The victor's cup: The Araminai chronicles

She was a natural born assassin... He was a prince raised by an iron fist... She was a little princess locked away from the world... He was just a little country boy.... These four individuals living separate worlds so vastly different from one another. Find themselves drawn together by the working of a particular deity. While one lived by a Father's rule, one went in search of one. While one lived oblivious to the world, the other lived in spite of it. When destiny awakens and intertwines their path they will discover a fate greater than their own. One that would shake the very world they live in. A war is on the horizon, a war for who will rule the land. A war that will decide the fate of all both creature and human. Unbeknownst to anyone an evil is brewing in the darkness and these four are the only ones who could possibly stop it. To save the world these four will have to go on a quest to become the Araminai.


1. World Intro






I highly recommend you play the music while you read. trust me its gonna be awesome.

         Sunset, the night winds began their dance across the fields, whispering secrets in their wake. The children gathered around the Elder Moa, sitting around a fire that burnt red. The time for tales was about to begin and the children eagerly waited for her to begin. Amongst the children, there was one particular boy, whose body was ridden with a curse sitting a far off from the other children. One most eager to hear the tale. The Elder Moa clasped her hands after a brief hum of the folk song and thus began;

Let me tell you a story, a story like no other. A story about a kingdom far away, a kingdom so great it shook the very ends of the world. But before that let me take you to the beginning.

"In a time, when the lands laid bare before there were nations. Lived a group of people, a people of great intelligence and thirst for all kinds of knowledge . Their thirst took them to faraway lands never before found and objects never before discovered. People from all walks of life, of all races,  could be found amongst of them. For this they were often called the Wanderers, for they did not have a land to call their own.

They maintained that lifestyle for decades as they traveled. However, there came a time when the people were faced with a dire situation. At that time, newborns were a rare blessing that only very few received, even the elderly were short lived. The population began to drastically decrease over time without growth. After a few a years there were only adults and very few children left, it was determined that they would die out if nothing was done.

They searched through lands far and wide but none held the promise of prosperity for the Wanderers. All hope was almost lost when it was at that time that they found a 'strange land'. A land full of wonders no person had ever seen. A land surrounded with beauty none could describe. Where the rivers forever flow, the grasses entwined in their enchanting dance, the winds blow high and mighty and the sky opened like curtain illuminating the land below.

The keeper and overseer of that land was a powerful deity by the name Keiin, he alone controlled and protected the land from all who threatened to harm or abuse it. His power was vast and mighty but he was also kind and benevolent. The Wanderers approached Keiin for sanctuary but were refused without a second thought.

After two years of endless pleading and requests, Keiin took pity on them and allowed them one chance. They were to pick five of the best from amongst them and those will undertake the trials of the Keys and if completed will be granted the lands to occupy.

The Wanderers did as they were asked and selected three men and two women from each of the different tribes to take the trials. Each person was allowed only one chance for their trial and was picked at random by Keiin for each of the five trials. These were the trial of Fira, Irone, Aire, Water and Void. The trials were long and hard, it tested their will to live and pushed each participate to their very limit.

Days passed before the first victor emerged from the trial of Fira's exit, drenched in blood was a man titled Niellm. A man born of the overwhelming strength. Next was Danestia emerging from the trial of Water, she was woman blessed with unrivaled intelligence. After was Zarcer completing the trial of Irone, he was a man born of incomparable tenacity.

However, only three out of the five trials were completed while one was killed during the trial the other one died upon completing the trial. Keiin gifted the victors the Keys to the land they had won. He blessed the Victors and their descendants the ability to harness the power of the Keys and of the lands. Leaving them with a prophecy and a warning.

The Wanderers then divided themselves and followed their Victor to occupy the three lands gifted to them. Fayra; the land whose flames burns to devour, Golemn; the land where iron binds thicker than blood and Lynnoia; the land whose waters flows in unending time. Each land had its own Eteos, its own energy source found in small glass crystals holding the ability to harness the power from the land. The people used this in every aspect of their lives and to further their own technology. In those lands, the people were able to prosper and were blessed with fertility again.

The three lands are the united nations of Redusia we know now. However many years after the death of the founders, most of their principles drifted with time. Although the people lived with one another in harmony, slowly each nation became a world of its own. All that was left was completive animosity and treaty bound by law amongst them. Only on the Day of Victors do these nations come together to celebrate the completion of the trials.

As time went on most of the old teachings and many ways of old were forgotten and abandoned. The old died and young went on with their lives leaving behind history. Forgetting the warning Keiin had given to the Victors of the great war of the Vaers that would begin at the appointed time of convergence. And the prophecy of the four who could stop it."

Listen closely now children, Take a seat little ones. The story of the four blades that tore the sky asunder is about to begin.

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