9. chapter nine


"APPLE LUKES HERE" I heard Georgie scream from the front door of my large home

It felt like the night before, and today had zoomed by, Georgie and I spent our final night sharing a house-alone- together, writing lists of items to remember to pack, and preparing for my departure, The 5sos home was only around a 30 minute drive from my house, so I could of easily drove back to collect anything I had missed, however I wanted to be as prepared as possible, the last thing I needed was for any added stress to be piled onto the situation. It was now the day later, and I learned from what Georgie had just shouted, that Luke had arrived, the last time I checked the time it was 4pm, time had once again flown by

"ONE MINUTE" I shouted back

I zipped up my last suitcase, I had a total of five, I probably hadn't packed enough, since I was told that I needed a variety of different outfits that included casual,formal and swimwear attire to last a few months, but I settled my worries by agreeing to return home as soon as I began to run out of clothing, to 'restock' my suitcase

I heard Luke and Georgie chatting at the bottom of the stairs and I knew It was time to leave, i picked up the first two suitcases that lay along my bedroom floor, before taking a long, last gaze at my room

Suddenly I felt Luke's presence "Do you need some help?" I heard Him question

"A little" I replied, an ironic tone ridden in my speech as I motioned my eyes to the other large suitcases that were piled upon my bedroom floor

"You know your not moving in permanently right?" Luke laughed, as he took a first glance at the mountains of luggage

I forced a laugh, since even the thought of having to permanently move in with the boys made me feel uneasy.  Before with the help of Luke, attempting to drag the suitcases down the stairs, and piling them into his car that was parked outside.


"We have reached our destination" Luke said, as he made a sharp turn onto a new road, making his voice sound robotic and like he was the person speaking on some kind of electrical map, myself and Georgie giggled at his dorkiness, and a huge grin smothered his lips, however it was soon removed and turned into a slight frown when we neared the streets entrance.

Luke's driving pace slowed down immensley as we directly faced the street which had a total of three mansions lay along it. A swarm of Middle Aged men were climbing upon the gates that were guarding the private residential area which was blocking us from entering, as they spotted the car, they ran towards it, forcing the lenses of their cameras against the black dimmed windows, and making it extremely apparent that they were paparazzi.

"Oh my god this is so scary" I complained

"gET THE FUCK OFF MY CAR" Luke surprisingly screamed angrily at the aggressive men, even though there was an extremely low chance of them hearing him over the roar of their shouting.

I was surprised that Luke had raised his voice, since he usually seemed so laid back, however I wasn't exactly shocked, I had to deal with the paparazzi a lot given my job, however the small amount of space around the car meant that the paps were in some cases fighting for their space at the windows, there was people banging on the car from every angle, and four men were to some extent lay along the bonnet in attempt to get the perfect picture, it was one of the scariest situations I had ever been in.

Luke's growing anger only increased, as he struggled to drive into the estate, and lacked the ability to get out the car to open the gates before him.

After minutes of the chaos, and still no sign of any security or protection, Luke unclipped his seatbelt, and was about to swing open his door, presumably to yell at the paps.

I put my hand on his shoulder, preventing him from showing himself up, the last thing we needed was for Luke to be presented as violent in the media, it would cause up roar.

"Luke stop!" I commanded "Joanne and Kate said they'd be ensuring photographers were everywhere!- this is there doing"

His shoulders became less tense, and he seemed to instantly cool down, realising that photographers were all part of our publicists plan.

It was at this point that the gates suddenly began to open, and I watched carefully in confusement, when suddenly Michael, Calum and Ashton appeared before shooing away the photographers as politely as possible, which somewhat cleared the cars driving zone, and allowed us to drive into the estate. Luke pulled into the street, and soon onto the driveway of the last house that lay along it, which was fortunately, the furthest away from the gates.

"That was crazy" he muttered

Georgie seemed in complete shock and exited the vehicle immediately as the vehicle parked up, throwing herself into Ashton's arms as he ran up towards her

"I know right" I replied, I was used to photographers invading my privacy, but with no security guards to protect us, the event just left me completely shaken up.

We both got up from our seats and got out of the car, many photographers were still at the large black gates on the other side of the street, capturing photos of us leaving the vehicle and grouping at the front of the home, their faint and murmuring voices could just about be heard, however I felt safe knowing they were basically imprisoned on the other side of the street

"Thanks fellas" Luke said to the boys,  giving each of them a high five as they each jogged back from the gates and towards the car, that was parked on the driveway.

I headed towards the back of the vehicle, and grabbed two suitcases from the boot before wheeling them into the mansion.

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