here bell take mine put it on and cover your face" we did as he said and when I looked up I saw Luke and cal with the two girls, I started to cry and soon enough Tiffany started to cry we walked out without them noticing us and Ashton drove, he explained everything to Selena, Selena said 

"do you guys wanna have a girl day out, go to the mall hang out and make you forget about them"

"Yea sounds good" Tiff and I had said, once we got home we went straight to bed, my alarm went off at 7:00 am we woke up I went to the bathroom to do my make up, comb my hair, and brush my teeth, I got out and tiff did the same thing I got dressed into black shorty shorts and a white crop top with black ankle boots, Tiffany got dressed into a red crop top, with black shorty shorts and black cut out heels, we walked out to see Selena waiting in my car I drove to the mall we all talked and laughed on our way there, we got out of the car and walked over to the piercing palace I got a belly ring and so did Tiffany and Selena we went to go eat afterwards and talked 


"Hey cal look at those girls" 

"Shit maybe it's Jane and Christina, I can't believe we are dating them I mean they are hot but we lied to them we cheated on them with Tiffany and be--" 

"Bro talk what are you looking at?" I looked and saw Bella and Tiffany, and Selena we saw them walk into the piercing palace and saw them come out with belly rings, we walked to the pizzeria where they were eating, we sat at a table and just kept looking at them, they looked gorgeous for girls who broke up with their boyfriends, I turn around and see Bella run up to some dude and kiss him, while Tiffany runs up to another dude, and Selena runs up to Ashton and kisses him.

"Cal are you seeing what I'm seeing?" I had said

"Yea I see the love of my life kissing her ex boyfriend" 

We walked out and rolled out eyes at them they saw, Bella and Tiffany ran up to us making sure they didn't fall 

"Hey Luke, Calum no hard feelings right?" Bella had said 

"Yea honestly we are pissed" cal said 

"Why you did something worse to us and please drew has loved me since I was 14 and Jake has loved Tiffany since she was 16, don't roll your eyes at us okay and look here come your girlfriends we should get going" Bella said in a pissed off tone 

"You know later today we are going over to your house to rehearse before our gig" I had said 

"Yea I don't really care drew, and jake are coming over"

"Who are these sluts lukey" Jane had said 

"Who are you calling a slut look at both of you, you guys are barely wearing anything, and don't call me or my best friend that ever again" Tiffany had said 

"Lukey these girls made me upset" 

"Why are you guys so rude she is my girlfriend and you have to deal with it" I looked at Bella who was hurt from my words and she opened her mouth and said 

"Come on Tiffany there's no use, just give it up come on" she pulled Tiffany away and Jane had some soda in her hand and walked up to Bella and threw it at her.



"DON'T EVER YELL AT MY BOYFRIEND AGAIN" Jane had said, I ran to my car like a baby I tripped once but that was because Christina tripped me, my knees and hands were bleeding I drove home alone wanting to get out of there but some care followed me home, I put the hood up from the car and ran to the front door and locked the door behind me I ran to my room and changed into some joggers and a sports bra, an hour later I heard people singing I walked out and saw Luke singing to the song 'Don't stop' they wrote that song, but they were recording an acoustic version I walked into the living room very quietly and listened to them sing. 

Tiff grabbed my hand and smiled at me we watched them sing and 1 minute later they were finished 

"Hey sis how did we sound?" Ash had said 

"You sounded great" Selena walked up to ash and kissed him they both walked away into ash room still kissing 


"Hey Bella you coming to the gig tonight" Michael asked 

"I wish but I have to pack I'm leaving to college in three weeks not enough time for the amount of clothes I have oh which reminds me let me go put on a sweater I'm in a sports bra" I got up and ran to my room and put a red sweater on and grabbed Luke's old sweater and shirt I walked out with it and saw him sitting on the couch so I decided to throw it on him

"What is this?" He asked 

"It's your clothes I forgot to return it to you I'm gonna go bye"

"No wait Bella, Jane and Christina we aren't dating them we were there friends then management saw us hanging out and since you guys weren't public with us they made us get fake girlfriends but they don't know that!"

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