Dawn of a New Clan // A Warriors Fanfiction

//This story is based off of the books by Erin Hunter and off of the RP that I and my co-authors participated in last Summer.// SwiftClan has risen.


1. Introduction - The Clan

     Ever since we can remember, there have been six clans. Thunderclan, Windclan, Riverclan, Shadowclan, Starclan and Skyclan. Never did we live in peace and harmony - not trully, nor fully. There were always quarrels, mishaps. The occasional fight at the borders between warriors. To come together and not fight was a goal... almost impossible to achieve. Almost. We come together to protect our families, our clan. That is, really, the only reason we would all come together and not fight one another, but a common enemy.

     We lived our lives like we normally did. Warriors patrolled, apprentices learned, kits played with one another... Nothing unusual. That is, until warriors of each clan could be heard in the forest. Sounded like fighting - still nothing  unsual. Warriors normally got into... heated arguments at the borders. The only difference was... it sounded like there were other cats. Soon, the smell of an unusual, unnamed, unknown clan of cats swept the forest. Everything, then, turned an eery silence. Nothing sounded - not the warriors, not the birds.

     That was when the sound of a single cat hissing and crying out in agony shook the forest. Every clan had heard it. And we knew... that a clan had arisin and started to attack. It all added up - the fighting, the silence, the smell... the sound... That day, many cats had died. No matter gender or age, or rank... they were brutally murdered. And just as quickly they appeared, they disappeared and were never heard of again.

     The only sign we had before the attack was depleting prey and missing kits. But we thought nothing of it at the time. If we had come together to discuss the situation, we may have been able to save all those cats. But our differences said differently. Some of the kits that survived lost parents, siblings, friends in the... incident. And are haunted. The older cats still remember the day. So very clearly. To tell the kits that were born after... we cannot decide how. Or if.

      Should we tell them? Tell the kits about that horrible day that took away - destroyed - families? How would we? We only hoped... that not telling the new generation, and not bringing it up, was the right idea... Turned out to be wrong. Since our prey... our kits are disappearing once more.


~  Warriors and Deputy. All across the clans. ~

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