The Shell – A weird life story

A short story about how can we all be connected and how people find true love. Love stories spanned in time, with destiny bringing all together. I assure you it's a bumpy ride. :)


17. The Meaning of Life


What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? What is the purpose for being born? What it means to love someone? Why do we cry? Why do we suffer? How can we achieve happiness? What is faith, destiny? God exists?

Normal questions you all asked sometimes or the lucky ones never asked and never will.

We are born with our destiny written in the stars, or in a file on God’s desk? I don’t think so, God is not that boring, he has the greatest sense of humour, he has this unique ability to create worlds and this is really something, but he’s not doing all in detail, like a sculptor or a painter, he just creates the rules based on what things function, things are born, evolve and die, the process between being steps to different checkpoints. He loves to see that.

That’s how we are born.

We come into this world with a set of rules embedded, that define us as individuals, health, looks, initial personality, past life experiences, prices we have to pay and the final check box, i’ll come back to that later.

We grow up, we experience smell, taste, pictures, sounds, touch, all this shaping ourselves, and after that we experience love, pain, rejection, hate, deception, again love, on and on.

And some day, we fall in love. What is love? How do you know it’s love?

You feel it right in your heart, not the stomach, not the brain, no, you feel it right in your heart, the fire is burning and it burns you, but you want one thing and one thing only, to put more kerosene, over and over again.

And please everybody do me a favor, love the other one exactly as he/she is, unconditionally, just like the parents love their kids, no matter what. Don’t keep cutting the tree year after year expecting it will grow better. That goes also for friendship. If you have great expectations, you will have great deceptions.

I realized one thing, you have to think, think, think and think again at every major step in your life.

Also, i start to believe strongly the encounters in our lives, people and events that have a huge impact on us, good or bad, are not random, those are God’s checkpoints. He sets the rules and watch us grow checkpoint after checkpoint, every lesson learned, every debt returned, every thing we do, and if you learned your lessons, then the big check box will be checked and you have evolved. If not, no problem, you’ll have many chances.

What we have to do is to have the guts to stand there in all the cross roads in our life and choose and don’t you ever regret the choice you made, it was the right thing to do back then.

It’s funny how we don’t see the things that can teach us the best in life, those things being right in front of our eyes. You just have to pause a little and really see around you, it’s not hard, it’s very easy actually.

And what if you made a big mistake in your life, and another, and another. Look deep, all those mistakes might have only one reason they happened, one pattern, and if you get the seed, you’ll understand what you have to change. Suffering will be no more.

The reason of all suffering is the fact that we went very far from the essence, we want 3 cars, 2 houses, all the new gadgets, all the clothes, to look like people on TV, to be famous, to have the most Likes on Facebook, to be on top of the others and we miss the small things that have the biggest power to make us really happy.

Dreams and secrets are therapeutic, you know the saying “we are defined, primarily, by the things we are hiding.”

Beware with dreams, don’t stay there forever, always get back to reality and go back when you need it, just like bed time stories.

The whole world, nature, us, were made with God’s rules and fueled with divine energy, look around you, everything follows this pattern and when you intervene too much things get broken and then you have suffering.

You want to be happy? It’s easy, keep your eyes open, love, hate, dream, cry, smile, regret, smile again, love again with all your heart and everything you do … keep on dreaming, do all the good you can, go with the flow and paddle when it’s necessary.


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