When it was only a thought

She discovers the reality behind the stories told. And all the long of her adventure, it was the one question that started the whole thing: what if the myths were true?

Fallow Katy and her wild ideas and thoughts as she tries to find the life of an other kind.


7. My new friend

Chapter 6: My new friend

The guys standing facing me had dark brown hair messy as though he just got out of bed, dark mysterious eyes and a tanned face. He was my height, but certainly not my age. He seemed younger than me, maybe a year or so. He set his pair of brown eyes on me and never left to look at anything else. I looked for imperfections, but I found nothing.

" Hello Katy and Jake. This is Patrick and Gabriel." My dad introduced.

" It is a pleasure to meet you Katy and Jake." Patrick said although we clearly saw that is did not talk like this usually. " This is my son, Gab."

" Hi." The boy said, not necessarily shy.

" Hey!" I responded by taking a step forward.

" Sup dudes?" My brother said putting one hand in his pocket.

" Why don't all of you go play in the river or something?" My dad asked. I looked at Gabriel and started walking towards the river in response. My brother declined because he wanted to go play on his phone.

" How are you liking Gaspé?" He asked starting the conversation.

" It's... Good. I'm surprised so many people talk English here." I answered kicking every pebble I saw along the way always looking down making sure I don't fall and break my neck or something.

" Ya we'll.. A lot of people talk French but some of us is an exception. What school will you be at?"

" Gaspé High."

" I won't be at the same school as you then..." He said sincerely looking sad. " But I we can still be friends." He said with Hope. I had as much hope as he did. As nice as he was, I thought of him, already, as a brother. I had no... Feeling for him. Just the feeling that he would be my best friend.

" For sure!" I nodded agreeing. " We should hang out!"

" All the time. We will be best buddies."

" I am not opposed!" I said smiling. I had confidence in our friendship.

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