Saving People, Hunting Things: A Sisters Story

Michelle ( Shell ) Elizabeth Winchester is Dean's younger and Sam's older sister. Born December 29, 1981, to John and Mary Winchester. She is a spitting image of her mother inheriting her blue eyes and long blonde hair but don't let her looks fool you. She is a fierce hunter and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Be that as it may, Michelle is the heart of the family business.



The next few months were pretty uneventful for Michelle. She, Cas and her brothers spent most of their time baby proofing the bunker and preparing the nursery. Sam and Dean went on a couple of wild goose chases that turned out to be nothing. Castiel rarely left her side, being attentive and sensitive to her needs as the tiny bundle grew inside her. She and Castiel had even picked out a name, Mary Grace, to honor both her mother and the love of her life. Sitting in a rocking chair one night she closes her eyes and thinks back to  the first time that she had laid eyes on Castiel. He and the angel Uriel were going to destroy a whole town to prevent the raising of Samhain and she had called him a jackass, but still there was something about him she had liked. and she knew he had felt the same way. It was a long road to get to this point in their relationship, but it was worth it. She had never been happier. A bolt of pain causes her to open her eyes as Castiel walks in. He goes to her.


CASTIEL: Michelle, what's wrong ?

Michelle puts her hand on his cheek and smiles

MICHELLE: Tell Dean to get the car ready. It's showtime.


To be continued

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