When it was only a thought

She discovers the reality behind the stories told. And all the long of her adventure, it was the one question that started the whole thing: what if the myths were true?

Fallow Katy and her wild ideas and thoughts as she tries to find the life of an other kind.


12. The news

Chapter 11

I drove in to my driveway. I walked to the door with my earphones on singing along to the song. I opened the door and set my bag - more like thru my bag- on the couch. Then I stepped in to the kitchen and felt like cooking supper. So I decided to cook spaghetti. Then my mother walked in deposing her bag on her chair.

" Home early mom?" I asked steering the noodles.

" Yes finally." She said tiered. " Making supper Katy?" She asked smelling the air. I just nodded.

" Thank you. I think I will go out for a walk. It was a long day in my desk doing nothing. Anything new?" She asked getting closer to hear every detail I might slip out.

" Um. Ya. Sofia signed me up for soccer at school." I said regretting my words as soon as they got out. I bit my lip and closed my eyes and hopped I just said it in my nightmares.

" Soccer?" Nope, I said it. " You used to love that! That's great!" She encouraged me. I nodded looking down at the noodles witch were extremely entertaining in this moment. Then she thought for a second.

" Sofia?" She asked getting even closer.

" Yes." I took one deep breath and spilled the beans. " She is one of my friends." I still kept it simple.

" One of your friends? Who is the others? What are there names? We have to invite them over!" She said clapping her hands. I grumbled.

" Sofia, Dylan, Payton, Georgia, Ruby, Kyle, Josh and Carl." I said naming all the names. " But don't you think that dad would be mad if you invited people before we unpacked?"

" Maybe..." She said sadly. " Definitely someday. I am going for my walk." She said going out and closing the door behind her. I steered the noodles some more.

Then, I reached for my impossibly far away phone. I had one hand steering and the other reaching a crossed the kitchen. I laughed at myself.

'This is only me that can do something so incredibly stupid.' I though to myself. When I reached it, it felt like I accomplished the worlds best record. I searched up a good bread recipe. I decided to go with garlic bread. Then I got a text.

' Sup dude? It's Sofia. You are officially in the team.' She wrote.

' Cool thanks!" I wrote back and put my phone down on the table.


Everyone was eating supper.

" This is amazing Kat!" My dad complimented. Before I could thank him my mother jumped in the conversation.

" You know what else is amazing?" She asked hinting me. I understood where she was going with this and I did not want to. I rolled my eyes and spoke.

" I am on the autumn soccer team." I informed my dad and brother not sure of there reaction. I bit my lip to stop me from saying anything else. I would usually do that to stop myself from speaking when I knew it would not be a good idea.

" That's great!" My sad said lifting his arms in they air to show his excitement even though I knew that being excited was not his thing.

" Cool sis." My brother said well hiding the jealousy. " Could I be part of a team?" He asked curious acting like he did not care. I smiled at his approach.

" I don't know. I will ask tomorrow."

" Ok." Then a text message made my phone ring. " Excuse me." I said getting up before going to get my phone on the counter.

' No prob! You want the list of people?' She wrote.

' Sure! And text me if you know the dates of the practices. Thanks!' I wrote back. I deposed my phone back down and had to pick it up as soon as I put it down.

'K. I don't know when practices are though. 😕 Here's the list: Hailey, Kira, Mal, Sydney, Beka, Lola, Dylan, Ruby, Selena, Vanessa, Cassy, Lydia, Trisha, Zoe and me.'

' Thanks' I cleared up the dishes and went up stairs.

I unpacked one of my boxes. My mother was getting on my nerves always reminding me to unpack.

" Hey sis." My brother said walking in his eyes on his phone.

" You didn't knock." It was a statement.

" No. I know that too. I don't feel the need to knock." He answered. I looked at him confused.

" We'll that's new." I finally spit out. " But I rather you knock."

" Fine." He answered not really paying attention. " My friend said that he is believes in vampires and werewolf's. What do you think?" My brother would always ask me my opinion.

" That's silly." I responded. But one part of me thought that it would be a idea to consider.

" I agree. I want to go to the skate park. You will drive me there right?"

" I knew that there was something." I said laughing. " I don't have a choice do I?" I asked even though I knew the answer.

" Nope. If not, you won't have the bathroom tomorrow that's for sure." He answered. I straitened up my face to make myself look scary. I obviously back fired.

" Not scared of you." He simply answered. Then he warned me. " Now. If not I am taking the keys and driving." He left my room alboying me in the ribs. I pretended that it did not hurt. My brother and I were complicated. We had a fight and then two minutes later we were laughing together. Or, we would be really nice to each other and then we would be at each other's throats. But we held that relation ship since we were small. It also helped that I was sixteen, soon seventeen, so I was responsible and saw no point in fighting. Although, he started up some nasty ones. I forgave him, usually with difficulty but with no interest of continuing.

I drove him there and continued in my twilight book. Tonight I would definitely search up some informations on mythical creatures. That subject was intriguing.

Later on, in my room, I opened up my computer.

'Vampires' I searched up witch took a while since my computer was very slow. I would start with the most obvious creature.

" Come on.." I muttered to myself. Then it opened. I made sure to inspect the web extremely we'll. I found a couple of words that intrigued me.

Cold ones, undead, speed, strength, cold skinned, immortal and drink blood.

Uh... It scared me a bit. I stared at the screen. My mother opened the door and I almost fell of my chair while screaming.

" Am I that scary?" My mother asked.

" No, not at all." I scrambled.

" Then why did you almost have a heart attack?" She asked helping me get up.

" Nothing" I said almost jumping over everything to close my computer down.

" Ok," she said not convinced. " Just wanted to tell you good night."

" Cool. Gnight." I said resting on my bed. She left my room and I rushed back to my computer. I just opened it and my brother stepped in. Again, I almost had a heart attack.

" Can I help you?" I asked taking big breaths to calm myself.

" Why would I be in here?" He asked. " What's up?" He asked casually.

" That's all? You almost gave me a heart attack to ask me that?" I asked mad.

" Yes." He said not felling my anger.

" I'm actually right now trying to not strangle you." He looked at me with big eyes and started back up slowly. When he got out of my room, I went back to my computer.

Could there be such a thing as vampires?

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