Saving People, Hunting Things: A Sisters Story

Michelle ( Shell ) Elizabeth Winchester is Dean's younger and Sam's older sister. Born December 29, 1981, to John and Mary Winchester. She is a spitting image of her mother inheriting her blue eyes and long blonde hair but don't let her looks fool you. She is a fierce hunter and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Be that as it may, Michelle is the heart of the family business.






Sam & Deans motel room

Early morning

Sam is sitting at his laptop.

Dean comes out of the bathroom.

DEAN: So what did you dig up

SAM ( looking discouraged ): Not Much. The boogeyman is a mythical creature often seen by young children, usually described as androgenos or taking shape of the child's worse fear.

Dean sits on his bed.

DEAN: But nothing on how to kill it ?

SAM: Nope. Hopefully Cas and Shell will have more luck with the library.

Sam sits back in his chair looking frustrated.

DEAN: You okay dude ?

SAM: No I'm not. I promised that little girl I would fix this.

DEAN: And we will. If it actually exists there's a way to kill or at least trap it.

Sam gets up out of his chair and stretches

SAM: Wanna go grab some food ? May take Cas and Shell awhile.

Dean gets up and heads toward the door

DEAN:May as well
SAM: I'll take my laptop and keep looking

Leaves motel room


College Library

Michelle is sitting at a table with a stack of books in front of her reading lore. Castiel returns to the table with more books.

CASTIEL: These are the last ones with references to the Boogeyman

MICHELLE: Awesome. Hope they contain something I haven't read already.

Castiel sits across from her and grabs a book.

CASTIEL: Everything I've read has been pretty vague.

Shell's cell phone buzzes. She takes it out reads a message then sticks it back in her pocket

Looks up at Shell clearly wanting to say something then decides against it

MICHELLE: Cas, Is there something on your mind ?

Castiel looks up again

CASTIEL: No, no. You ?

MICHELLE:Just killing this thing. ( still reading )

CASTIEL: I know the....

Michelle interupts Cas, jumping up from her chair

MICHELLE: I found something we need this book


Sam and Deans motel room

Late afternoon

SAM: So according to this book the Boogeyman only takes boys...

CASTIEL: That explains why he left the little girl behind

SAM: Exactly

 MICHELLE: And it takes them to a different reality where eventually the kids become boogeymen themselves

DEAN: So can it be killed ?

SAM: Yeah it can, but it has to be killed by a child because children are what gives it it's power.

DEAN: What about the 2 missing boys. How do we get them back ?

MICHELLE: We have to open the portal and enter it's reality to find them.

CASTIEL: Now all we need is a kid to kill it.

SAM: I think I know who to ask.



The Parker home

Sam knocks at the door
The door opens revealing Cheyenne

Sam: Hey Cheyenne. Is your mom home ?

CHEYENNE: No she's still at work. If you need to talk to her you'll have to come back.

Dean, Cas and Shell come up behind Sam

SHELL: We actually need to speak to you

CHEYENNE: Who are you guys ?

DEAN: These are 2 of our associates, Agent Bonnie and Agent Clyde

Michelle  kicks Dean

CHEYENNE: About what ?

SAM: Killing the monster

Inside the home

CHEYENNE: You want me to what ?

MICHELLE: It has to be killed by a child. We can't do it.

DEAN: But we can help. You won't be alone

SAM That's right

Cheyenne thinks about it for a moment

CHEYENNE: What happens if I don't

MICHELLE: Then kids in your town keep disappearing and your friend stay lost

Cheyenne takes a deep breath

CHEYENNE: How do I kill it ?

Castiel pulls out his angel blade

CASTIEL: This should work

CHEYENNE: Cool knife mister

DEAN: Be careful with that kid

SAM: Okay, let's go open the portal

Everyone follows Sam up the stairs and into the bedroom. Dean walks over and opens the closet

SAM:secretum rei aliud appareat nunc porta

a portal opens in the closet. Cheyenne takes Sam's hand

CHEYENNE: You'll keep me safe, right ?

DEAN: We all will. Everyone stay together and be careful



The Boogeyman's lair

The lair of the Boogeyman man was dark, dismal, and cold. Cheyenne shivered as they stood there trying to get their bearings. Sam takes off his coat and gives it to her

CHEYENNE: Thank you Sam.

SAM: Don't mention it kiddo

Dean turns on his flashlight.

DEAN: Everyone ready ?

MICHELLE: As ready as we're going to be.

DEAN: I'll take the lead, Cas you take the rear.


Dean starts moving forward occassionally stopping to look and listen

CASTIEL: This looks like it goes on forever.

In the distance a childs voice

SAM: What was that ?

CHEYENNE (  excitedly ): It sounded like Christopher!

DEAN: Let's keep moving It sounded like it was right up ahead.

A few minutes later the hunters come to a door Dean grabs the handle.

DEAN: Okay guys let's be on our toes.

opens the door. Inside he shines his light on 2 very frightened little boys.

CHEYENNE (yelling ) : Christopher

Runs over to him and gives him a hug

Sam:we have to get them out of here

At that moment they hear a loud growl behind them. They spin around to see the Boogeyman blocking the door.

DEAN ( yelling ): Shell protect the boys

Shell draws her knife blocking the boys Cas stands beside her.

SAM: Cheyenne we can wound it but remember you have to finish the job.

CHEYENNE ( with fear in her voice ): Okay, I'm ready.

Sam and Dean rush forward plunging their knives into the monster. It howls angrily and slams Dean against the wall Sam plunges his knife again and the Boogeyman grabs him by the neck and throws him on the floor. He reaches down to grab Sam again.

CHEYENNE ( shouting ): HEY YOU

 The Boogeyman turns around and Cheyenne plunges the angel blade into his chest. He falls to the floor then vanishes.

CHEYENNE: I did it !

SAM ( rubbing his neck ): I knew you could.

Sam turns to look at Dean.

SAM; You okay ?

DEAN: I'll live.

Castiel walks over and retrieves his blade.

CASTIEL: Let's get these kids home.


Castiel's and Shell's  motel room

Late night

The siblings  sit around in a happy mood. Sam and Dean are drinking a beer, Michelle opting for a soda.

DEAN: Did you see the look on Mrs Parker's face when we walked out of the closet with those kids ?
MICHELLE ( laughing ): I thought she was going to faint.

SAM: The best part is those kids are safe at home tonight thanks to Cheyenne.

DEAN: Kind of sad though. Those kids lost their innocense. Now they know monsters exist They'll never be the same.

SAM: Especially Cheyenne. Wish there had been another way.

Shell: Me too.

The siblings all sit quietly for a moment, thinking of their own unusual childhood.

DEAN: Well I'm beat.

SAM: Same here. Goodnight  guys

MICHELLE: Goodnight

Sam and Dean leave closing the door behind them;Michelle turns to look at Cas who has been sitting on the bed quietly. She walks over and sits down on his lap wrapping her arms around his neck.

MICHELLE: We need to talk. There's something I need to tell you.

CASTIEL: About why you've been sick ?

MICHELLE: Yes I ( pauses ) but you know already don't you

CASTIEL: Yes, but I don't understand Why were you trying to keep it a secret. Did you think I would be angry or not care ?

MICHELLE: I wasn't trying to keep it a secret. I was waiting for the blood test to be sure. The message I got today at the library were the results. I was waiting for the right moment to tell you. No time like after a Boogeyman hunt, right ?  
 Castiel smiles at her

Lays her head on Cas's shoulder

MICHELLE: So you're okay with this ?

CASTIEL: Of course I am

Puts his arms around her as they sit there planning for their little miracle.





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