Dawn of a New Clan // A Warriors Fanfiction

//This story is based off of the books by Erin Hunter and off of the RP that I and my co-authors participated in last Summer.// SwiftClan has risen.


4. NIGHTSCAR - Something Is Up





      I was playing with my siblings in our den - which, what was weird, was that I looked nothing like any of them. Different eyes, different frame, different colors.

     "Kits, come, now! We must leave immediately!" Shadowfang yelled urgently as he ran into the den my siblings and I played in.

     "Why?" My precious little sister, Starkit, questioned.

     "Yeah. Why do we have to leave?" My brother, Stripekit, asked.

     "We are under attack, and I must get you kits out of here, out of harms way! Come, we must leave!" That silenced us all, and we responded with simple nods before following him out... towards the back of camp.

     No other cats were around - and there was no where to run as he pushed us into a corner and blocked the only exit. My siblings and I were so very confused - what was he doing? Shouldn't we be leaving? Getting away from danger? Soon, a black and gray tabby tom covered in scars - including one across his left eye - walked up behind Shadowfang.

     "Ah, more kits. Perfect. More victims." The tabby male said in a deep, rumbling voice. My siblings and I stayed close to one another, our eyes widened with fear.

    They took the oldest - Strikekit - and smirked. They tortured him before tearing him apart... They did the same to the others before I was the only one left. They scratched me and bit me, but I was able to squirm from their grip and bolt - limping as I did. I didn't dare look back, but I lost them in the brush of the forest... My siblings' blood was all over my paws. I was covered in my own blood, and terrified. I passed the dead bodies of warriors and apprentices - shecats and kits... My clan was half diminished, and barely any kits survived.

    I jolted awake in the middle of the night, breathing heavily and shakily. Why I was remembering that day now, I didn't know. I pushed the day deep into my mind so as to not think of it. But it resurfaced, and I hadn't known why. Wait... Shadowfang... he lead us to the corner and helped that tabby kill my siblings... He... Was he a traitor? I stood and silently walked out of my den - I needed the air.

   I looked around at the silent camp and smiled slightly - we had rebuilt, and became stronger. But we never did tell the new generation of that day. The day Swiftclan attacked and almost destroyed the clans. No. I shook my head, then noticed a shape in the distance. It was the silhouette of a cat. My amber-golden eyes narrowed slightly as I tried to determine who it was. My eyes widened when I realized - it was Shadowfang. I forgot he was still in the camp, and I had no doubt in my mind that he remembered that day - and the one who got away.

   I quickly went back into my den and layed there, waiting for morning to come so I could go on patrol. Recently, I had been "promoted," per say, to deputy and recieved a new apprentice - Cherrypaw. I thought about that and tried to push the other thoughts aside. Morning soon came, and I was overjoyed. I got up and walked to the entrance of the camp, waiting for the warriors to come over - to be ready for patrol. Cherrypaw was to stay at camp today - I told her. I needed to do something.

  "Aye, Shadowfang, you joining our patrol today?" I head one of the warriors ask and I looked over.

  "I am, yes." Was all Shadowfang said as his dark green eyes looked over to me. Our eyes locked for a second before he looked around at the group.

  "Come on, then. We haven't much time and we still need to find prey." I stated, turning my back to him. I started to walk into the forest, followed by the group.

  It was silent to me, but I knew the others were talking. I tuned in when I heard something about prey. "Yeah, the prey has been depleting recently."

  My eyes widened as I realised. The prey is depleting... That's what happened that day when... "Swiftclan..." I muttered.

  "What? What's Swiftclan?" Ah, yes. This group was comprised of mostly new warriors - born after that day...

  "Don't worry about it. Go on ahead, I must do something." I told the others, who obeyed a bit reluctantly. Shadowfang watched me before walking ahead.

  I needed to inform the other clans - Swiftclan was back. All of the facts fit into place. All of a sudden remembering that day, Shadowfang eyeing me, depleting prey... Soon, kits will start disappearing. I must tell the others... I ran to the borders, but didn't know what to do. Call for whatever warrior was nearby? 

   I may not need to... I thought as I smelled a Riverclan warrior. I didn't stop him or his... apprentice? Yeah. No, more or less, I followed them. A meeting had been called the night before half moon. Urgent. This was perfect! Perhaps, this time,  we will be prepared, ready for this clan's attack. 

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