15. chapter fifteen- pancakes


My eyes squinted, darting forwards, and revealing the broad and vivid sunlight that was peaking through a small gap in the middle of the curtains. Surprisingly, given the sleeping conditions, I had slept reasonably well, much better than if I had to sleep alone following the movie we watched last night. It took a while for Luke and Michael especially to settle down and sleep, whenever the room had gotten to a state of silence, one of the pair would shout something out, or burp, or fart, which made things particularly hard for me to get to sleep since I was sandwiched between the boys, however the scenes were funny, and I couldn't help but chuckle beneath the blanket i was wrapped in.

But now it was morning, I was still positioned between Michael and Luke on the couch, however Luke's long legs were directly over mine, and  one of Michaels arms was tangled with my left one, I viewed the two boys, both were still in a heavy slumbur which caused me to sit still and in silence for a few seconds, not even able to rub my eyes without the fear of misplacing one of the boys and causing them to wake. Calum was also still sleeping, him using Michael's right arm as a pillow and a leather jacket as a source of warmth. I leaned slightly forward in attempt to see if Ashton and Georgie were still on the couch aswell, however was interrupted by Luke's sudden tossing and turning, him finally waking up from his sleep. I turned to face him, shooting him a small grin as I viewed his sloppy hair and tired eyes, as his eyes looked at mine, he smiled too

"How long have you been awake?" He asked, his voice was crisp and deep, him trying to keep a low volume to his voice which also meant there was a slight unclarity to what he was saying

"A couple of minutes" I whispered "I didn't want to wake you" I smiled, motioning my eyes towards his legs that were slung over my own

"Perks of being a tall boy" he giggled

"Perks? Don't you mean drawbacks?" I laughed

"No, I meant perks" Luke replied, a cheeky grin written on his lips as he snuggled his legs further into mine and drew out his hand from under the duvet, using it to sweep some of his flat hair out of his eyes "Want to know another perk of being a tall boy?" He asked

"Go on" I hummed

"It's kind of unknown but, tall boys make the best pancakes" he said, a humerus tone lingering in his still musky voice

"That can't be true, because everyone knows that short girls are the queens of making pancakes" I argued back playfully

"Your wrong" Luke protested

"Your wrong" I answered back

"Okay, I bought some pancake mixes from walmart the other night, I challenge you to a pancake-off in the kitchen-right now, let's get this settled" Luke whispered, being fairly cautious that people were sleeping around him.

"Brave move" I answered, gently moving away Michaels arm so I was able to sit up off the couch

"We will see about that" Luke whispered, he rubbed his eyes to wake him up more, before following me in his exit out of the living area, closing the door that made it viewable from the kitchen when open, behind him

Luke began setting up the kitchen, plotting down different kitchen utensils and two separate boxes of the pancake mixture, whilst I controlled my bed-head morning hair by putting it in a hair tie.

Luke completed the setting up by adding two sauce pans to the stove

"Just a warning, I wasn't lying when I said my pancake making skills are pretty top notch-I'm basically undefeated in this area" Luke stated, a cocky grin on his face as he picked up the sauce pan closest to him, and replicated his flipping techniques

"Care to put your money where your mouth is?" I replied, lifting an eyebrow

Luke smirked, before reaching in to the back pocket of the jeans he was still wearing from the night before, and slamming a $20 note onto the worktop

"Your turn"

I grinned at his playfull cockiness, however reached into my bag that was conveniently placed  in the corner of the kitchen, and pulled out a $20 note from the bottom of it, slamming it down equally as hard on top of the note that Luke had previously placed down

"May the best Aussie win" I said, a smile cracking onto my lips as I held out my hand for Luke to shake

Luke reached his hand out to mine, just as we were about to shake however, Luke pulled his hand away quickly, a laugh escaping his mouth

"Ouch, you wanna play that game" I giggled, Luke still laughing at the gasp that escaped my mouth when he refused to shake hands.

We readied ourselves infront of the mixtures, Luke cracking his fingers and neck jokingly, and Soon, Luke began a countdown

"3,2,1, GO" he shouted, he opened the box which held the clear bag of pancake mixture, it only centimetres away from mine. I mirrored his actions, opening the box and chucking it to the side of me once I had the packet of powdered pancake mixture from it.

I heard Luke grab the bowl nearest to him, and did the same, as I turned my head however, Luke's face was a different complexion, the powder smothering every feature his face had to offer. I burst into giggles at the sight, I was surprised there was any of the powdered mixture even in the bowl, since there was so much amongst Luke's face, by this time Luke was already attempting to sweep away the powder from his face, him giggling aswell

"It's not funny" he whined playfully

"Yes it is" I protested

Suddenly I felt powder smother the left side of my cheek, as Luke flicked his fingers at me, I gasped and laughed playfully, attempting to sweep away the powder in the same way Luke did

After adding cups of milk to the mixtures, the pancakes were ready for flipping, simultaneously myself and Luke poured out mixtures into the hot pans, my mixture formed a perfect circle due to the swirling movements I was forcing the direction of the pan to move in, unlike Luke's, who's mixture formed a weird, hexangular shape in the pan

I scoffed at his shape

"It's the taste that counts" Luke insisted, trying to perfection a circular shape with the mixture, but still failing miserably

After a few minutes of frying the pancakes, it was time to flip them, Luke went first, bringing down the pan before suddenly moving it up, the pancake soared through the air, however still landed back in Luke's pan, him priding himself immensely on the achievement.

I took a steadier and more careful approach to the pancake flipping, to which Luke continuously mocked, flipping the pancake so it hardly even left the pan.

When the pancakes were finally cooked, we steadied them onto plates, admiring them as we both leaned over the plate.

Luke pulled two forks out of a near by cutlery draw, him handing it to me with his eyes squinted and in a competitive fashion

"You've got to be honest!" I lectured Luke

Luke nodded, "So do you!" He said

I nodded back

We decided to try our own pancakes first, I dived the fork onto the plate, picking up a reasonably sized piece of the pancake before placing it in my mouth, I was fairly confident, it tastes good. It was hard to read what Luke thought about his 'creation' since his face marked an unphased expression.

We soon switched plates, I put a small piece of Luke's pancake in my mouth, there was a clear winner, Luke's pancake tasted like shit

"YES!!" I cheered

Luke shook his head and faced it down towards the floor, aware of his defeat

"I guess tall boys aren't the best pancake makers" he giggled, scooping up the pancake he had made and allowing it to flop miserable back down onto the plate

"And I guess this money is mi-" I began speaking however was interrupted by Luke's hand snatching the notes I was about to grab through a small gap between my palm and the notes

"Hey- I won fair and square!" I said playfully

"How about instead of you taking my money, you come out with me, and I buy us a nice meal, or we could go for some drinks-" Luke began

"Luke- i don't know, I think it's too soo-" I was interrupted again by the opening of the living area door, revealing a sleepy Calum in the doorway, when he saw the state of our powder filled faces, he burst into fits of laughter, he walked over to Luke, running his fingers across his cheeks and investigating the powder with a  humoured facial expression

"You guys made pancakes?" He asked, a slight whine to his voice, as he began viewing the breakfasts with beady eyes "I wonder which is Luke's" Calum joked, eyeing up the worst of the two pancakes

I looked over apologetically at Luke who was smiling in Calum's direction, him sending back a disappointed grin

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