10. chapter ten

As Michael soon pointed out, I had shifted most of the luggage from the trunk of Luke's car into the house without any help, however once Michael had kindly pulled the boys attention away from the chit chat that was still taking place on the driveway, they helped me wheel in the remaining baggage from the boot and into the home.

"You know this isn't a permamnet vacation right?" Calum shrieked as he piled the last suitcase that had come from the car, on top of the others that were collected in the large hallway of the mansion

"I seem to have packed a lot of stuff okay" I replied

"You don't fucking say" Michael laughed

"HEY STOP SWEARING" I heard Ashton cry from a different room that he had hidden himself away in with Georgie

"Wheres my room?" I asked, to whoever was listening

"Upstairs" Luke answered before suddenly gazing at the stack of my luggage "Oh shit, How are you going to get all of that up there?"

I shot him a wide, cheesy smile and fluttered my eyelids, His lips read an ammused look as he watched me batter my eyes

"You think I'm some kind of bell boy, Linton, is that it?" Luke laughed,

before picking up two of the suitcases and lifting them up off the floor with the handles provided, the veins in his arms became strongly evident as he did so, emphasising the strain on his muscles by the heaviness of my packing.

"Dont just stand there and watch" He said to Calum and Mikey who were spectating the scene, as he purposely moved one of the suitcases he was holding towards the direction of Calums groin area

Calum tensed up his body, grabbing the centre of his groin in order to protect it from the case Luke almost playfully hit him with, and he let out a chuckle

Calum and Michael then both grabbed a suitcase each, and i held the lightest case in my grip, as we all began to carry the cases upstairs.

The boys were sluggishly dragging the luggage and seemed to be struggling with the task

"what have yOU EVEN PACKED IN HERE?" Mikey complained as he stopped for a moment on the stairs to give his muscles time to relax

"Just- Girl stuff" I said

"I thought 'girl stuff' was girl talk for like tampons and shit" Cal said, who seemed to be coping best with pulling the suitcases up the stairs, however still had a ringing sense of exhaustion lingering in his tone

"Well- Yeah- it does i guess sometimes. But it can mean other things aswell I think- like you really think that case is just full of tampons?" I replied, feeling to out of breath to state the items that were actually in the case such as hairdryers/straighteners/clothes/curlers etc

"Did you bring some tampons with you though? Its just we dont have any" Luke said, as he stood still on the stairs, allowing Calum to take over him

"Yes- I brought tampons" I laughed

"Your such a virgin- why would you even ask that?" Mikey laughed, his positioning still near the bottom of the stairs

Calum poked fun at the comment, Causing Luke to giggle immensely, probably realising the stupidity and dorkiness of his question, before continuing to pull the two suitcases up the stairs.

He turned his head suddenly, seeing my face basically between his two legs due to my hunched over position.

"Apple Linton" He gasped jokingly and dramatically "Stop staring at my ass!"

The boys laughter filled the air, and i let out a slight chuckle


The three piled my suitcases in the room I was going to be staying in, I wasn't sure where each of the other boys' rooms were, so wasn't aware of who id be next door to, neither was I aware of where Georgie would be sleeping

The room was huge, A king size bed with white silk sheets was the main attraction, and two bed side tables lay at the side of it, holding white coloured lamps that perfectly complimented the wooden floor that had a grey fur rug placed on top of it.

A huge square window, taking up most of one of the walls showed a view of a relaxed and tempting pool.

"Not bad" I joked, only just releasing the grip of the suitcase I had lifted upstairs as I gazed in adoration at the beautiful room.

"I know right" Luke hummed "I think a little Luke Hemmings poster stuck above your bed there would make your room a lot more enjoyable though"

"I'll take that into consideration" I joked

"Hey iv never even felt what this bed felt like!" Luke said, looking like he was about to dive onto the comfy matress that was awaiting. I stepped infront of him, preventing him from completing his actions

"And you never will" I mocked, gently turning Luke's body in a different direction to the bed

The other two boys, who were once lingering in the doorway and in their own conversation began to laugh

"Before it started it was over!!" Michael chuckled

Luke let out an ammused laugh.

"Now if you dont mind" I smiled, shooing the boys out of the room with my gesture "I have 'girl stuff' to unpack" I grinned.


I lay on top of the bed I had been given, feeling relieved that I had, Finally unpacked all my luggage. It had taken hours, and as I clicked the home button of my phone I realised that It was past midnight, and I hadn't even eaten dinner yet.

Suddenly the opening of my bedroom door caught my gaze, and Georgie entered, I hadn't even seen her since we had arrived and my best guess was that she was spending time with Ashton.

"Hey girl" She said merrily "-Wow nice room"

I took another glance around the furnishings of the room in adoration

"And it only took 4 hours to unload my stuff into" I joked

"Im not surprised, Little miss 5 suitcases" She joked, as she crawled onto my bed and lay herself next to me

"Im hungry" I stated "Have you eaten yet?"

"Nope" She answered

"Pizza?" I questioned

"Pizza!" She laughed, agreeing to wanting the take away service.

I pulled myself up into a sitting position on the bed, before grabbing the laptop that I had placed on my bedside table and typing in our favourite pizza delivery service. Then placing a delivery for an extra large pepperoni pizza.


The doorbell rang and Georgie urged me to go and get it, excited since we knew our cheesy pizza would be waiting. One of the benefits of being a celebrity was that our orders were always pushed right to the front of the que, meaning we had only been waiting for the delivery for around 10 minutes.

I ran downstairs and slung open the front door

"Miss Apple Linton!" The pizza guy sang

"Hello!!" I beamed happily

"Here is the pizza you ordered!" he said, placing the pizza in my hands

"Thank you so much!" I replied, handing him the money that was gripped in my palm

"No no no" he rejected, refusing to take the money from my grip

"PLEASE I INSIST" I begged, calling out for him as he backed away from the door and began getting into the delivery car he had arrived in

"Anything for you pretty Miss Linton!" He shouted merrily before getting into his car, his strong Italian accent making his English seem 'weird'

I shook my head in slight ammusement, and tucked the note I was supposed to buy the pizza with into my back pocket, before shutting the door with my foot, and locking it with the key that was placed on the ledge beside it.

"You ordered pizza?!" I heard someone gasp

I turned around and saw Luke, who was towering over me

"Hell yeah we ordered pizza!" I replied

He smiled

"What topping?" He asked, one of his eyebrows shooting up

"Pepperoni" I replied

"No way did you order my favourite topping pizza and not even tell me" he complained

I smirked and lifted one of my eyebrows

Suddenly he grabbed the box from my grip and began to run up the stairs, his large strides allowing him to skip 2 or 3 each time he lifted out his leg

"JUST ONE PIECE!" He laughed


"ILL TAKE ONE PIECE I PROMISE" I heard him shout back

"NO YOU WILL NOT!" I cried, now chasing Luke up the stairs and towards the room he was heading into, I was guided by his outburst of giggles.

As I entered the room that he was obviously inside, Luke had the box open, still gripped in one arm, and was shovelling one of the pieces down his throat with the other, still slightly giggling from his little chase.

"You little bitch" I whispered jokingly

He let out a heavy laugh at my comment, almost choking on the pizza he had stuffed his mouth with

Then something caught my eye

"Wait- so is this your room?" I asked

"It is" Luke said, speaking over the slice of pizza he was still chewing on in his mouth

I let out a giggle

"What?" He questioned, also smiling

"Nice calendar" I said, as I pointed to the calendar that was hanging upon Luke's wall, the picture showing was one of my most recent bikini shoots, just like most of the other months pictures on the cheeky calendar

He turned and realised that the calendar was in my direct view, leaving him shocked and speechless

I heard him gulp the pizza he had in his mouth

"I...urrm" he stuttered, a rose blush making it's way onto his cheeks as the comment caught him completely off guard

I tactically stole the pizza box back from his grip, as I realised the tightness at which he was holding it at decreased

"I'll leave you to your fan girling" I said mockingly

"But pretty Miss Linton-" I heard Luke shriek, very poorly mocking the itaillian pizza delivery mans voice and choice of words

However I shut the door before Luke was able to Finnish his sentence, slightly humoured and feeling smug.

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