16. chapter sixteen

The afternoon had progressed, the majority of the morning was spent lounging around in the kitchen with Luke and Calum, however once Ashton, Georgie and Michael had finally woken up and made their way out of the living area, we discussed the previous nights events as a group, laughing at how scared each of us were by the film.

It had gotten to around 3pm, and the six of us were still chatting in the kitchen, it seemed like we had been talking for hours, despite us only having the group conversation for just over 60 minutes, since Michael and Georgie woke up so late

Suddenly, a loud ringing was heard, it bouncing off the tiles in the kitchen and echoing around the room, it seemed to be coming from Luke's back pocket, and I was right, because as I looked over, I watched Luke pull out his black phone and glimpse down at the caller ID that was presented amongst him, before rushing the phone to his ear.

Conversation continued between the five of us at a lower volume, which still drowned out the short chat that Luke was having on the phone, the call soon came to an abrupt end.

"Ready for another date?" Luke asked as my eyes locked contact with his, his phone got a text message alert almost instantly, and he shook the phone in my direction, which revealed a text message from our publicists with an address written among it.

"Now? Where?" I questioned Luke, intrigued as to were they would be sending us next

"In a couple of hours, and i'm not sure, some fancy restaurant apparently" He replied, as he slid his phone back into his back pocket "Two dates in two days, Apple Linton your a lucky girl!" He said cheekily

"Thats highly debatable" I replied with a smirk

He smiled back

"Guess I better go and get ready" I said, a slight frustration kicking in as I swirled around to face the door on the barstool I was seated on since I didn't have much time to get ready for the 'fancy' destination

"You guys have to leave again?" Michael whined

"I guess so man" Luke answered, as he ruffled Michaels hair on his exit from the kitchen

"But what happened to Muke?! Apple I'm gonna fight you for my man!"He shouted as I made my way up the stairs, I let out a cry of laughter


"Lapple" Luke repeated my words, quietly and let out a small chuckle.

Once we got to the landing of the stairs, I headed towards my room, ready to change into my formal wear

"Oh and Apple?" Luke called, as he began stepping into his own room

I turned around

"Make yourself look good, I don't want to be shown up" he teased cockily

I rolled my eyes playfully, slowly closing my door and silencing the sound of Luke's high pitched giggle.


"What about this one?" I asked Georgie, as I spun around from the mirror that was placed on a wall in my room, to face her. She was sat upon my bed, now helping my choose an outfit for the night ahead, she had already completed the task of helping me with my hair and make up.

"Perfect" she whispered in adoration "Apple you look beautiful!" She admired

"Are you sure?" I asked insecurely "you don't think that black one fits better? Or what About the white on-"

"Apple" Georgie giggled, cutting off my ramble

"I'm sorry" I laughed

There was a moment of silence as I inspected myself in the mirror, I knew I was running late, since luke had been continually calling me, so I began adding jewellery to my wrist and neck quickly, throwing it on from a holder i had in the en suite of my room

"Hey, do you like Luke?" Georgie suddenly asked, almost making me drop the jewellery in my hands as my response to her comment "like, like-like him"

"Georgie!" I scolded "we're just friends!"

"It just seems like this is a lot of effort to be going to for a fake date-"

"Georgie there's going to be paparazzi everywhere, I just want to look okay" I assured her

"Apple, we've been to the VMAs and you have taken half the time to get ready in comparison to now" Georgie replied, a knowing smile on her face

With perfect timing, I heard a shout

"APPLEEEE" Luke called from the bottom of the stairs again, urging me to hurry up and leave the house for our date

"IM COMING!" I replied to Luke, although I had answered Luke with the exact same piece of speech over 4 times now, I was now genuinely ready to leave for our 'date'

" Are you sure I look okay?" I asked Georgie, despite her thinking I liked Luke due to the effort I had put into getting ready

"Yes!" Georgie chuckled "you look hot" she assured me, throwing the white clutch bag I was planning to take with me into my arms

"Now go" she laughed

I hugged Georgie, kissing her on the cheek and thanking her in my departure

I steadied down the stairs, looking down once again to check my outfit, I wore a long, dark purple dress, which hung loosely over my shoulders and hugged my waist generously, it had diamonds decorating the chest area and had black stitching towards the bottom lining. I also sported a pair of high heeled white shoes, which were mainly covered by the dress, meaning they could only be seen when I took a lunge with my step. As well as this, I also wore a pair of diamond studded ear rings, with a matching necklace.

I straightened out my dress, before continuing down the stairs, Luke was stood in the hallway, waiting for my arrival, He wore his usual black skinny jeans, however wore a white button up shirt with a pair of black boots, which differed from his usual band tee and black converse styled attire

As he saw me waltzing downstairs, he gauped in my direction, not even blinking to rehydrate his drying eyes

"Come on then, Mr Rush Rush Rush" I joked, not acknowledging Luke's stare, he chuckled lightly, almost seeming shy, I headed towards the door of the home, exiting, before climbing into Luke's car and waiting for him to join me


We parked the car towards the front of the quaint restaurant that fit the address of which we had been sent by our publicists, It lay at the end of a long street which overlooked the sea.

I could already see swarms of photographers who were luckily this time, being controlled by security, which suggested that they had been at the location for a while.

"You ready to be my boyfriend?" I asked Luke

"Hell yeah, Team Lapple for the win" He answered, as he swung open the door of his car, which loudened the roar of the photographers screams who were Infront of the restaurant ahead.

As I got closer to Luke, he grabbed my hand, causing our fingers to inter lock, He looked in my direction as he did so, for a sign of approval, and I simply smiled which indicated I didn't feel uncomfortable by the move

Within seconds we had walked past the mountains of photographers and into the restaurant, Unlike the first date, we were completely sheltered from the paparazzi outside, meaning we were only going to be captured arriving at our fake date. It felt weird to know that we were coming on these dates for the sake of a photograph, for the sake of fame, however it was something that would better myself and Luke's career, help us achieve what we had been dreaming since we were kids.

We walked further into the small but homely restaurant, letting go of each others hands as we did so. We were greeted by a friendly employee, who guided us to our table in the basically empty room that sat only a few extreemley professional looking guests

"Your menus, Sir and Madam" The waiter spoke in a strong itaillian accent, as he extended his arms towards the table, with two menus held in his grip

"Actually, Can we just have two pepperoni pizzas" Luke spoke, pushing away the menus from the direction the waiter was pushing them in

I shot him a confused gaze, of course, that is what I'd of ordered anyway, but I wasn't sure why he ordered on my behalf, or without even viewing a menu

"Of course!" The waiter beamed, writing down the orders on a small note pad he had pulled out of a pocket in the front of his apron

"Could we also have a bottle of wine please, I'll go by your recommendation" I asked politely

"Sure!" The waiter answered merrilly, "Anything for Mrs Apple and Mr Luke!"

He walked away from the table

"Mrs Apple" Luke repeated, as he raised his eyebrows and giggled

I didn't have much time to reply before the presumably itaillian waiter arrived back at the table, with a large transparent bottle held in his hands

"For you! Our finest alcohol,On the house of course!" He said, as he poured the drink into the glasses that were placed in the middle of our table

"Thankyou" Myself and Luke spoke at the same time, The waiter stood over us, waiting for us to take a sip of the drink he had poured

I clinked my glass against Luke's, with a smug look on my face at the thought of free alcohol, before taking a sip of the drink

I looked up at the waiter, and towards Luke in amazement

"That is amazing!" I beamed on behalf of us both

The waiter smiled at our reaction

"Tonight, you will have free refills of our finest! Enjoy your date!" He answered, seeming to struggle with grasping basic English

"Thankyou!" Luke replied as the waiter began walking towards the bar area of the restaurant

"I'll drink to that!" Luke chuckled, as he highered his glass and leant it towards mine, as they clinked again.

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