Trapped Memories

When Sophia Myers wakes up in a hospital and told that she had been in a coma for years and her parents had died, with no memories of her early life, she forces herself to move on. However, with strange sticky note connections, paranormal activity, and glimpses of her early life's memories, Sophia feels lost. And Sophia is determined to find what's up with her and her early life.

Read along the story to find out what Sophia finds out.


2. The Void


It was a sunny day, perfect for a picnic with our families. Sophia Myers, our cutie-pie was the only one excited about the day in the whole house. I and Fred were happy too, but just because we saw our cute child smile so brightly the first thing in the morning after a long week's work. What would you expect from a nine-year-old and aging parents, anyway?

"Mommy, Daddy, are you ready yet? Can we go now? Should I sit in the car?" Sophia asked, a little impatient with the wait we were giving her. The excitement was evident in her tone.

"Whoa, Phi, calm down, sweetie! We are going in a bit." I smiled and ruffled Sophia's hair. After that, I went back to brushing my own long, brown hair. It had gotten quite tangly at night and I was having a hard time combing them out and putting my hair in a bun.

Sophia wailed. "That is what you guys are saying for the past five minutes!" I grinned at her actions. Kids can be so impatient.

Fred chuckled. "Apparently, five minutes is not so long, kid." His voice was gentle and deep. It gave you the feeling of being protected. He was sitting on the bed tapping on his phone, occasionally joining the conversation.

Grabbing my purse, I rushed towards Fred and Sophia after fixing my hair and looking presentable. "I'm ready, let's go!"

Squealing, Sophia jumped on her way to the front door with Fred and I trailing behind her. Sophia's ponytails slapped on her back as she did so. As we got into their car and started driving, Sophia's mood deteriorated widely.

Car horns were blaring everywhere, and the weather was not cool anymore. Sweat was certainly trickling down everyone's neck in the hot weather. We did not know that the sun was going to mercilessly glare at us from above. What made it worse, was that we were stuck in the traffic.

"I'm sorry, ladies, I did not know it would take so long," Fred said, apologizing to Sophia and me.

"It is the traffic's fault, Fred. Don't apologize." I smiled. Even though half of the day had already passed by, I was surprisingly quite calm. Maybe it was just that particular day I was not that cranky.

"Who is Traffic? I shall make him apologize! Nobody ruins my picnic!" Sophia screamed in anger, making Fred and I chuckle. Our cute child was so innocent.

Who knew the car behind us would accelerate so suddenly, that it would smash our car from behind?

I screamed soon after a screeching noise when Sophia-who was sitting on the backseat hit her head on the front seat and didn't scream because of the pain in her head and the sudden jerk.

"Sophia!" I screamed as a jolt of pain ran up my spine. To my horror, I too hit my back on the car's side. I fought to keep my eyes open. I did not want to leave my family suffering. But when my eyes caught a glimpse of my husband- Fredrick, I lost it. I gave up. Sweat turned to warm tears and they rolled down my cheeks. Fred's head was planted on the steering wheel with blood everywhere. It was a disturbing sight, a very unsettling one. I doubt if I would ever forget it.

Our car was badly damaged, and all of us was unconscious and injured. Far off, the sounds of sirens went off. but I had already closed my eyes.



When I opened my eyes, I had to close it again because of all the white around me. When I finally gathered the courage to face the light and opened my eyes, I found myself in a... white room. Everything was white, except for the green robe I was wearing.

Wait. I was wearing a green robe? That was strange. I remembered mommy had helped me put on a pink dress with flowers on it. It was much prettier. Had I fallen asleep when we reached the picnic spot? Where were mommy and daddy? I... was in a picnic with mommy and daddy, right? Why was I at this place? What even was this place?

I had not noticed the beeping machine beside me whose voice became too loud as I thought deeper. The next moment, I saw a man with a black pipe around his neck and a lot of nurses come into the room, banging the door. His forehead was creased and the nurses looked off too. I wondered what was up with them to look so worried.

That man must be a doctor, I thought. He came running towards my bed. This was my chance, I had to ask him what was happening.

"Um, excuse me, sir. Do you know what place is this?" I called out. To my surprise, nobody had noticed me. They were furiously working on something. Were they worried about the bed and not me? I glanced down and I instantly wished I had not.

In the bed, was my own self. I was badly hurt and almost all of my body was covered in bandages. Some bandages were even smeared with red. My eyes were shut closed and I seemed lifeless. I breathed out a gasp. What was happening?

Was that me? I looked down at my own body and brought my hand in front of my face. I was a faded color and could see through my hand. "This is so cool! Mommy!" I screamed in joy, looking everywhere. When I could not see her, my smile faltered. I suddenly started getting a heavy feeling in my stomach. I started feeling cold.

Biting back a sob, I tried to touch my body that was on the bed. Failing at my attempts to get inside my body, I felt helpless.

I got off the bed and to my surprise, I could walk by the beeping machine. The back of my eyes felt warm and twinged of pain appeared in my throat. I wanted to cry.

Cold water ran down my cheeks. It took me a moment to realize that they were my own tears. "Mommy... Daddy," I hiccupped, curling my fingers into fists.

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