New life

Bella is a 18 year old who has to move to Australia with her brother Ashton and live their life alone since their parents are dead, what happens when Ashton introduces Bella to his band mates


10. Happy


I hung up on him, parked the car and walked into the hotel with Selena and Tiffany we got to our room now we each had our own suite I changed into my pajamas which looked like this (at the end of the chapter) 

and fell asleep I kept thinking and thinking about what he said but it's true I don't know what I feel anymore I know that cal and tiff are back together but my life is so confusing my thoughts ended once I heard a knock on the door, I walked up and opened the door and saw Luke standing there 

"Can I come him?" 

"Um y-yea, s-sure" he walked in and sat on the sofa 

"Bella is it true you stopped loving me?"

"No I had to find a way for you to stop bothering me, but nothing works" I said with a chuckle 

"Bella please take me back or else I have to find another girlfriend, and we didn't cheat on you, we cheated on them for you and Tiffany, please Bella I love you only you" I stared in his ocean blue eyes while he stared in mine (my eyes are blue) he came close and kissed me I kissed back not because of a reflex, because I loved him we ended up laughing and talking through the night, until 3 am 

"Hey we should get to bed" Luke had said, he followed me into the room where the bed was and we laid down and fell asleep I grabbed his hands and he put his arms around my waist and hugged me tight, later on he ended up taking off his shirt since it was warm inside.

"Luke, wake up" I whispered 

"What happened, I'm up"

"Do you hear that noise from the wall? It's  coming from Tiffany's room, come check it out with me" he got up and put on his shirt and we walked out to the door we opened her door since it was unlocked and walked closer to the room and heard her and cal having sex they stopped once they heard someone come in, so we both ran out and ran into our room, and fell on the sofa.

"Omg that was gross" Luke had said 

"What was gross?" Cal had asked 

"Oh um I showed Luke what period blood looks like"

"Oh okay.." And they walked out while we sat there and laughed I got up to brush my teeth and Luke left sadly, I called Selena and she picked up on the third ring

S- hey what's up?

B- wanna go have breakfast at the diner downtown? 

S- sure I'll tell cal and tiff to get ready

B- did you hear them

S- yea it was gross since the side of their room was really close to mine 

B- omg gross let me get dressed, bye 

S- bye 

I took a quick shower, blow dried my hair, straightened my hair, did my makeup, eyebrows, and got dressed this is what I got dressed in too

I walked out to my car where cal, tiff, Selena and Luke were waiting he came back with a new outfit and fixed his hair I walked up him and hugged him he drove while cal, tiff, and Selena were in the back, and I was in the passenger seat he grabbed my hand with his left hand. 30 minutes later we arrived he grabbed my hand and we walked in, we all sat down and ate, and laughed

"Hey so we have a gig tonight so we gotta get going, do you guys wanna come? we are gonna meet up with Michael and ash over there" Luke had announced 

"Tiff and I will be there, Selena wanna come?" I had asked

"Yea umm sure lets get going" 

Luke and I split the bill and walked out we got to the place right on time he kissed me goodbye and walked on stage they sang 5 songs and then came over to us and we hugged them so much people came for autographs and pictures, I was so proud of him well all of them, we all left the place and went over to Ashton's place well it used to be our place, we all got changed into bathing suits ( it's at the end of the chapter) 

we all jumped into the pool but Luke pulled me beside him, after we got out Luke gave me his sweater and it looked like a dress on me, and we left to the hotel well all of us again, when we got in the hotel I ran up to the suite with Luke and fell asleep in his arms on the sofa.

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