Rants Across the Globe

Just a few Movellians ranting about stuff. | Will be ranting about anything and everything and anyone and everyone. Will be a lot of cussing. | Enjoy.


1. Greetings!

Welcome to Rants Across the World!




Name: Willow Angel
Sex: Female
Age: 14
Location: Australia
School year: Year 9 (third year of HS)

I look forward to sharing my rants with you all XD Warning: I swear. A lot.


Name: Fever 

Sex: Female 

Location: New York (In the US) 



Name: Lozzie-san
Sex: Female
Age: 18 (so old...)
Location: England
School year: Uh...technically a leaver, but a re-sitter so Year 13 (Sixth Form)
*Bows head* So much rage building up inside...ready to unleash it all >:)


In this book the three of us will be sharing our anger and frustration in the hopes that some of you may find this #Relatable and myabe even have a bit of a laugh! XD

We hope you guys/gays/other enjoy :)

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