2. chapter two

The film had soon ended, and I couldn't help but smile with disbelief, the movie was actually pretty good, myself and Georgie had completely misjudged it.

"I hate to say it" Georgie said "But that was epic!"

"I KNOW RIGHT" An excitable-purple headed boy beamed, interrupting the conversation starter that was aimed at me as he leaned his arms on the back of Georgie's chair

"It was life changing" Another member stated

"I have no words" I heard another voice say, almost in sync with the other boys' comments.

I slowly stood to my feet, attempting to avoid communication with the band as much as i could, before reaching for my handbag that was placed underneath my seat. It was an action that took seconds, however as I looked over at Georgie, she was now already in a full conversation with the curly haired boy who had flirted with her earlier. Great.

We left the cinema as a group, Myself, Georgie and the other boys. A member of the band who I'm sure was asian- and later introduced himself as Calum-kept attempting conversation with me, but I'm sure that the innuendos he was throwing into the chat were purpose and a way of hitting on me, which made things a little arkward.

We finally reached the doors of the building, and the group of us stood huddled at the door which acted as a way of shading the lights from the photographers cameras outside.

"Well it was nice to meet you guys, but we really gotta go" I said, yanking the arm of Georgie away from the chuckley and long haired member of the band

"She just gotta get out" One of the boys sang, probably referencing one of his own tunes.

"Actually you didn't meet us at all-not really-Whats my name?" The Purple haired boy asked with a grin printed on his face, knowing i wouldn't be able to answer

I bit my tongue.

"Okay, Nice to meet you, Im Apple, Whats your guys' names?" I asked, imitating a young girls voice as i spoke which showed I couldn't of cared less about their replies

"Im Michael" The purple headed boy said "Thats Calum, Ashton, and Breadstick- i mean Luke" He laughed as he pointed out each member of the band

"Hey theres a party tonight at Alexis Goulding's house" Luke spoke "Do you guys want to come with?"

"Thanks but-"

"Sounds like fun" Georgie shrieked, interrupting my rejection.

"Great" Luke smirked, before leading the other boys, me and Georgie out of the theatre and towards an opened door limousine which was waiting at the end of the red carpet outside.

"They really don't seem that bad Apple, Besides we don't turn down parties-remember" Georgie whispered as we followed the boys down the long carpet, she threw me a small smile and hopped inside the limo where I joined her seconds later.


Music was being pumped from a variety of speakers that were dotted around the house and drinks were flowing, the party was in full swing, After minutes of dancing with the pop star Alexis Goulding, i was already worn out, and getting sweaty. I headed towards a near by centre table that held a variety of alcoholic drinks, and poured myself a vodka and coke, I went easy on the vodka which was unusual for my party girl self, however I felt exhausted, and so ready to go back to the hotel.

I scanned the busy room in search for Georgie as I hadn't seen her since we entered the house, however I was unable to spot her amongst the crowd of partiers. Suddenly my eyes locked on a couple towards the back of the room. Oh no Georgie, Seriously? Her lips were pressed against Ashton's, and his wandering hands were gliding upon the surface of her skin, whilst she ran her fingers through his hair.

"Ugh" I moaned quietly, before taking a large gulp of the drink that I was now holding in my hand

I soon felt a presence standing next to me, I turned my head to face them. It was Luke, he had a drink planted in his grip and was observing Ash and Georgie, mirroring my actions.

"That didn't take long" He joked

Although i should of probably appreciated his effort of conversation i didn't-not one bit. I didn't respond, and my face remained emotionless, as i took another sip of my drink.

"Are you as easy as she is?" Luke asked "Because if you are-"

"Did you just call my best friend 'easy'?" I interrupted

Before Luke was even able to respond, the sound of smashing glass filled the air, Ashton and Georgie were now lay along a table that -was- holding a large amount of alcohol filled glasses, as they continued to publicly show their newly found affection for eachother.

I turned to face Luke and he raised his eyebrows

"I'm not the kind of guy to say I told you so, but" He paused, and brought the straw from his drink so it met with his lips.

I walked away from Luke, without replying to his arrogant comment and headed towards Georgie and Ash.

"Georgie-" I attempted to call her name but she was too 'involved' with Ashton to even notice me.

"GEORGIE" I said again, highering my voice.

Georgie peeled herself off Ash and faced herself towards me

"Can we go back to the hotel? Please?" I  asked

Georgie turned to face Ash, before inviting him along back to the hotel

"Okay lets go!" She cheered, before Ash swept her off her feet and began to carry her out of the home-bridal style.

Upon our short journey to exit Alexis' home, Ash paused

"Shit, I have no key for my hotel room" He said, patting down the pockets of his black, skin-tight jeans

Luke appeared from behind us

"I got you bro" He said, wafting around the room key in the air

"I'm going to come back too, this party is lame" Luke added, before we all piled out of the house and into an uber that was conveniently waiting outside.

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