When it was only a thought

She discovers the reality behind the stories told. And all the long of her adventure, it was the one question that started the whole thing: what if the myths were true?

Fallow Katy and her wild ideas and thoughts as she tries to find the life of an other kind.


11. Soccer

Chapter 10: Soccer

I woke up on the floor. I got up with difficulty and made my way to the bathroom before anyone else. When I got there to take my shower, Jake was in there styling his hair to the side.

" Jake can I use the bathroom please. I don't even know what time it is and I don't want to be late for school." I complained ready to fall to the floor and sleep at any time.

" You left me with mom and her annoying questions last night, what do you think?" He responded coldly.

" Sorry, but I've had to go thru this more times than you. No wonder I want a break for once." I growled back at him getting mad and impatient.

" You are not getting the bathroom. And, school starts in a hour." He informed me with a evil smile.

" An hour?" I was surprised. I had time but I also wanted to get my morning routine done with. So, I played not fair. " Oh. More the reasons to get out if you want to go to school whole." I threaten. This was not like me, but he searched for it. And I had to step up.

" You can have half the bathroom." He bargained.

" Fine by me! I'm taking a shower anyways."

" A shower?" He said it like it was the end of the world. " I'm out!" He said pushing me to the side.

I laughed quietly. Then I jumped in the shower.

After I put on some fresh clothes, a pair of jeans again and a beige coloured shirt that looks like the 80, I looked up hair styles to do on my phone since I had a little extra time. I decided to go with my hair down with a braid in one of my bangs and put two necklaces on. I texted Jake that the bathroom was empty if we needed it.

Then I went back to my room and gathered my school bag and went down stairs to the kitchen. I received a text:

' Hey Beautiful! Just want to let you know that we are already at school, and you are welcome to join us and talk before school. Some more of my friends are here! And for your bro, his friends are here too.

Love, Paypay!'

I looked at it for a long time. I didn't mind meeting a few more friends. So I nodded at the screen like an idiot and screamed to Jake to get down here.

" We are leaving for school early today buddy." I said grabbing two cereal bars, throwing one at him.

" Now?" He asked catching the bar.

" Ya. My friends are already there and so are yours. And it is not that early." I said grabbing the keys from the kitchen table where I left them last night.

" Ok then. But I rather have better breakfast than this for the other mornings ok?" He asked.

" Of course!" I said going around the house making sure that everything was ok, dishes clean. " It's just cause I did not plan this today. How about pancakes tomorrow?"

" Sounds good." He said and walked out side. I fallowed him and climbed in to my truck. I started it and drove up the driveway to the long oath of trees that would lead to town. I ate my granola bar on the way there. I went across the bridge that we need to take and drove to Tim's.

" Jake could you go get me an ice cap?" I asked giving him ten bucks.

" In the morning?" He said slowly slipping out of the truck.

" I need something to wake me up. Besides, I never do that. Grab one for you if you want." When he got out I parked myself and waited. I needed a boost to stay awake. I slept well last night but I think no measure of sleep would have been enough.

Then Jake came back.

" I bought one for myself," He said.

" Sure little man." I said smiling taking my ice cap and taking a drink. I started the engine and drove to school. More and more kids parked or got dropped off. I found Payton talking to Georgia, Ruby and three boys. I walked to them curious.

" Hi Payton." I said when I reached them.

" Hello Katy!" She said with a big smile. " I'm afraid you've never met this three." She said pointing the boys.

" No." I answered looking at there features.

" This is Kyle." She said pointing a blond haired guy dressed casual. His face looked pale and he looked hard as stone. I stared at him. He was like no one else I've ever met. " This is Carl" She said pointing a guy in a suit dressed all neatly. " And finally, this is Josh." She said pointing the last guy wearing a leather jacket looking like a motorcycle dude. " His my brother." She said putting one arm on his shoulder.

" Sup Katy!" Kyle said.

" Nice to meet you." Carl said in a polite grown up voice.

" Hi Katy." Josh said looking at me thru his shades. Then I heard the bell ring. I waved bye and walked off to my locker.


The last morning bell rang and I went to the cafeteria searching for Payton. I found her at the table with the boys at there sides. I approached smiling. I sat down beside Payton and Kyle. They seemed like very nice people.

I could not hear what they were saying that it how loud the students were talking. Then all of a sudden, every whisper, scream or laugh stopped. I turned to face where everyone was staring. Everyone seemed scared except Payton and Josh. They seemed perfectly fine.

She was dressed in black from head to toe. She had dark black hair and it came down to her back. I started with the boots. She wore black boots with silver zippers that made a sound when she walked. The she had black jeans with holes in them here and there. She was wearing a black top with no sleeves. She had a leather jacket on, and might I say, she wore it we'll. She had eye liner and lots of it. Mascara was in the mix to. If I didn't know better in makeup, I would say it was a smoky eye. Her lips had black lipstick on them. On her neck, there was a black tight necklace. Her gaze was only on our table. She ignored the millions of stares and walked forward us.

Then she stopped in front of Payton. She smiled a evil smile and turned around to face the others.

" What?" She asked. Everyone stopped staring and started talking again. " Hi sis." She said putting her hand on Payton's shoulder.

" Hi Dylan. I want you to meet Katy Hope."

" Hi Katy!" She said with a small smile. " Your new I see!"

" I sure am," I said enjoying her attitude.

" Hey people! I'm here!" A voice cried behind. A girl with the same style as Dylan walked towards us. " My name is Sofia, Katy."

" Hi Sofia." I said shy. They didn't scare me. Or at least that is what I kept telling myself. We ate talking. Dylan and Sofia seemed like rebels. But Sofia was more tanned. The complete opposite of Kyle earlier.

" Oh and by the way" Sofia said getting of her chair when the bell rang. " The inscriptions for school end of summer soccer are today and tomorrow." Soccer.... Didn't seem so bad. Actually, I use to play but with age I just let it go.

Maybe it would be good to start again. I loved to play though. My brother used I play, but he had to stop because we were moving.

" I would like to join the soccer team" I proposed to Sofia. She looked at me and smiled.

" That would be great. You guys?" She asked Payton, Ruby and Georgia.

" Of course!" Ruby answered excited.

" Not this year. I have school to concentrate about." Payton explained sad.

" I'm good. I am joining the art club." Georgia said keeping her eyes on the table.

" Dylan?" Sofia asked but I knew she already knew the answer.

" Heck yes!" Dylan said jumping up from her position at the table. I laughed at her reaction.

" Then it's settled." Sofia said and walked off with Dylan at her side.

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