1. chapter one

The doors to my black limousine were slowly pulled open, screams filled the air and blinding flashes caught my gaze, the chauffeur gave me my cue, and I stepped outside the vehicle, and onto the red carpet that lay beneath my feet. A slight breeze knocked a curl of my blonde hair from my shoulder, and I began to walk up the carpet, followed by my best friend and model Georgie Yates.

The release of my new album was a massive deal- and my publicists wanted me to promote myself all that i could before the release date, even if that meant raking in a new, younger audience by attending premiers such as the one I'm at now- for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

As I carefully took steps towards the building in my 6 inch Jimmy Choos, hand in hand with Georgie, many photographers were shouting my name, and screaming questions about my new album, But i was told to ignore them-build the suspense- so simply waved, before entering the crowded building which held a ray of different celebrities.

"You look way too hot to be at a turtle movie premier" Georgie said, a slight harshness ringing in her voice as she recalled how we were spending our saturday night

"Probably" I laughed, gazing down at the long navy green dress I was wearing, and comparing it to the casual attire of some of the other individuals in the building.

"Lets just get this over with" She chuckled, before guiding me into the screen which was premiering the movie.

The cinema wasn't something i was ever able to properly able to experience before, since fame made it hard for me to do the things 'normal' 19 year olds would generally do, however I was certain that most movie theatres didn't offer such luxury, An employee stood handing out champagne as we walked into the screening, and free chocolate fondue pots were being handed out to the number of A list celebrities that were seated in the leather chairs labelled with names like some kind of teachers seating plan. I didn't realise that this was such a big deal. It was hard to find the chairs labelled with our names, however Georgie soon found them with the help from a polite employee, on the 2nd from the back row.


We were seated comfortably, and ready for this film to be over with, as we admired the music playing in the background of the scene. Suddenly our attention was captured else where, as four boys with strong Australian accents entered the screening. I was aware of who they were, I think everyone was. 5 Seconds Of Summer, A music breakthrough, and Hollywood's most hard to manage boys.

They came across as intimidating, which was hard to subconsciously  understand since they all wore matching mutant ninja turtles shirts. They were pretty hot, but they were known to be the bad boys of the music industry, with frequent one night stands and their constant partying lifestyle that never seemed to get out into the media.

"They better not of been seated near us" I scoffed

Georgie turned her head towards me rapidly "Are you kidding? Apple They are so hot!" She spat out excitedly

I rolled my eyes- They didn't deserve the attention they got from girls- from anyone.

The tallest member of the band stood back, twiddling his feet awkwardly as the other boys hunted for their names that should of been printed on the chairs before them.

A long curly haired member made their way up the stairs of the cinema, heading towards the row behind us


Of course, they were going to be seated right behind us, the other three boys headed towards where the other member of the band was now sitting, I looked at Georgie, who was looking at me, and our faces both read complete different expressions.

The boys had been sat behind us for around 2 minutes, and had already discussed a leaked nude and dick size. The curly haired member of the band kept bursting out into fits of giggles, much to the amusement of the other boys. Suddenly all fell quiet amongst the band behind us, it was almost suspicious since they had been so loud since they got here.

"Is that Apple Linton?" I heard a voice whisper

"Oh my god, yeah, it is, guys contain your-" I threw my glare across my shoulder, which silenced one of the boys' comments as they all stared innocently at my face

"Georgie Yates is with her- shes damn hot aswell" The curly haired boy whispered loudly, purposely attempting to grasp the attention of my best friend.

Georgie flushed a bright shade of rose, it was so unusual to see her embarrassed. The other boys chuckled and Georgie turned around, smiling flirtatiously.

Can this god damn film just start so I can get out of here, my mind whispered.

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