Saving People, Hunting Things: A Sisters Story

Michelle ( Shell ) Elizabeth Winchester is Dean's younger and Sam's older sister. Born December 29, 1981, to John and Mary Winchester. She is a spitting image of her mother inheriting her blue eyes and long blonde hair but don't let her looks fool you. She is a fierce hunter and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Be that as it may, Michelle is the heart of the family business.




Boca Raton Florida

Biggerson's Restaurant

Castiel and Michelle walk into the restaurant. They look around for a moment before walking to the counter.

MICHELLE: Maybe I'll grab some takeout while we're here. I'm starving.

CASTIEL: If you can get some  service.

A manager comes from the kitchen area

MANAGER:What can I get you ?

CASTIEL: Kenneth Porter.

MANAGER: Excuse me ?

MICHELLE: I'm Detective Milton, this is my associate Detective Bradley. We need to speak to Kenneth regarding the murders that have happened here in town recently.

Manager I looking surprised ): He's in back getting ready for his shift. I'll take you to him.

The manager leads them to a room in the back where a young man is sitting at a table drinking a coke. He was a scrawny kid and Michelle couldn't imagine him being able to kill anyone, especially the 6"2, 200 pound Brian Montgomery, but then again, she had taken on bigger and badder herself.

MANAGER:Hey Ken, there's a couple of Detectives here to talk to you.

The young man stands up and walks toward them.

Kenneth: What's this about ?

MICHELLE: The recent murders. We understand you knew all the victims.

KENNETH: Yeah, everyone knew them. They were popular at school.

CASTIEL: But they were bullying you online.

KENNETH ( angrily ): Well I'm not so popular. They bully a lot of people. It's like a hobby for them and all the other kids at school that think their looks gives the right to make fun of others..  I didn't kill them.

MICHELLE: Can you tell us where you were on the night that each of the victims were murdered ?

KENNETH: Sure I was here working and when Brian was murdered I was at the hospital making a delivery You can check with my manager and the nurses at the hospital.

CASTIEL: Delivery ?

KENNETH: My hobby is making wooden puppets and giving them to children's hospitals. Anything else ?

MICHELLE: Yes, I want to order a Biggerson's Big Burger with fries and a soda.

Kenneth looks at Castiel.

CASTIEL ( apologetically ): She's pregnant

Michelle and Cas wait for the food then leave the restaurant. Kenneth watches them go. He snaps a picture of Michelle as she gets into the car.

KENNETH ( under his breath ): I bet you were one of them weren't you bitch.




BocaRaton Police Department

Sam and Dean are sitting at a desk talking to a police detective

SAM: What can you tell us about the prints left at the crime scene ?

DETECTIVE: They were racoon tracks. They look a lot like tiny human hands.

DEAN: What about the tiny human footprints

DETECTIVE: Same thing they were just smeared.

DEAN: Uh huh. Anything else found at the crime scene. Anything unusual.

DETECTIVE: Only other thing found were some wood splinters on the victims body.We thought it was strange that we found the same splinters on all 4 victims.

SAM: Any theories ?

DETECTIVE: Could be from the murder weapon.

SAM: Have you spoken to Kenneth Porter ?

DETECTIVE: Yeah, kid has a solid alibi.

SAM: Thank you detective.

Sam and Dean get up to leave. Dean turns around.

DEAN: What kind of wood splinters ?


As they're walking out of the building

SAM: Do you think the wood type is important ?

DEAN: Could be

Dean's phone rings.

DEAN: Yeah Cas, what's up ? Okay, meet you there.

SAM: What is it ?

DEAN: Shell is hungry again

Both start laughing

Leaves the PD


Lucille's Bad To the Bone BBQ


The hunters sit around the table eating and discussing what they found out that day..

MICHELLE: Kid has an alibi. He was working. Time card and manager backs up that claim. Also he was making a puppet delivery to the children's hospital during one of the murders. We checked that out too.

SAM: Puppet delivery ?

MICHELLE: Yeah, he makes them and donates them to the hospital.

SAM: Wood puppets ?

CASTIEL: Yes. Does that mean something ?

DEAN: We need to see those puppets.


SAM: Because there were pine wood splinters found at each crime scene.

DEAN: You and Cas go to this kids house and check him out again.

CASTIEL: What are we looking for ?

SAM:Find out what kind of wood he uses.

MICHELLE: You think the puppets killed those people ?

SAM: That's exactly what I think with the help of an animation spell. That kind of spell can animate the puppets or any other inanimate object.

MICHELLE: Can it be used on Dean when he has a hangover. ( grins at Dean )

DEAN: Ha ha very funny

CASTIEL: What are you 2 going to do ?

SAM: Research. We'll see you 2 back at the motel.



Kenneth's house

Castiel knocks on the door. There is no answer Michelle walks toward a building she had seen on the side of the house.

MICHELLE: Let's check this out.

They both walk inside the building together

CASTIEL: What is this ?
MICHELLE: Looks like a workshop.

Walks over to a table where she finds an incomplete puppet. She picks up a piece and smells it.

MICHELLE: It's pine.

CASTIEL: Look over here.

She walks over to where she finds Castiel looking at a bunch of wooden puppets hanging on the wall. He lifts the hands of one of them.

CASTIEL This is blood. Human blood.

Michelle is studying the feet of another puppet

MICHELLE: I bet this is to then.

CASTIEL: Let's head back to the motel.


Sam and Deans motel room

DEAN Pine ? are you sure ?

MICHELLE ( grumpily ) Yes I'm sure

CASTIEL: Are you okay Michelle ?

MICHELLE: Just tired.

CASTIEL: There was some human blood on some of the puppets.

Sam who has been working on his laptop looks up

SAM: It's definately an animation spell. He's making the puppets do the dirty work for him

MICHELLE: So he wasn't a total liar. He didn't kill them. The puppets did it for him.

DEAN: We just need to figure out how to stop him before he does it again.

SAM: There is a way. You have to put a binding spell on him. That way he is powerless. All we need is a picture of the person we're binding, something personal of theirs and a ribbon.

MICHELLE: You can go to the workshop and grab one of his tools. ( yawns )

SAM: Why don't you go get some rest Shell. We can handle this

Gives Sam a sleepy smile

SAM: Good. Thank you Sam

Castiel gives her a kiss goodnight and she heads for their room




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