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2. Willow - Picture Editing Programs

Hey guys, Willow here. Don't know why I haven't written anything yet, but now I have something. Pretty short, but hey, whatever.


I have had it up to          
with picture editing programs.


First of all, Adobe Illustrator, you can go die in a hole. I do not care how highly rated you are or how easy people make you seem, but you are such a hard program to use and I am going to chuck the school computers out of the second-story windows if you don't calm the fuck down.

Too many fucking buttons. I do not know what you do, nor do you care to tell me.

Next is Photoshop Elements. Now, I haven't used the full version of Photoshop, just the Photoshop Elements thing that the school bought for the new computers. You are not getting out of this one.

Yes, you annoyingly complicated program, you. I don't even know what the fuck you're talking about and it would be so much easier if these buttons had clear labels and were easy to use, you bastard.

And finally, Gimp. Gimp, I love you, I really do, but you are not off the hook. Too many drop-down menus. And the buttons on the left do not do what I want them to do and in trying to make a wine label I had to fuck it up a million times. Seriously, can NOBODY come up with a SIMPLE picture editing program??

Okay, now for the freaking video tutorials on the websites.

Tutorials, you do not talk to me like I'm a three-year-old, nor do you talk to me like I'm a rocket scientist. Looking at you, Lightworks Pro (even though you're a video editing program, but meh).


Now, I understand that my frustration may come from me having the shittiest teacher you can imagine. Seriously, he was awful at teaching me how to use these programs. Or maybe it's just me, because eeeeeveryone else learnt it pretty quick, and then there's me. I have a specific learning style that's completely batshit crazy and this art teacher was terrible at trying to teach us how to make motherfucking wine labels and giving us a deadline and forcing us to put them in a competition when we can't even use the fucking program!!!!!!!

*heavy breathing*

Okay, so that was my little rant about picture editing programs. I was just in English trying to use Photoshop to make a magazine cover for English. I tried, good god I did, but you know what I ended up doing?

Switching to good ol' Microsoft Word. And my cover is currently going rather well ^~^ Microsoft Word, come here and give me a hug. You have saved my assessment task.


Okay, that's all~ XD

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