Isn't is sad?

Isn't it sad to see an angel who has no wings try to fly back home?


3. Lost Angel

Angel's pov-
    I wondered aorund lost when I realized that I didn't have a clue were to go in this world. "How can I fit in on this plant..." I thought and then remembered the boy from earlier and sighed. "Maybe if I had been nicer he would have helped me." I sighed and looked up at the sky thinking back to how good it felt to fly.
Boy's pov-
    School couldn't have ended sooner. I was glad to be out and heading home and to just get away from the gloom for awhile. "It sure is a nice out today. Not a cloud in the sky!" I smiled as I saw birds fly by and kept walking. I ran into the girl from earlier but thought it was best to leave alone. So I kept walking any way.
    "Um hey..." The girl called out to me. I turned around and looked at her. "Hey how are you doing?" I asked her with a smile and she looked down. "I actually do need help...." She said softly and I looked a bit surprised. "Okay well do you have a place to stay for the time being?" I asked and she looked down shaking her head. "I was thrown out of my place." I nodded and smiled. "No big deal you can live with me."


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