Isn't is sad?

Isn't it sad to see an angel who has no wings try to fly back home?


2. Life as a human

Boy's pov-
    I was walking to school again with my head held down low as I made my to school. Then as I was walking I paused hearing a girl crying. So I looked around a bit until I saw a girl crying. "Hey miss are you okay?" I looked at her worried as she started to back away from me. "I'm fine just leave me alone!" She yelled at me and I gave her a weird look.
    "Well if your sure that your okay then I guess I'll be on my way then." I said and started to go on my way again to school. The girl nodded and got up still crying a little and we parted our separate ways. The last words she said to me caught me off guard. "Isn't it sad?"


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