When it was only a thought

She discovers the reality behind the stories told. And all the long of her adventure, it was the one question that started the whole thing: what if the myths were true?

Fallow Katy and her wild ideas and thoughts as she tries to find the life of an other kind.


3. My new house

Chapter 2: My new house

I had never moved houses in my life. I had always stayed in Montreal in my small house. I was looking outside my window down. The wind felt good on my hair. I had my ear plugs in singing along in my head moving my head side to side. When we arrived, the bump to get in to my driveway gave a jerk to the car. Then we slowly drove down to the house.

I was staring at my new house from the car. My parents decided to move to Gaspé, far away from home. I would miss my friends. Ok, that is a lie. I did not have many friends. I had one: Teresa George. She supported me all the time. I was sad to leave her behind, although I was intrigued by my new life. On the way down, I saw many people talk together and that gave me hope. My mom turned around to face me.

" Are you getting out of the car Katy?" My mother asked steeping out of the car. My brother was there listening to music.

" Um..." I said still looking at the house. " Yes. Give me a minute."

" Sure." She responded. She wanted to me as happy as I could possibly be after a big day like this. " I will be inside the house. Or our new house I should say.. Or our soon house.. Ok bye." She said awkwardly. Then she rushed up to our new house. My brother fallowed still listening to his rock music.

I stared noun stop at the house. Then I looked out the window, and there was some rain drops on it. I was so schooled by the house that I didn't even realize that it had started to rain. And a hard rain too.

I got out of the car my rain coat on. I ran up to the house my bag on my shoulders and slammed the door.

" You decided to come in I see." My brother said.

" Shut up!" I said calmly, irritated.

" Look dude, just stating a fact."

" No, you are getting on my nerves." I said walking up stairs to who knows where. I didn't wait for instructions or directions, I just ran up, my bag swinging side to side at the speed and way I was running.

I looked in every room. The first one, was my brothers I guessed. It was decorated with rock posters and boy stuff. The second one was my parents: the biggest one. The third was the bathroom and the last was mine. A bigger room than my brothers and the bathroom.

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