She's never heard of their band, and she's never really taken a liking to music, or had the time to listen to it anyway. Grace Knorr is a 19 year old girl who lives in Sydney Australia with her big brother Jayden, on top of a Starbucks. One day, when the shop is about to close, four boys arrive looking for something to drink after a day of surfing. But when they all of have disguises on and one of them even takes theirs off, suspicion rises. She doesn't know who these guys are or where they came from. And the only person who she interacts with who seems to have a clue on who they are, is her older brother. <Also available on Watt Pad>


1. ~1~

"Grace!" I turn my head, facing the direction the voice was coming from. 

"Get your butt down here! I'm not doing all this work alone!" I sigh, man- and to think, I was going to forgive him for taking my twenty dollar tip that women, who just won the lottery, gave me. 

As I walk down our spiral staircase to the kitchen of my very own Starbucks, I can hear the bell on the door jingle. Oh boy, a costumer at 4:30 in the morning? Who could possibly wake up at this kind of hour...

"You took to long." My older brother, Jayden, whispered into my left ear. 

"No, I didn't, I just had to pick up a PINK sweatshirt off of my floor, that was not even mine, so technically- since I know that it belongs to YOUR girlfriend- it's YOUR fault, Mister." I whispered as my glare deepens and I can sense that Jayden is becoming more uncomfortable by the second. To my surprise, he just walks away casually laughing as I tie my apron onto my waist.

As I go to turn around, I put both of my hands on the sides of the register and sigh. OH BOY, I thought, it's going to be a long day.


After about 2:00 in the afternoon, Jayden is gone. Of course leaving me to do the work- as usual. Whatever.. I thought, I'll get him back later. 

Until about 5:00 pm, customers whirl in and out of the shop as quickly as they came in, every now and then a few sit down to read a book, or do whatever it is they do on their laptops. And then the later it gets, the less busy it becomes, and eventually I'm standing alone in the shop. 

"Well.." I whisper to myself. "I guess I could start cleaning up." So, I turn on the radio and grab a mop, this might take a while, since most of our costumers today decided to waltz on in with their soaked flipflops and their dripping surfboards. I come across a piece of seaweed under one of the tables, and I causally sigh. Ugh. I hate seaweed, the texture, the color, the fact that its in the ocean. I really just dislike anything to do with swimming, or surfing, basically any of the things that the kids in the city of Sydney, Australia do in the water now a days. It's unbelievable how disgusting the water is. It makes me want to gag. Once I'm done with mopping, and sweeping, and all the chores that needed to be done, I go in the back and decide to fix myself a strawberries and cream frappe. But once I grab the final ingredient out of the fridge, I hear the bell on the door jingle for the thousandth time today. Fantastic, Jayden is home.

"What took you so long?" I yelled coming around the corner, and to my surprise, AND my luck. It's not Jayden. It's just a normal boy a couple inches taller than I am. Ugh. I feel so bad now. 

"Well, I was going to stop before we went surfing, but I figured, since we got here late, we'd just come afterwards." The boy giggled. And I have to admit, it's probably the most hilarious and comforting laugh I've ever heard in my life. 

I laughed, walking up to the register. "I'm sorry, I thought you were my brother. He left around four hours ago, and to be honest, I don't know when he's coming back.." I smiled looking up at him, kind of surprised to see that he was wearing a big black beanie, and shades when it was 88 degrees outside, and the sun wasn't even shining. "Um... what's with the disguise?" I asked hesitantly, afraid he'd take some sort of offense to me asking.

"Oh! This stuff?" He exclaimed taking it off and placing it into an Adidas bag, that was slung over his muscular shoulders. "It's nothing. Just don't want to be recognized." He looked me in the eye and smiled, it seemed as if he thought I should know what he was talking about.

"What?" I asked, and all of a sudden three other boys walked into the shop, all wearing the same wet suit. One of them was a little pale, with a white, yet attractive, kind of cream colored sloppy hair, that looked super good on him. Another who stood farthest to the right who, in my opinion, had the best eyebrows I've ever seen, along with the most gorgeous body. And then, the one in the middle, he was tall, had dirty blonde hair with amazing blue eyes, and damn- was he attractive or what? 

They all looked at the boy standing in front of the register with the shaggy brown hair and incredible laugh. Each one of them, had a mischievous grin on their faces, and all of a sudden they busted into laughter.

I leaned up against the counter and gave them confused expressions. "Um, excuse me, but why are you laughing?" The pale boy looked at me and he couldn't keep a straight face. "Because, of these stupid disguises." He exclaimed with barely enough breath to finish the last few words. Once they all stopped, the three boys whom just walked in went to sit at the table closest to the window. 

"Sorry about us." The boy said, handing me a twenty dollar bill. "Um... Excuse me?" I said, as the boy began walking over to the others. "Your order is only $9.45. You could just give me a ten." I exclaimed. A grin started to form on his face. "No way, you keep the change." He said winking at me. So- I did. And then out of no where I heard a splitting sound, and I might've let out a larger gasp then I really needed to. 

"ARGHH! MICHAEL!" I heard, "YOU NOOB! I KNEW THAT WET SUIT WAS TOO BIG FOR YOU!" I started to go to the back to start making the boys order, when whom, I assume is Michael came over to the register and smiled sheepishly. "Hello?" I said, a little annoyed. "Hi," he said, laughing a little. "I was just wondering. Do you have anything I can put over a whole in a wet suit?" He stared at me longing for an answer when after a few seconds, I went upstairs, without a word, and grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a long black T-shirt, from Jaydens closet and made my way back downstairs.  Once I got to the shop I threw it over to where Michael had went back to sit down. 

"There." I said, a little bit annoyed. "He looked up with question written all over his face, staring at me. "Come here!" I sighed. As I turned around to lead him to the bathroom, I heard an "Owhhh," come out of one of the boys mouths. "Shut up, Calum." I heard Michael whisper. As I we arrived at the mens bathroom door, I pushed it open. "Here," I exclaimed. "Change into those clothes and then give me the wet suit when you're done."  He smiled giving me a thankful glance, and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

I walked back out to the register, when I saw the blonde boy standing in front of the display of baked goods. "What can I do for you?" I asked taken aback by how annoying and all over the place these boys are. He looked at me and then to my name tag. "Well.." He said. "-Grace, I was wondering if you knew who we are?" I gave him a blank expression, as to say- tell me more. "Well? Do you?" I let out a long sigh, "No, and frankly I don't care." I say as I turn around to go and get their order. I can sense the blonde boy staring at me, although I'd rather not know why.

As I pick up the four frappuccinos, I hear the stupid bell on the door, jingle... AGAIN. I stomp out of the kitchen and asked "How can I help you?" threw clenched teeth. "Well, I'd like a vanilla bean frappe." And then my mouth opens wide, and I'm getting a headache from all of the crazy stuff that has been happening, ever since these boys walked in. First, one of the boys comes in and gives me a twenty dollar bill- when I only needed a ten, and then that Michael kid rips his wet suit, so when I come out of the hallway, Mr.Blondie over there asks me if I knew who he was. And now my brother is pretending to be a girl.. "Jayden? Where. Were. You?" I asked- once again- threw clenched teeth, not bothering to hide the fact that I'm annoyed. "I was hanging out with Olivia, gee, settle down kid!" I roll my eyes and go to give the shaggy hair boy his order when Jayden- out of NOWHERE he screams "ASHTON!?" Smiling, the boy coming to get his order turns around with shock written all over his face, and then screams back, "JAYDEN?" And I resist the desperate urge to cover my ears. 

"Long time no see bud!" Who I assume is Ashton says as he goes in for a hug. "How's life?" Jayden asks. His eyes lighting up a bit with happiness. "Great! The road is amazing, and the music just keeps getting better and better!" He exclaims as Jayden brings him in for another hug. And then Jayden looks at me.

"Oh my good, Grace, don't you know who these guys are?" He asked me- still smiling. I sighed, shifting my weight onto my left foot, putting my hand on my hips. "No, Jayden, I DON'T know who that is- neither do I know, anyone here besides you." Jayden laughed and motioned me towards him with his hand. "Grace, this is Ashton, over there with the blonde hair, is Luke." I smile at Luke and he gives me a little salute. "And then, the one who looks like he's Asian is Calum." All of a sudden Calum whines, and I glance over to where he is with surprise. "How many more times do you need to call me Asian before I end up exploding and kicking every single one of your tiny butts?" Michael laughs coming down the hall, with his torn wet suit in his hand and we all turn to glance at him. "You wish you could kick butt! And my butt isn't tiny!" He exclaims holding his gut and trying not to fall over.  And then I look up to a confused Jayden.. "And this is Michael, except.. why is he wearing my clothes?" I bite my lip and then Ashton takes control, "Michael sat down on the chair, and his cheap wet suit split down the middle of his but crack, so- um...." Ashton glances down to my name tag. "Grace here, decided to help him out." I smile and look at Jayden, and to my surprise he's not mad at all. 

"Well," Luke exclaims. "It's great to see you Jayden! But we have to get back to the tour bus before anyone finds out we're here." OK. Wait, I'm confused, did he just say... tour bus?

"Wait a minute." I say as the boys are walking towards the door. All four of them stop and turn around, almost at the same exact moment. "Did you just say... tour bus?" I asked raising my head to face Luke. "Well, yeah!" He exclaimed giving me a sweet smile. And then I hear Ashton "I was wondering why you didn't get excited when I took off my disguise." He stated, laughing. I looked at Michael, who seemed to have something to say, "Luke, did ask you if you knew who we were." And then when I looked up at Jayden, he smiled at me, as if inside his head he was making fun of me for not knowing who these guys were. When I turn my head I see Calum walking towards me sticking out his hand. "Hi," he said, smiling. He took my hand and started to shake it. "I'm Calum, from the band called, 5 seconds of summer." 



I turned over to the right side of my bed and pat the off button of my alarm, when all of a sudden, the memory of last night found it's way back inside my head. I groaned and rubbed my eyes. That was probably the most embarrassing interaction with a new person I've ever had. I mean, once Calum walked up to me to inform me he wasn't any other normal kind of guy, and he was apart of a band known as 5 seconds of summer,  along with the other three boys, all I could do was stand there and keep silence looking like a complete idiot. I felt so clueless,  I didn't even acknowledge them at all once they had told me. I mean, they said goodbye to me and all, once they left, but I didn't seem to have a response. I just.... Stood there... Whatever. It's not like I'm really ever going to see them again. 

I rolled out of bed and sloppily pulled my covers up and under my pillows. I then sat back on the side of the bed and grabbed my iPhone. Three new messages, all from Jayden. 

At 6:45 AM: Jayden: hey lil sis, me and the boys went to the beach. be back at 5 

At 7:26 AM: Jayden: when u get up, txt me back asap

At 9:02: Jayden: geez woman, how tired were you last night?

I threw the phone on my bed and headed over to the mirror. Jayden will have to wait. I grabbed the hair brush and started stroking my hazelnut head of hair until I was one hundred percent sure all the knots were out. Once I finished brushing my hair, I grabbed a hair tie and put my hair into a messy bun. I sighed, looking into the mirror. What to do, what to do. Hmm, maybe I'll ask Nicole if she wants to go down to the beach. So I threw on a cute white bikini, and grabbed some light blue jean shorts out of my dresser. I grabbed my phone, and dialed Nick's phone number. 

"What do you want at 9:30 in the morning Gracie Lee?" She asked with a tired yawn. And I could hear her bed squeaking in the background.

"Well," I started, "I was wondering if you wanted to come down to the beach with me." I exclaimed with excitement in my voice.

All of a sudden she perked up "Give me ten minutes and I'll meet you down there." And she hung up. Wow, I don't think Nicole Harris has been this excited about anything since the first time she was going to visit her aunt Rayelle in the Philippines, I mean that girl was practically jumping off the walls, her excitement was that intense. 

So, I grabbed a bag, and plopped some sunscreen into it, along with shades, a towel, and some fruit salad- just in case. Today was my day off of working at Starbucks, and I was pretty excited about getting out of my house, and the shop all day, and doing something fun. Especially with Nicole. I walked down into the kitchen and grabbed my beach chair out of the storage closet, and walked outside. Unlocking the car door to my very own light blue 2013 VW beetle convertible, and making my way to the beach, it wasn't to far away, I would say it takes you about five minutes by car. Once I arrived at the beach I took a look around the parking lot, I don't see her car yet, so I decided to just wait.

 It's been about fifteen minutes since I left to come here, and Nicole is still nowhere in sight. That girl has no ability to keep track of time, I bet if you let her sit on the couch and eat nothing but chips all day for a week she wouldn't even notice any time had passed. 

"BOO!" I turned around, and looked directly into the face of Nicole Lynn Harris. 

"Jeepers Nick, you just about gave me a heart attack!" I said in between heavy breaths as she giggled. "It's not funny!" I said with a smile plastered over my lips, gently hitting her arm.

"Yeah it was." She stated, laughing even harder this time. 

After a few minutes of arguing about whether the scaring thing was funny or not, and laughing super hard, we decided to make our way down to the beach. 

"So, what do you want to do?" She asked, putting her hands onto her hips. "We could play volleyball, go swimming, I see a few boys playing with Frisbee's over by the surf shop." She said, taking in our surroundings, and winking at me with a entertained smirk pulling at the edges of her lips. 

"No." I said without any readable expression taking over my face. "Anything else but hanging out with boys with flying objects in their hands. Remember what happened the last time we decided to hang out and throw some Frisbee's around with some hot guys?" I asked Nick.

"It was only a black eye! Besides, it's not like it took your head off." She pointed out, staring at the boys throwing around the object made of plastic. She sighed and grabbed her sunscreen out of her bag. 

"Well, Miss Knorr,  you can sit here and do nothing, while I go and try to get in on some of the volleyball action." She said, throwing down her sunscreen bottle and running off. 

As I watched her run off, I took my sunglasses out of my bag and sat down onto the beach chair closing my eyes, and letting the warm air wash over my body.


Ugh, why'd I choose to take a nap in this sticky weather? Regretting my decision, I roll onto my back and take my shades off.

"AHH!" I screamed, as four boys sitting in a circle directly in front of me begin laughing their butts off. "What was the point of that?" I asked looking at each and every one of them.

"Well, we saw Nicole, and I figured she was here with you, so we asked where you were and Nicole told us you were sitting somewhere by the water with a large orange hat. So, here we are." Jayden exclaimed, not seeming to remember the favor he asked me this morning. 

I stared at them all with a blank expression, "I still don't see the point of you sitting in front of me waiting for me to wake up. How long have you been sitting here anyway?" I asked.

"Hmm, about a half an hour." Ashton says smirking. "Probably not even that long, we were involved with an interesting conversation. And I doubt anyone was paying attention to the time."

I quickly rose from the beach chair. Looking down at the boys. "Well, this is embarrassing." I stated, with an uneven tone of voice. 

"You bet it is." Calum said in between laughs, while Luke shot him an annoyed look.

"We didn't mean to embarrass you Grace. We were just having a little fun and were wondering what you were doing." Luke exclaimed, smiling up at me, and I returned the smile.

"Yeah, Luke and Mikey, were being super stubborn. Niether of them were into sitting down. But eventually Luke pulled through and Michael just wandered off somewhere." Calum explained.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ashton smiling. "Yeah, probably to go get some pizza."He suggested as Jayden and him shared a quiet laugh.

"There he is!" Luke said pointing over my shoulder. "Where'd you go Mikey?" He asked as we all turned, curious as to where he went. 

"I got some pizza, and started walking around a little bit." He said, a mouthful of food. "Then I had to go back because I wanted another slice." He exclaimed smiling and shoveling another bite into his mouth. 

All of a sudden I heard Calum start to scream in a sing-song voice, "Michael want's another slice, Michael want's another slice, Michael want's another slice." And soon enough all the boys joined in. 

"Of PIZZA! Ba, da, da, PIZZA! Ba, da, da!" They all smiled and collapsed to the ground laughing hysterically. 

"Geez, you guys, why don't you go any louder? I'm sure everyone will notice and you're covers will be blown. Now how would you feel about that?" I asked in a mother voice.

 Not paying any attention to anything I just said, the expression on Calum's face softens.Everyone notice's and soon enough, I'm not the only one glancing in the same direction Calum is. His jaw drops, and I finally realize that he's staring at the beautiful creature known as my best friend. And from the looks of it, he looks like he's got the hots for her. Just before Nick reaches us, me and the other boys all look at each other with evil grins on our faces and I can tell were all thinking the same thing.  

Calum Hood is head over heels for Nicole Harris. 

Once Nicole reaches us she gives me a little smile. "G, you should have played volleyball, our team is winning, and it is sooooo much fun!" She says, reaching for her lime green towel to wipe the sweat off her forehead. And then- she notices Calum. She looks at me and then walks over to Calum with a evil grin written all over her lips. Once she got in front of Calum, she put her hand on his chin and pushed it up, so we couldn't see Calum's tongue sticking out showing the inside of his mouth, and patted him on the head. "Might want to think of keeping that jaw closed, it will hurt if you keep it open for to long." She told him, with a generous smile. 

And she walked away to return to her volleyball game, and gave Calum Hood a wink.

And I know I'm not the only one who noticed that, that boy just melted. And it's completely obvious, Calum Hood will be doing everything in his power to get his girl, well that girl, at least- for now..

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