12. chapter twelve

I slipped off my seat belt

"What time is it?" I questioned

Luke mirrored my actions, unclipping his seatbelt aswell, before pulling his phone from a pocket in the door of the car, gazing at the time on the screen which appeared when he clicked the home button

"1:50" Luke answered "the paps should be here in like less than 10 minutes so we need to get inside" He continued, abbreviating the word 'paparazzi' as part of his nature

I nodded, before hopping out of the vehicle and joining Luke in a stroll towards the front of the yoghurt shop, since we had parked the car on a car park at the back of the store.

"APPLE, LUKE IS IT TRUE YOU GUYS ARE DATING?!" I heard an individual screech from behind us, I turned around viewing the large male that was following us towards the front of the shop armed with a large black camera. We did as we were told by our publicists and simply ignored his questions, just like a new celebrity couple would usually.

We heard a few clicks, that indicated photographs were being taken

"GUYS HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN TOGETHER?" He shouted again, his voice seeming to get nearer and nearer towards myself and Luke's bodies.

Even though he may of been someone contacted by our publicists team to purposely get our photographs, the individual was extremely annoying, Luke wrapped his arm around me, presumably as part of the publicity stunt, and tried to rush me towards the building quicker than our original pace. According to what our publicists had told Luke, There was only supposed to be photographers getting our picture as we were on/ leaving the date, so we weren't prepared for the upfront confrontation before hand. The photographer sped up and stood Infront of us, pointing the camera so It was just inches away from our faces

"You don't have to be rude just answer my questions!" He said angrily

Luke slightly pushed the camera away from his face, since it was only getting closer to his skin


"Get the camera out of her face!" Luke scolded,seeming overwhelmed by the rudeness of the individual, We had gotten to the doors of the yoghurt shop, and he shielded my body as I entered the building, guarding me from the paparazzi's pushy and aggressive self

"thankyou" I whispered to Luke as I stepped inside

"NO CAMERAS ALLOWED" An employee screamed, as she waltzed over towards the front of the shop, just as we entered, protecting us from the man outside. She locked the door immediately.

It became apparent why our publicists had chosen this place for our fake date, there were large glass windows covering one wall of the shop, making it easy for paparazzi to snap our picture.

The member of staff smiled in our direction, and straightened the apron she was wearing as uniform

"Its such a pleasure to have you here!" She beamed, a strong American accent sporting her voice

"Aw, thank you so much! And Thankyou for locking up in here" I said, although it was part of the plan to be photographed, I still felt better with a source of protection, we were warned that we wouldn't have any security as we ventured on our dates, since we needed them to seem as real as possible. Our publicists would be telling different paparazzi companies about our where abouts-undercover of course, but this usually meant quite a few photographers would turn up at one given location, so a safety barrier always felt good.

"Its okay love, don't worry about it! I deal with those pesky paparazzi regularly with the visitors we get here" She beamed, bragging slightly about her customers "Now can I get you kids some yoghurt?" She asked merrily

"Hell yeah!" Luke belched

The older looking employee situated herself behind a counter that held a ray of different frozen yogurt flavours, sauces and toppings

"What flavours are we going for then?" She questioned

"I'll have a plain cookies and cream"

"I'll have a plain cookies and cream"

Myself and Luke's voices spoke in unison

I looked in his direction, and burst into laughter

"Why, isn't that cute" The employee giggled, as she scooped up and handed us our yoghurt, before disappearing into the back of the shop.

I pulled up a chair at a middle table, and Luke joined, sitting down facing me.

A couple of photographers were already at the scene, and were snapping pictures of myself and Luke through the large windows.

There was a wave of awkwardness as me and Luke sat quietly at the table, and I took a spoonful of my yoghurt to fill the situation with a sense of life

"I think we need to talk" Luke suddenly said, in a stern tone, it was the first time I had seen him completely serious.

"What about?" I questioned

"I don't know-everything" He said

My facial expression remained blank, and I licked the spoon I had just dived into my yoghurt, clean attempting to break any tension

"I just think that one minute, your okay with me and the next you hate me" Luke muttered, I could tell he was embarrassed by his inability to make eye contact

I felt unable to respond, since I was still figuring out how I felt about Luke myself

"Just tell me what iv done and ill try and fix it" He nagged

A wave of guilt took over my body, in realisation that Luke hadn't ever actually done anything wrong, and that I was simply basing my opinion about him and his friends on rumours

"You haven't done anything wrong, to me anyway" I murmured

Luke raised an eyebrow in my direction, signalling to me to give more information

"I've heard a lot of stuff about you" I admitted

"Are you serious?!" Luke replied, overlapping the end of my sentence slightly and his voice straining a little as he tried to do that weird whisper shout

"I know how it feels for a boy to fuck you around Luke, and I just don't think I can be okay with someone who has done that to girls"

Luke shook his head with a grin of disbelief printed on his face

"I don't know what you've heard about me, or who from, but I can't believe I'm even hearing this" Luke replied, seeming appalled at what I was saying

"Honestly I'm a little offended, i am constantly used by girls, time and time again, for money and for fame, I'd love for a girl I hook up with to stick around, but they don't, they never do, I try to make them stay, but they won't" Luke said, completely letting down his defences "i don't know which girls are for Luke and which are for Hemmings-and that's not my fault" he huffed.

I watched the boy and could see the emotion in his eyes, like what he was telling me was something he had been wanting to get off his chest for a while

I felt slightly sick, I had been pretty rude to Luke at times, at first, it felt okay to do, since I had a sense of justification, however now It just felt like this whole thing was uncalled for, I should have made more of an effort

"I'm sorry" I said, honestly "I got you wrong"

"I just thought you'd of understood-"

"I do" I answered

His eyes lifted up from his locked stare at the table, and met with mine, I watched as they moved slightly over to the photographers who were still at the window behind us, and he reached out his hands, resting them

on mine, before smiling lightly in my direction, I got that It seemed like a romantic gesture- something for the papers to talk about, but I knew I had been forgiven, the gesture was signifying a new start.

"So are we okay?" I asked hastily, worried I could of misread the situation

"Yeah were okay" Luke replied with a smile

"Oh and listen- about the other night- you know at Georgias party when we kisse-"

"Let's just call it a drunken breaking of the ice" Luke interrupted, seeming to want to move on from the 'serious' topic

"Yeah, okay cool" i answered

Luke grinned before holding out his hand for me to high five, I slapped it quickly and gently, not wanting the fake date too scream 'were just friends' to the media

I was glad that me and Luke were finally on completely good terms

His lips curved and he smiled aswell

I turned and glanced outside, only to see what looked like an army of cameras pressed against the glass, suddenly a fun idea came to my mind.

"Lets act like were one of those really cringey couples" I said, a humorous and mischievous ring to my tone

"What do you mean?" He asked

"Feed me your yoghurt" I said, not being able to hide my giggles

"Oh my god" He chuckled

"Come on, at least lets make this funny for us, lets just completely take advantage" I said, opening my mouth wide

Luke controlled and stabled his laughter, making his face turn slightly red, before shovelling the yoghurt into my mouth

We couldn't stop laughing as we heard a wave of shouting coming from outside, as the cameras fought for the opportunity for the perfect photo

"Im supposed to be punk rock" Luke shrieked "My band is going to kill me!" He laughed


Around an hour had passed and things seemed to be getting out of control, the windows of the shop were revealing swarms and swarms of paparazzi all of who were banging obnoxiously on the windows Infront of them. Luke had contacted Joanne and Kate, wondering what we were going to do about the situation since it would have been dangerous to leave the shop given how many aggressive looking paparazzi's were there.

The familiar female staff member who we had spoken to earlier, made her way out of the back room

"Your managers have been in touch and told me to tell you that security is on it's way" the lady assured us, I'm guessing by managers she meant Jo and Kate.

"Thankyou ma'am" Luke spoke, as the lady once again left for the back room

"Ma'am?" I whispered humorously to Luke, mocking his choice of American slang

"It's native" he said, raising his eyebrows and smiling


Three familiar men who were all dressed in black uniforms and neon green waist coats soon entered through a back entrance in the shop, finally security had arrived.

"Steve! Dom! Mick!" I cheered, standing up from my seat behind the table I was sat at with Luke, and making my way over to three of my rarely used security guards, before slinging my arms around each of their necks "I haven't seen you guys since the last tour!" I said in disbelief,chuckling as the final aligned body guard, Mick, dipped me back in his arms

"I know We have missed you chicken!" Dom announced, before introducing himself and mick to Luke

Steve went towards the window of the frozen yogurt shop, viewing the vast number of cameras

"Geez, you've created a right storm here, I'm guessing this is because you two are a thing now right?" Steve asked, I was close to all three of the guards, so it didn't surprise me how Steve asked about my relationship status so naturally

I shot a look at Luke, who was already staring back, I wasn't sure exactly who I was supposed to be hiding the fact that me and Luke were just a publicity stunt to, but I didn't want to lie to three of my most important members of staff

I stuttered lightly, however my answer was interrupted by the employee's presence in the doorway

"The back door is unlocked" she said

Luckilly, this caught the three's attention, and they readied me and Luke for our escort to the car that was parked outside

They soon leaded myself and Luke down a small corridor in the back of the shop, a large door opened, it leading us straight into the car park, Steve, Mick and Dom protecting us from being halted by the photographers.

Once we were at last seated back in Luke's car, he rolled down his window and turned up the CD he had previously been playing to the maximum volume, before revving the car, and driving back in the direction of the house, not pausing to beep at my three body guards who were still waving from the scene

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