The Beginnning

This is a Harry Potter x OUAT fanfic. Hook and Emma's daughter, Ellie, is discovered to be a witch, and is invited to study magic at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. During her trip to Diagon Ally, she meets Harry Potter, who is being escorted by the one and only Severus Snape. Read on to discover how they face the evils of their first year... and Voldemort.


6. Chapter 5: Harry

Harry stepped off the train with Ron. "Do you know where Ellie went?" Harry asked.

"No, why? Missing your girlfriend?" Ron teased. 

Harry turned bright red. "No!" He said defiantly. 

"Well, she was with that Hermione girl. I bet they're still together." Ron said around his laughter at Harry. "She's pretty cute, though. I bet I could get her to go out with me by fourth year." 

"I saw her first!" Harry said defensively. Ron started laughing again, as they followed a giant calling for first years. 

"Yeah, totally not your girlfriend." He taunted.

"You said that just to make me mad! She's not my girlfriend, she's my girl friend. With a space in the middle. Friend that happens to be a girl." Harry said. This only made Ron laugh harder. "Shut up, Ronald." 

"I still don't know how she figured that out!" Ron said.

"So?  She's smart." Harry said. "She probably figured it out by looking at you. Like that Malfoy kid. You know, we should be friends with him." 

"But he's a Malfoy." Ron said, as if that helped explain anything.
"So?" Harry asked.
"Harry, the Malfoy's were right in You-Know-Who's inner circle." Ron said, acting as if Harry should know this, which he probably should.

"Was Draco in Voldemort's inner circle?" Harry asked sarcastically.
"No, he's eleven!" Ron exclaimed. "You-Know-Who wouldn't have let a one year old join!"
"That's probably true, but how do you know so much about Voldemort?" Harry asked, laughing, as the first years moved to follow the giant. It turned out his name was Hagrid.
"Uh, because of Dad." Ron said as though this was obvious. Harry stared.
"Your dad worked for Voldemort?" Harry asked, thoroughly confused.

Ron face palmed and flinched at the same time. "No! He works at the Ministry. Against You-Know-Who!"
"Oh." Was all Harry said.
The first years had all boarded a fleet of boats. As they sailed, Harry and Ron continued talking about Voldemort and the M.O.M., until Harry cut off abruptly.
"Woah." he said. Ron turned around.
"Amazing!" Ron agreed. The first years had just gotten their first look at Hogwarts.

A few minutes later, the first years entered the Great Hall, following Professer McGonagall. Harry caught Severus' eye, and smiled, before looking back at McGonagall, who had started talking.

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