Saving People, Hunting Things: A Sisters Story

Michelle ( Shell ) Elizabeth Winchester is Dean's younger and Sam's older sister. Born December 29, 1981, to John and Mary Winchester. She is a spitting image of her mother inheriting her blue eyes and long blonde hair but don't let her looks fool you. She is a fierce hunter and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Be that as it may, Michelle is the heart of the family business.




PRESENT DAY: The Mark of Cain has been removed, Cas is Cas again, and Amara and Chuck have left to strengthen their family bond.



Dean and Sam are sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee. Dean is reading newspapers and Sam is searching his laptop for a case. Occassionally Dean looks up towards Shell's bedroom

SAM: Whats wrong ?

DEAN: Huh ? What ?

SAM: You keep looking down the hallway. Why ?

DEAN: No reason. It's just getting late and wondering when they're coming out.

SAM: It's 5 A.M. Wanna talk about what's really bothering you ?

Dean gets up and starts making another cup of coffee.

 DEAN:It's just weird. I mean, Shell is my baby sister and Cas is my best friend. You don't find this situation a little uncomfortable ?

SAM: No, I don't. I'm actually happy for them.

Dean looking a little agitated

DEAN:Happy ?  How can you be happy ?

SAM: Oh come on Dean. Those 2 have had some kind of connection since they first met. I'm glad they both finally got past all the crap and admitted it and you should be to.

Dean sits back down

DEAN: But he's with our sister, almost every night, alone in that room....

Sam starts to laugh

DEAN: What's so funny about this ?

SAM: Dean, Shell is a big girl and entitled to a love life, but you're cute when you get all big brother.

Now more agitated

DEAN: Bite me Sammy !

Sound of a door opening and closing. Footsteps coming toward the kitchen. Castiel walks in.

CASTIEL: Good morning

Dean grumbles under his breath

SAM: Morning Cas. Shell still asleep ?

Castiel sits down at the table

CASTIEL: No, she's awake, but she's not feeling well this morning. She'll be out in a few moments

Turns to Dean

CASTIEL: I sense you're agitated again.

DEAN: Very impressive Sherlock

Castiel looks hurt

Dean gets up

DEAN: I need a drink.

Sam looks at Dean disapprovingly

SAM: Seriously ? This early in the morning.

DEAN: It's 5 o' clock somewhere Sammy.

Grabs the keys to the impala and leaves the bunker

CASTIEL: Is he going to be angry with me forever ?

SAM: He's not angry with you Cas, not really. It's just hard for him to accept our sister is a grown up. It's a brother thing.

CASTIEL: Then how come you'll talk to me and he won't. You"re okay with this.

SAM: Just give it time. He'll get more comfortable with the idea.

Shell walks into the room

MICHELLE: Comfortable with what ?

CASTIEL: With us.

Shell starts laughing and looks at Sam

MICHELLE: Is he being big brother again ?

SAM ( smiling ): Oh yeah

Shell kisses Cas on the cheek and sits down

MICHELLE: don't worry about it Cas. He'll get over it as soon as we find something to kill.

SAM: You okay Shell. Cas said you're not feeling well.

MICHELLE: I'm fine. Think it's just a bug or something.

CASTIEL: Would you like some breakfast ?

MICHELLE looking amused: Are you cooking ?

CASTIEL: Yes and I promise I'll turn the stove on so the eggs and bacon cook this time.

Sam and Shell look at each other and giggle

Cas gets up and starts preparing the food

MICHELLE:Found us a case yet ?

SAM: I may have something I'll wait til Dean gets back and run it by you guys.




SAM; So this is what I found on the wire. 2 missing kids and one possible witness. Both were kidnapped from their rooms late at night and there was no sign of forced entry, no fingerprints and no DNA

DEAN: So who's the witness ?

SAM:A 10 year old girl told the police that a monster came out of the closet and took her friend Christopher while they were having a sleepover

CASTIEL: Another kid. Why wasn't she taken ?

SAM: Cops don't know.

DEAN: Any connection to her and the other kid that was taken ?

SAM: Nope. Travis Bell was 6 years old and lived in a different neighborhood, went to a different school.

MICHELLE Got a name ?

SAM: Yep

Turns his laptop around to show a young girls photo

SAM:Cheyenne Parker she lives in Charlotte NC

DEAN: Looks like we're heading to Charlotte then.

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