When it was only a thought

She discovers the reality behind the stories told. And all the long of her adventure, it was the one question that started the whole thing: what if the myths were true?

Fallow Katy and her wild ideas and thoughts as she tries to find the life of an other kind.


10. Chez Ron

Chapter 9: Chez Ron

We arrived home. I drove up to the house in the woods. I turned down the music while parking in my usual spot. I jumped out of my truck and walked up to small house. I unlocked the house door and walked in. I left my brother wonder around the yard. I went up to my room and researched up on my computer ' Chez Ron Gaspé '. I looked for the address and turns out, it is about five minutes away. I wrote down the address on a piece of paper. Then I went down to call my mother to let her know even though I did not need to.

I called Jake up from upstairs. He proposed to call some friends and invite them but I told him that I rather have the least people possible. He understood and we went to the restaurant. It was a nice restaurant with very hospital people. We toke a table for two and ordered. The waitress was very kind.

" This is a nice restaurant." I commented.

" Ya. It's cool." I knew that he used cool for much more than most people did.

Then my supper came. Linda, the waitress, deposed my plate in front of me.

" Here is your Cesar salad with a small poutine. " She said with a big smile. " And for you young man, here is your fish and chip."

" Thank you." I said politely.

" Thanks Linda." Jake said already calling Linda by her first name. I laughed under my breath at how fast my brother could be so comfy.

" Oh this must be the best food I've ever eaten!" Jake said stuffing his face in his plate, eating fast.

" No word to lie!" I quickly agreed. I had to choke down my food because of my stressful day. My brother on the other hand, just ate with out even stopping to take a drink of water. I finished my plate, and payed. Then, we left the restaurant to go home. We drove all the way thru the woods with no lights to get back home.

It was fairly cold. There was a breeze that was for sure. I walked quickly to get inside. My mother was eating some left overs beside my father. I dropped the truck keys on the kitchen table exhausted. My brother fallowed me and wished, as me, that mom would not ask questions.

" How was your guys first day of school?" She asked calm.

" Normal." I answered and I walked off to my room silently leaving the questions to Jake. I knew that was selfish, but I could not handle that. I had to go thru that longer than him. One year would just ketch him up.

I installed myself on the wooden chair and stared out in to the green forest. After as seemed a minute, was actually an hour. I was surprised Jake did not come in stomping him feet, real mad. I didn't stall on that subject, I just dropped on my bed and fell asleep.

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