When it was only a thought

She discovers the reality behind the stories told. And all the long of her adventure, it was the one question that started the whole thing: what if the myths were true?

Fallow Katy and her wild ideas and thoughts as she tries to find the life of an other kind.


9. It's not over yet

Chapter 8: It's not over yet

I dropped to the floor before I knew it.

" Shoot! Ouch!" I complained still not looking up. I just got up and brushed of my legs.

" Sorry about that..." A voice almost whispered. I suddenly looked up. I saw this guy, not bad looking. I studied his features. He had blond hair, messy as though he got out of bed, the same hair style as Gab.

" No." I said. " It was me."

" I can't let you take all the blame for that." He said.

" You don't have to be this kind dude." I answered.

" Ok then. As you wish." He said smiling and then he picked up his books and past me to go to class. I kept going, ignoring the sets of eyes on me. He was nice, none more I convinced myself.

In class, every teacher greeted me with a smile except Miss Oak. She always had her hair up in a bun.

" Miss Hope. Welcome to my class." She said in a flat tone. " Here is your books and sit in a seat." She said putting her eyes back on her book.

" Thanks" I whispered looking for a seat. I found one in the front of the class beside Payton Blonde.

"How exciting? We are in the same class!" Payton said in excitement.

" Ya." Was all I could say. I did not want to attract any sort of attention. Just being the new girl was hard enough.

" I will introduce you to my friends! They will love you!" She said smiling with hope.

" That would be" What could describe this? Horrible, disaster, worst thing ever? But I wanted to make her happy. " Great." I simply found.


The morning past fast. I grabbed my money to pay for lunch and fallowed everyone to lunch. I heard my phone ring in my back pocket. I answered.

'Hi Kate! I am doing good. Coming for lunch now. Made some friends.' He wrote.

' Hi bro!' I started to write back. 'Good! I am already at the cafeteria. Do you have your lunch money?' I shut off my phone and put it in my back pocket again. Then Payton came to station herself at my side.

"Hello Katy. Time to meet my friends!" She said much more excited than I was. I fallowed her to her table. I was surprised that here was only 2 girls staring at me kindly. They both had there lunch in front of them, to curious to eat.

" Guys, this is Katy." She said pointing me. I smiled uncomfortably. " Katy this it Ruby." She said pointing a young women my age, blond hair to her shoulders. She had green dark eyes that stared curiously in to mine.

" Nice to meet you Katy." She said smiling.

" And this is Georgia." Payton said. " These are my principal friends. I would let you meet my other ones, but I think that is too much today for you. Am I mistaken?" She asked regretting her words.

" No you are right." I comforted her. She seemed happy. Then she sat down and started going on with her friends never excluding me.

When the bell rang, I rushed off to class fighting the urge to go home. We'll, as much as my new place could be home. I wanted to go rest, not have all this attention drawn to me, but I knew I was hoping to high. I met my teachers, and most of them I liked. I enjoyed the classes though.

At the end of the classes, I rushed to my locker to get my supplies. Then Payton came up to my locker.

"Hi sweetie! How was your day?"

"Not as horrible as I thought it would be." I responded truthfully.

"I am glad to hear that!" She said smiling. " You are welcome to join us any time. And you know where we sit at lunch. I expect you to be there!" She said winking at me. Then she walked off, probably to go find her locker.

I walked out in to the parking lot. Jake was waiting beside my truck talking to his new friends. I saw Ryan at his car. He was talking to some of his friends. I looked and kept on to my truck.

" And this is my sister boys." My brother informed his friends pointing at me. I but my lip and looked at each one of them. All I wanted was to get home.

" Jake, are you ready to go?" I asked impatient.

" Honestly, no." He said looking at me. The he turned to face his friends " But I better get home." And he waved bye and made his way to the passenger side.

I didn't answer. I just looked back at his friends looking at my truck an hopped in the drivers seat.

" Hi." Was all I said. I was never much of a question person, and I knew my brother loved that. He would need to pass thru that with my mother.

" Hi sis." We answered back. " Made friends?" He asked curious. He never really asked questions, much like me, but I was sure that he was trying to be a good brother. I just nodded.

" Cool." He answered. " Names?" He asked.

" Payton, Georgia and Ruby." I answered with no enthusiasm.

" Are they nice?" He asked.

" What is with you and your questions?" I asked smiling and laughing a bit. Jake joined in.

" I am just trying to be a better brother!" He finally said when he was calmer.

" You made a good choice!" I joked.

" Very funny!" And then he started to laugh even harder than last time. I know this night not seem very funny, but I just needed to laugh no mater what.

" I heard that there is a restaurant called Chez Ron. We should go there for supper since mom and dad are working late tonight." I suggested calming down again.

" Sound good." He agreed. Then we put on music and started singing to the lyrics.

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