11. chapter eleven


Myself and Georgie sat on my bed in the 5sos home, I held my stomach in pain as I licked away a smudge of tomato pure' that had stained itself among my upper lip

"Im so full" I whined, staring at the couple of pieces of pizza that were left in the box, the 'LA EXPRESS' was renowned for having super sized pizzas, and so having only a couple of pieces left meant that we had swallowed pounds of the food.

"Me too" Georgie replied, as she pushed away the box so it was out of reach, fully aware non of us were going to be able to Finnish the final slices

"So" She said, as she rolled her body over onto her front, so she was looking at me straight in the eye, I raised my eyebrows and finished chewing the piece of pizza that was in my mouth

"Are things awkward between you and Luke after the other night?" She asked

I was so caught up in the news of having to live in the new surroundings, and having to fake date Luke that i had somehow become completely forgetful of the other nights events, and as soon as I was reminded I grunted, throwing my head into my hands

"Are you okay?" Georgie questioned

"Yeah sorry" I answered, lifting my head back up "No they haven't been awkward, I mean, I kind of forgot"

"You forgot?!" Georgie giggled "Apple Linton you are scandalous" She joked

Suddenly the door of my bedroom slammed open, and banged against the inside wall of my room, Calum, Michael, Luke and Aston all stood in the doorway, in some kind of hero stanz

"WE HEARD THAT YOU HAVE PIZZA!" Michael shouted, which calmed the original assumption I had when I first saw the boys as I thought they were eaves dropping. I shot Luke an amused look, knowing he was the one who must have told the other boys about the order of LA EXPRESS

Me and Georgie began to laugh, as we watched the boys sprint through the doorway, and towards the pizza box at the end of the bed


"Holy shit you girls can eat!" Calum joked

There was a small and humorous scuffle at the end of the bed, as the boys decided who was going to get the last two pieces of pizza, however eventually they settled on breaking the two pieces in half, so they were all able to have some of the cheesy delight.

I wish that Georgie had never reminded me about my drunk encounter with Luke, since now i felt more withdrawn than ever, and found myself feeling Luke's presence very awkward.

"Okay I'm gonna order some more" Luke declared, as he sucked the remaining crumbs of his piece of pizza off his fingers

"What? Some more balls?" Michael laughed

"Yeah, He's gonna order some more balls, then maybe he would have the guts to make a move on Apple whilst he's actually sober" Calum giggled, as he exited the room, following Luke and Michaels foot steps.

Luke shouted back a curse word loudly.

Ashton looked at me and raised his eyebrows, a giant smirk on his face.

"What?" I questioned

"Oh, Nothing" Ashton replied in a sarcastic tone

Georgie looked at him and laughed, as if they were sharing an inside joke that I wasn't aware of

I knitted my eyebrows together in confusion, before shooting myself backwards so that I was once again lay on the comfy mattress. I engaged myself in the conversation between my best friend and her new found love however soon found myself drifting off to sleep.


"Apple" I heard a voice whisper, as they gently shook my resting shoulder

"Wakey Wakeyyy" I heard them whisper again, slightly highering the volume of their voice, my eyes flinched, and I saw Luke leaning over me, dressed in only a black vest top, and decorated underwear.

"What?" I groaned, rolling over on the comfy bed so that I was facing away from him

"You need to get up- Iv just had a call from Joanne and Kate- We have a date in a couple of hours" He said.

I rolled my eyes, even though he couldn't see me, despite knowing this publicity stunt was now something I had to go ahead with, I was not expecting the whole fake date thing to start so soon, and definitely didn't expect morning greets from Luke in his underwear as a way of waking me up for such events.

"A fake date" I corrected him

"Yeah- Whatever, Are you getting up?" He asked

"Yeah-" I answered, before being interrupted by a yawn that escaped my mouth "Where are we going? What time is it?" I questioned

"They want us to go to some frozen yoghurt place down town, we need to be there at 2, its 12 now" He said gently, still leaning over my figure to talk to me

The midnight pizza slumbur that me and Georgie held apparently wasn't a great idea, since it was noon and I hadn't even woken up yet

"Okay" I groaned "Ill get ready"

"Good" he replied, as he began to retrieve himself from lingering over the top of me, and exited the room, closing my door behind him.


It was 1:30pm and time for myself and Luke's first ever fake date. I had showered and put my make up on, knowing that there was going to be paparazzi taking our photographs at the scene of our date, however I dressed down, wanting the date to seem realistic.

My hair was thrown into a high pony tail, and the natural wave my hair offered was left untouched. I wore a pair of skin tight denim jeans, and a white crop top. It was sunny outside, so I also popped a pair of sunglasses over my eyes

"Ready to go?" Luke asked, as he inspected his own appearance in the mirror that was placed in the hallway of the home

"Indeed I am" I replied

Secretly (behind the dimmed lenses of my glasses) I took a glimpse at Luke, and even though my conscious tried to fight it, I realised that he was more attractive than I had ever originally thought, his blonde hair was slipped back into a Snap back, making his appearance look effortless, he also sported a red flannel top as well as the black jeans I had seen him wear what felt like millions of times.

However completely un phased, I headed out the door of the home, leaving Luke to continue inspecting his appearance in the mirror, and got into the car that was parked outside


As Luke joined my company in the car, He immediately switched off the radio, silencing the voices of the pop stars I had grown to love

"Hey!" I scolded,  indicating that the song that was once being played was one that I enjoyed listening to

"No, Seriously? You can't be into that sort of music" Luke said, as he controlled the steering wheel with one of his hands, and hunted through the compartment of his door with the other

"Yeah, seriously" I told him, as i popped the radio back on and began to hum along to the song being played

He pulled out a disk from the side of his door, before turning the radio back off for the final time

"Why don't we listen to some real music" He said, sliding the CD into the disk reader.

He placed a pair of shades over his eyes and became fully focussed on the road

I gasped as the songs intro began to play "Oh my god I remember this!" I shrieked

"Its a classic!" Luke beamed, as he nodded his head to the beat of the song

"Stacey's mom has got it going on, Stacey's mom has got it going on" He sang, his voice crisp and raspy from reaching the low notes of the tune


The car journey had soon become a moving disco, as Luke continued to belt out old music from the cars speakers.

We suddenly pulled into a car park, and the vibrating of the car stopped, silencing the music that was once being played

"See what I mean by real music now?" Luke asked, a grin printed on his lips as he pulled out the keys from the side of the steering wheel

I simply smirked back, hoping that it would present my answer non verbally.

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