Trapped Memories

When Sophia Myers wakes up in a hospital and told that she had been in a coma for years and her parents had died, with no memories of her early life, she forces herself to move on. However, with strange sticky note connections, paranormal activity, and glimpses of her early life's memories, Sophia feels lost. And Sophia is determined to find what's up with her and her early life.

Read along the story to find out what Sophia finds out.


1. Prologue

From as far as I can remember, the four white walls had always surrounded me. They never spoke, never got comfortable with me at all and seemed to... mock me. My head was always on that stiff pillow. I was never allowed to sit up. I was ordered to sleep and sleep all day. Slumber it was, but I didn't know it would be such a long one. The smell of medicine in the air made me uneasy. I was ready to throw up at any moment if only there was something in my stomach except for drugs. Invisible shackles held me in my place on the bed of a hospital.

No matter how hard I tried to scream for help, my voice would only come out as helpless whimpers. Thanks to the beeping machine which would save me numerous times. Doctors and nurses would come running towards my bed, and I would hear their reassures.

"It's going to be alright, Sophia. Just breathe and don't close your eyes."

One day, I got out of the hospital, realizing I had nowhere to go. And this time, I was trapped in a sphere where not even beeping machines or doctors noticed me.

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