Dawn of a New Clan // A Warriors Fanfiction

//This story is based off of the books by Erin Hunter and off of the RP that I and my co-authors participated in last Summer.// SwiftClan has risen.




Rain was falling now. The droplets soaked into my thick fur, and I shook myself, just like a dog. It didn't work; the rain was unrelenting. I could smell two or three cats near the border; one Thunderclan, one Shadowclan, one Riverclan. And the warrior from Riverclan had an apprentice along. It sort of made me wonder why cats from all the other Clans were at the border at one time. Something must be happening. 

Pausing to taste the air for prey, I looked up at the sky. Rushingstar would be wondering where I am; I'd heard that there was an urgent meeting called at the Fourtrees. But even though I was the deputy, I didn't really care for meetings, or hearing from the other clans. What could be considered urgent, could merely mean that a stream has been clogged up with Two-leg trash. 

So I walked to the borders, trying to see if I could catch a glimpse of another cat. 

I didn't even hear her coming. 

"Hey!" My gaze shot over to the Thunderclan border, where a spotted silver-and-white she cat was standing at the border line. Her chest was heaving, as though she'd run a long way, and her eyes were wide. Panic. "Did you... did you see any other cats 'round here?"

I narrowed my eyes. "And why would you need to know that?"

She looked as though she was about to choke on a nasty curse. "Forget that question, who are you anyway?"

"The deputy of Windclan. Rushingstar just rose to power - he needed a new deputy." I remembered how that had come about. Supposedly, our former leader, Thornestar, had taken his deputy out for a hunting trip. They never returned, and we dubbed them dead. Rushingstar - then, Rushingwind - took the title, and chose me as his deputy. 

Sometimes I wondered if Rushingstar had planned it all. I shook myself. "And you are?"

"Splashingwater. I just saw a white cat - bigger than a warrior - with a bashed in skull, on our side of the border. Now tell me, have you see this cat elsewhere?" 

A growl rose in my throat. Oh, I'd seen him. I'd seen him murder my mother as I watched with my siblings. But that was moons ago. He'd be long gone by now. "Not for awhile, Splashingwater. A meeting has been called at the Fourtrees... you might wanna make yourself useful."

And with a flick of my tail, I was gone.


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