The Princess' Maid

Brock Courval is the baddest soon-to-be alpha in all of America. His pack, The Raging Shadows pack, was the biggest and scariest pack known to...well...wolves. Princess Sloane is the daughter of the Alpha king and betrothed to Brock. What happens when the maid, Leia, Sloane bullies happens to be the stupid player Alpha's mate?


2. A Girl In Pain

Leia's POV

I awoke with a start. My long night gown was bunched up to my mid thigh and I could feel dry drool on my cheek. My ringtone was playing loudly and I was surprised that no one was yelling at me. Probably because they all loved the song and would never admit it. Tale As Old As Time from Beauty and The Beast was ma jam! 

I got dressed rather quickly and rushed out to catch the bus. (

When I climbed onto the bus at 7:45  i rushed to sit beside my two best friends, Mackenzie Newman and Summer Hardy. Mackenzie and Summer except that I don't talk but our different personalities balance us out. Mackenzie is extremely strong willed and the daughter of a big name Alpha. Summer is a bit more quiet but still can get her gossip on. Summer is from a pack of healers. Although her dad ( he was a human.) used to be a bounty hunter so she is quite observative. Mackenzie had wavy orange locks with blonde ends. She had forest green eyes and stood taller than me and summer at 5'9. Summer had tight blonde curls with purple stripes in them and blue eyes. She was taller than me but smaller than Mackenzie at 5'5. Then there was plain old me. I had straight brown hair that the girls always tried to convince me I should get highlights. My eyes were a boring brown color and I was petite at 5'3. My legs weren't stubby but they were not bony either and I had a C cup. Mack had a D and Summer was a C too. 

We walked into school together and approached the only three guys we speak too; Jonah, Ace, and Steven. Jonah was on the baseball team and tutored me weekly in math. All the girls thought we were gonna end up dating but I doubted it. I was still in love with Asher, even if he had to avoid me like i was the plague. Next was Ace. Ace was actually friends with us because he saved me and Summer's life. The girls had convinced me to sneak out the castle and go to a party. I wanted to leave early and so did Summer but Mack was too drunk to join us. We ended up walking alone and getting attacked. Ace saved us and beat the guy 6 feet under. Ace was as silent as me and the only person that knew of my beatings. Last, but totally not least, was Steven. Steven was gay and at first an outcast to the whole school but now he is our best friend and in a steady relationship with some guy in the drama club. As we were all talking the bell rang and we made our way to class. 

                                                                                        *After School* 
Today Jonah was going to the castle with me and we were going to study there but, Jonah did something unexpected. As we walked to the castle Jonah started to express his true feelings for me and before I knew it we were kissing. 

Jonah twisted the knob on the castle's back entrance with one hand, the other one was holding onto my waist. When we were inside he pressed my back against the wall and lifted me up so that my legs wrapped around his waist. Our lips fought mercilessly and we weren't even aware of the other people in the room. 

"Excuse me, Mrs. Leia but I believe this is an inappropriate place to repopulate with your strange boyfriend." 
At this I blushed furiously and disconnected my lips from Jonah's, to which he pouted. I peaked over his shoulder and saw not only Beta Loring but also Asher, Gamma Frader and even the King and Queen. 

I pulled away hastily from Jonah and moved to his side so that his tall physique was not hiding me away. I searched everyone's face and saw mostly anger and disgust until my eyes fell upon Asher. His eyes held pain and hurt. He looked like he was dying inside. I put my head down and studied my shoes.

"It is nice to see you Jonah of Red Howl pack. How is Leia's tutoring going? She has to get those grades up!" Squeaked Gamma Frader's wife, Belle. She always acted like a mother figure to me.

"They were obviously doing more than studying mother. She is just a whore, not even waiting for her own mate. The stupid slut." Asher growled. 
Tears welled up in my eyes and I could feel all their stares on me. Jonah gave me a gentle squeeze on my hand before removing himself from the situation. He probably had a sudden team meeting, their first baseball game of the season was next week.  

I felt the king walk over and stand right before me. I made the mistake of looking up and the second my eyes reached his a sharp slap swept across my cheek. My head whipped back and the impact was so hard I fell to the ground. 

"You stupid whore!"He yelled, kicking me in the head. Blood fell from my mouth and sobs shook my body. The first thought that came to mind was my mate saving me, but 1. That only happened in movies and 2. I couldn't find my mate until I was 18 although if he was already 18 he could find me and I would still feel some sort of connection to him. 

Another kick to the head, another punch to the stomach. The king threw me against the wall and even with my werewolf healing I could feel my ribs ache, a few were probably broken. 

"Stop! You're killing her!" Asher called out. His voice was followed by the Queen trying to calm her husband and mate down. They probably didn't want the public to know how they killed a servant that was with them for almost a decade. As I finally began to relax and except the pain a growl shook the floor I was bleeding and being beaten on. All I saw was the face of an angel before I blacked out. 

*A/N so....this took me real long to write but I am so excited for this book! EEEEEEKKKKKKK! Pic of Leia above!*

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