Saving People, Hunting Things: A Sisters Story

Michelle ( Shell ) Elizabeth Winchester is Dean's younger and Sam's older sister. Born December 29, 1981, to John and Mary Winchester. She is a spitting image of her mother inheriting her blue eyes and long blonde hair but don't let her looks fool you. She is a fierce hunter and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Be that as it may, Michelle is the heart of the family business.



Chapters 4 & 5 are dedicated to my daughter Cheyenne




Inside a small cafe 3 men dressed in FBI attire.

DEAN: Well me and Sam didn't find a damn thing at the Travis Bell abduction site. Tell me you 2 had better luck with Christopher Pate's parents.

Castiel looking distracted staring towards the restrooms.

Dean snaps his fingers in front of Cas's face.

DEAN:She'll be back. I'm pretty sure she hasn't fallen in.

Castiel looks at Dean worry in his face.

CASTIEL: She's been sick for days and she won't let me heal her.

Sam looks across the table at Cas

SAM: Don't worry Cas. When she needs your help she'll tell you.

DEAN ( irritated ): Yeah, She's been shot, stabbed and beaten, she's not going to cry because she has the flu. Now can you tell us about Christopher's parents
CASTIEL: Michelle and I talked to the parents.They don't know anything.

Michelle appearing and sitting down beside Cas.

Dean face softens looks at Shell, He is  a little concerned, but doesn't say anything

Sam and Castiel look with the same concern.

MICHELLE: Why everyone get so quiet ?

SAM: We're all worried about you, even Mr No Chick flick moments over here.

DEAN: Shut up bitch.

SAM: Jerk

Shell smiles at her brothers and takes Cas's hand.

MICHELLE: I'm okay, I swear. Let's just focus on the case.

SAM: Cas tells us you found a big pile of nothing like we did.

MICHELLE:That's right. I talked to the parents. He was a normal kid. Left that day to spend the night at our witnesses. They didn't notice anything unusual.

DEAN: Same here. Normal mischievous little boy. Was sent to his room for picking the neighbors fruit trees AGAIN. Two hours later parents went in to tell him good night and he was gone.

CASTIEL: So what next, the witness ?

DEAN: Yeah, Me and Sam will head over there. You're going to take Shell back to the motel so she can rest

Shell looks angrily at Dean

MICHELLE: Like hell he is !

SAM: Come on Shell it's just for a day. You can fight evil tomorrow.

Looks at Sam annoyed, then to Cas

MICHELLE: I suppose you think i should go too.

Cas puts his hands on her cheeks and softly speaks to her

CASTIEL: I'm sorry, but yes

MICHELLE: What if I refuse ?

CASTIEL: I could always MAKE you go.

DEAN: Okay guys, We got work to do.


A middle class neighborhood

Sam and Dean pull up outside a house.

DEAN: This it ?

Sam looks down at his phone. then back up.

SAM: According to the police report.

DEAN: Okay, let's go.

Sam and Dean get out of the car and walk towards the house.

Sam rings the doorbell.

After a moment a woman answers the door.

DEAN: Mrs Parker ?

MRS. PARKER: Yes, May I help you ?

SAM: I'm Agent Oscar and this is my partner Agent Meyer .

Show there badges

SAM: May we come in and talk to you about the disappearance of Christopher Pate ?

MRS PARKER: Yes, of course.

Let's them in and shows them to the living room

Sam and Dean sit down on the couch

MRS. PARKER : Can I get you anything ?

SAM: No Mam, we just had breakfast.

Mrs Parker sits in an armchair.

DEAN: Can you tell us about the night Christopher disappeared ?

MRS. PARKER (sighing ): My daughter and I picked him up from his house. They were supposed to be having a sleepover. We went to dinner, came back here. They got a little rowdy before bedtime...

A little girls voice from behind.

CHEYENNE: The boogeyman did it.

Sam and Dean turn around to see a girl in a pair of pajamas

MRS. PARKER: This is my daughter Cheyenne. She has quiet an imagination.

DEAN: Do you mind if we talk to your daughter alone for a moment ?

MRS. PARKER: Sure if you think it will help. But she keeps telling the same monster story.

SAM: And we'd like to see the room he was abducted from too.

MRS. PARKER:It was Cheyenne's room. She can walk you up and you can talk there.

SAM: Thank you Mam

Sam, Dean and Cheyenne walk up the stairs. They stop at a door that is closed.

CHEYENNE: This is my room.

Opens the door and walks in.

Sam and Dean follow.

Both glance around the room.

SAM: So what did you mean when you said the boogeyman took your friend ?

CHEYENNE: You believe me ? No one else does.

SAM ( squatting down in front of her ): We believe you saw something that really scared you. If you can tell us what it looked like maybe we can find your friend and hopefully make it go away.

Cheyenne looks at Sam hopefully.

CHEYENNE: Really ?

Sam smiles

SAM: Yes , really. Tell us what happened.

CHEYENNE: We were playing in here before bedtime. We got a little noisey and my mom came in and told us to behave or the boogeyman would get us. We got ready for bed. I fell asleep, but woke up when I heard my closet door open. I thought Christopher was playing around so I told him to cut it out. When he didn't answer I got up and walked over to where his sleeping bag was and he wasn't there. I walked over to the closet. I was going to close him in there, but when i looked ( Pauses )

SAM: It's okay. What did you see ?

CHEYENNE: A dark shape holding Christopher. Looked like there was a light behind it. Then they were gone.

Sam looks at Dean who is looking skeptical then back to Cheyenne.

SAM: Can we look in your closet ?

Cheyenne shrugs her shoulders.

CHEYENNE: Sure. The cops said there was nothhing there though.

Sam opens the closet as Dean walks over.

SAM: Got your EMF ?

Dean pulls the meter out of his pocket and hands it to Sam

DEAN: Whatcha thinking ?

Sam runs the EMF along the back of the closet causing it to go off

SAM: Portal maybe ?

Dean lowering his voice.

DEAN: You don't really think it was the actual Boogeyman do you ?

Sam closes the closet door and looks at Dean.

SAM: Well it was definately something.

Turns around to look at Cheyenne.

SAM: Have you seen it again since it took your friend.


SAM: Thank you Cheyenne and I promise we'll figure out what happened.

Hands her a card

SAM: If you do see anything you can call this number anytime, okay ?

CHEYENNE: Thank you and thanks for believing me

SAM: No problem. I'm going to leave one with your mother too.

Cheyenne smiles at Sam

Sam and Dean walk out of the room and down the stairs.


Castiel's and Michelle's motel room

Shell is asleep on the bed. Cas is sitting in a chair watching her. Concern on his face. He gets up and walks over to the bed and sits down beside her leaning over to kiss her forehead. Shell smiles in her sleep. Castiel makes the decision. He reaches out to put his hand on her forehead determined to make her better. After a moment a look of realization comes over his face

Castiel talking to himself: She was right she's fine. Her symptoms are normal.


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