The victor's cup: The Araminai chronicles

She was a natural born assassin... He was a prince raised by an iron fist... She was a little princess locked away from the world... He was just a little country boy.... These four individuals living separate worlds so vastly different from one another. Find themselves drawn together by the working of a particular deity. While one lived by a Father's rule, one went in search of one. While one lived oblivious to the world, the other lived in spite of it. When destiny awakens and intertwines their path they will discover a fate greater than their own. One that would shake the very world they live in. A war is on the horizon, a war for who will rule the land. A war that will decide the fate of all both creature and human. Unbeknownst to anyone an evil is brewing in the darkness and these four are the only ones who could possibly stop it. To save the world these four will have to go on a quest to become the Araminai.


5. IV[Shey]- The hidden Princess


The winds blow towards to the shores of Lynnoia, the beautiful land of crystal waters. Where the rivers flow in unending time. Here the tale of a little princess is about to begin.

"Please Lady Assheyria you have to put this on," the elderly manservant said as he pursued a young lady dressed in nothing but undergarments across the bedroom.

"Oh come on Filin, I'm having fun right now, I don't want to be forced into one of mother's death traps just yet," she yelled as she ran around the huge bedroom, jumping over furniture and dancing to an invisible rhythm. She was clearly not a child but at this moment, anyone would think so. Her face would light up every time she managed to slip away from her manservant's grasp.

The manservant Filin, who had watched from the sidelines had put an end to her circus act before it got out of hand. He overtook her in one fast movement and caught her in his arms as she ran into him.

"And now the fun is over Lady Assheyria," he said, releasing his grip off her arms.

"That was cheating, you using the queen's art in a normal game!" She grumbled mockingly.

"It is not the queen's art my lady it is just normal fighting art for I am just a lowly servant, only royals can learn that, " he explained. The young lady stopped moving immediately he began to speak, narrowing her eyes while she studied his face closely. He was as emotionless as ever while he spoke, his eyes held no hint of hesitation. Despite his words belittling him, it didn't seem to bother him at all. Even After all these years that fact had never changed.

"Filin how many times have I told you to call me Shey, you know I dislike my full name," she said with slight curt tone. She intended to answer him with same coldness as he did her.

"My lady, I can't-" he began,

"No buts we agreed you would call me that when we were alone," she ordered, pushing her lips together into an oval shape. She folded her arms and turned her back to him, all to emphasize her disapproval. Attempts to reason with her were slapped off by the flick of her wrist.

"Fine..." He finally grumbled out. She turned to him, her eyes bursting with delight. "Lady Shey will you now put this on," He added holding up a beautiful emerald and crystal blue dress, ensued with numerous intricate designs and condiments of all kinds. A transparent veil flowed from the sides and the arms like a pair translucent wings. The embroidery designs and the crystals shone in complete harmony, it was one the most beautiful dress she had ever seen. Even for a normal royal attire, this was far more extravagant than usual.

"Filin, what is this? What is going on?" She questioned cautiously. Filin remained quiet and did not answer. She brought her eyes back up, the bright glint in her eyes had disappeared,"Filin I asked you what is going on?"

"A closed meeting is to be held today by her majesty and some of the representatives of Fayra monarch, it seems to concern the matter of the Victor's Day..." He said in a calm monotone as he walked over and placed the dress by the bedside.


"...Your presence has been requested by Her Majesty the queen,"

"My presence? Mother wants me out in the open? In a meeting?" She questioned in disbelief. Her voice shaking slightly as she spoke. There has never been a time that her mother, the Queen had ever requested her presence. Not even in a family gathering let alone a political meeting. By her mother's orders, she has been kept in the north section of the castle, in the deepest room shrouded in darkness. Only her birth father had ever treated her differently.

"Yes the Queen, the meeting is to be held at the start of darkness and you are to be on standby until called," He replied standing as rigid as ever. His hands folded at his back, his legs clamped together and his head slightly tilted upwards. He only ever took that pose when the Queen' orders were concerned.

"Are my siblings going to be there as well?" She asked in a whisper.

"No...No one else except you," He replied with a slight head shake. Shey walked slowly over to the bed. So many things ran through her mind as she took each step. The reason why her mother would request her presence in such an important meeting and her alone eluded her. She had no idea what to think but all she knew was that when it comes to her mother, you could never tell.

"Please get ready, I will call in the maidens to help you with the dress, call me if you need anything I will be right outside the door," He offered softly.

"Yes, right..." She murmured out. Filin took a brief bow before heading towards the door. Just as he was about to open it he paused and tilted his head sideways towards Shey.

"Your father... will be here shortly, so please be fully dressed by the time he arrives," Shey perked up immediately she heard that her father was coming. Her eyes regained some of the glints it had as she watched Filin walk out the door. She whispered a thank you to him just before he disappeared behind the door.


Shey sat there for the next few minutes in silence, her thoughts were consumed with questions. She hadn't seen her mother in almost a year, ever since she had been confined to her room. The last time she met mother it ended up with her being slapped and sent from her Mother's presence and her siblings. It was no surprise at the events that day, ever since she was born she had been treated with a cautious spoon. She was the last child born to Queen Titania V, she was the only daughter of the Queen's ninth husband, Aphron.

Her birth was one covered in mystery as no one is allowed to utter a word of it in the entire palace, even Shey herself was clueless to the details. The only thing she knew was that she and water don't go together, there was always a dangerous chain reaction that would go off when she comes in contact with it. On multiple occasions, it had almost led the death of those around her. Given the fact that the whole nation of Lynnoia is made almost entirely of water, it almost seemed like the Eteos of Lynnoia itself had rejected her.

Her father lost his official duke position because it but still managed to remain in the Queen's official Harem. Shey knew for a fact that even though her mother might not like her, she loves her father, maybe even more than the others. She was drawn from her thoughts when she heard a knock on the door. She sat up slowly without a word, her eyes fell on the door as the knock came again.

"Lady Assheyira, we have come to help you with your dress, may we come in?" said the young female voice.

"You may," She replied softly. Three young girls dressed in the purple-white maiden robes walked in sheepishly. They took short and careful strides towards the bed. Their hands placed firmly in front of their stomachs, their faces bent downwards towards the floor. Maidens are always a bit cautious around their masters due to the fact that with just a small complaint she and her entire family could be banished from the higher ring and sent to the lowest ring, with the people of low status.

"You can relax," Shey said, trying to sound reassuring. Their tense shoulders softened a bit as they approached her but they were clearly still tense. Shey got up from the bed and walked over to the dressing stand, her eyes on her solemn reflection.

"Well shall we get this over with,"

An hour later she was all set and fully prepped for the meeting. Just the dress alone was enough to leave anyone breathless, Shey herself was lost for words when she saw it for the first time if it wasn't that she was going to a meeting she could have sworn she was to be joined today. The three maidens stood astonished at the dress and Shey own beauty before them, one of them mistakenly slipped out a compliment without being asked and feared retribution but Shey just waved her a soft smile.

"It's alright no need to fear," she said as she stood from the chair and walked over to them, placing a hand on two girl's shoulders, "And thank you for the compliment," They bowed deeply and ran out the room, their faces bright red. Shey sighed faintly, stopping in front of the tall crystal glass window that gave the illusion that she was looking out a real window. It shows illusions of the outside world a person wants to see when their hand placed on the surface. Moonlight and even sun rays can be projected off its surface are almost identical to the real one.

Shey placed her hand gently on the glass surface, the only image in her mind was the darkness of the night and the light of the twilight moons. And just liked that the sunlit room became consumed in the darkness with only the light coming from the radiance of the twilight moons and the Leona constellation. The stars coupled with her dress lit the room like the stars were close enough to touch.

"Beautiful..." A deep voice came from the midst of the darkness. Shey turned towards to the direction of the voice, her eyes fell on a tall pale skinned man dressed in gold and translucent turquoise robe. A wide grin spread across her face the minute she made eye contact.

"Father..." He began to move towards her and her him until they met in a tight embrace. They hadn't seen each for half a year after her father had become the head ambassador of foreign relations in Lynnoia. He pulled her away to get a closer look at her, his face softened to a solemn smile. Shey stared into his eyes, all she could see was sadness hidden behind the smile. Outside him being happy they got to see each other after such a long time, something was wrong.

"Father is something wrong?" Shey asked. He snapped back from his trance immediately hiding every hint of sadness in his eyes.

"Nothing darling, it's just I haven't seen you in awhile," he said smiling as reassuringly as he could. He stroked her long black hair softly like you would when patting a flower.

"Okay then..." She agreed, she was not fully convinced but she was willing to drop it. "How come you were able to visit me father, I was told that you wouldn't be back until next year,"

"Something came up and I had come back for a meeting," He explained, his tone indicated something else. Something more serious.

"Mother requested my presence," She began, her head tilted downwards gravely. She nuzzled into his arms, trying to feel as safe as possible.

"I know..." His voice foreshadowed the same the emotion as Shey's words.

"Well, at least now I know that I won't be alone out there," She teased, attempting to lighten the mood. Shey knew something was wrong, Aphron's body was tense even as he embraced her.

"Listen to Shey-" Aphron suddenly was cut off from his statement when the door flung open and two guardsmen and Filin emerged from the darkness. The men's faces were hard and cold while Filin's was tense in an almost threatened way.

"Feyr Sir Aphron of Bamambas, the Queen requests your presence in the chamber of old immediately," One of the guardsmen announced. Considering the way his body was rigid emphasizing the urgency, Aphron was to leave immediately. He turned to his daughter and hugged her one last time.

"Whatever happens in there, don't forget that I'm always on your side," He whispered softly and with a kiss on her forehead he left with the guardsmen, leaving Shey confused with his last words.


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