Because We Are Many

"Few are there among the many."


1. Because We Are Many

There are many

Who travel the roads of man.

There are many

Who betray for love of power.

There are many

Who laugh with acid intentions.

There are many,

Who pollute the minds of the young.

There are many, there are many.

Few are there

Who see beyond appearances.

Few are there

Who cherish the trust of others.

Few are there

Who laugh in the face of the wicked.

Few are there

Who apologize with honest sincerity.

Few are there among the many.

And yet,

The many

And the few

Are the same.

And yet,

The few

And the many

Are the same.

I think I get it now,

But who am I to say?

I can only laugh cynically

At what we have become.

And although there are the few,

The many greatly outnumber them.

So in the end

We are all the same - all human.

So all the poison,

All the cruelty,

All the hate

Continues on, and on, and on.

Because we are many

Who do not understand,

And because we are many

Who do not even care to try.

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