When it was only a thought

She discovers the reality behind the stories told. And all the long of her adventure, it was the one question that started the whole thing: what if the myths were true?

Fallow Katy and her wild ideas and thoughts as she tries to find the life of an other kind.


8. My first morning of school

Chapter 7: My first morning of school

I woke up with the sun shining thru my new curtains. As I did for the last few days, I woke up, panicked and though aliens had token me away in to an other universe or an other era. Then I calmed myself down, realizing that I was in my new house.

I scattered around my room, searching for a decent outfit for the first day of school. I did not usually take a long time choosing my clothes. But, I felt like I had to make a effort today, out of all days to have a... Acceptable outfit I guess. Finally, I opted for some jeans and a black shirt. I pulled back my hair in a pony tail, and put a white bow in to finish the look. I admired myself in the mirror for a half of second and stared out my bay window at the view.

There was some fog today in the sky. And the sky was blank, it's hole surface gray. I ignored the knocks on my door coming from someone in my family.

" We need to be to school in less than a hour Kate " Jake reminded me.

" Shoot yes." I complained.

Great. Just what I needed. But I decided to stay positive. I brushed my teeth, ate breakfast and grabbed my bag ready to go. I put on my jean jacket and my black cute shoes and yelled at Jake to get down. He came down, wearing normal clothes as I did.

I took my old orange rusty truck to go to school.

" I can not go to school in this." Jake complained.

" I'm sorry, but you are not running a fashion show." I spotted out getting inpatient.

He just growled and I started the engine. I drove out of my driveway, locked the gate and started driving down my street looking strait ahead. Occasionally, I got to comment on a house.


We arrived just in time to walk thru the parking lot. I spotted Payton, talking to some girls. I wanted to go say hi, but rim index myself that I did not want attention attracted to myself.

" Ok buddy. Your locker is over there. You call me at lunch right?"

" Ya Kate."

" Just doing my job." Then I turned around and bumped in to someone.

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