The Truth-Teller is an anonymous blogger in the 23rd Century, lead spokesperson for the peaceful campaign group EVERYONE. Her first public appearance leads to a tragedy she has already made peace with.


2. H.O.O.T

From No-One to EVERYONE

Death of Peace Campaigner

By Becca Gregson


The leader of the peaceful campaign group EVERYONE, who made her first and only public appearance two months ago again under her blog pseudonym The Truth-Teller, is dead.

The young woman, pictured above, has been named as Yasmine Azizi, 31 yrs old, from Leeds, in the United Republic of Britain. Her blog, for which her campaign group EVERYONE was named, was started in 2210, after the events of the June riots in every major city in the western world. Since then, almost two and a half million people have read her work. Since access to the archaic computer system is limited, this has led to the formation of a sector of the underground movement of freedom fighters dedicated to letting ordinary people access Azizi’s blog. The Police have been unable to trace this underground system, and thousands of computers and laptops have been stolen from museums and private collections across the world.

Azizi believed that everyone is born equal, hence the name EVERYONE. Her blog posts cover a wide range of topics, such as sexism in the modern workplace, addressing issues like the rate of male suicides, and the subjugation of teenage hormones to keep children from deviating from the norm.

However, not everyone agrees with EVERYONE’s ideas. Government Minister Katie Hopkins says “Yasmine’s ideas are dangerous. Her campaign is more likely to create more conflict than peace.” Hopkins was one of several who opposed Azizi to appear at her public speech two months ago. Millionaire entrepreneur Jared Harrison spoke vehemently against Azizi, stating that “there are those in this world who would assume to know what is right for everyone. Azizi is one of these, and she is wrong.” Harrison then went on to say, “We cannot allow this kind of treachery to continue.”

 Miss Azizi was found in her apartment last night, bleeding and unconscious. She later died in hospital of blood loss from a stab wound. Police have yet to release a statement; it may have been suicide, or it could be murder. She had no shortage of enemies. The investigation is ongoing, although it does not seem to be a priority.

In the wake of this tragedy, EVERYONE is holding a city-wide march of solidarity this afternoon. A spokesperson for the group told H.O.O.T, "Yasmine's death will not go unnoticed in the history of our time. We will continue her work, and we will make sure her vision of the future, a future for everyone, comes true."


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