The Beginnning

This is a Harry Potter x OUAT fanfic. Hook and Emma's daughter, Ellie, is discovered to be a witch, and is invited to study magic at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. During her trip to Diagon Ally, she meets Harry Potter, who is being escorted by the one and only Severus Snape. Read on to discover how they face the evils of their first year... and Voldemort.


1. Chapter 1: Harry

"NO, Dumbledore!" Snape growled across the desk. "I've already told you! I'm not going to go get the brat!"

"And I've already told you. I'd have Hagrid do it, but he's getting a little girl from a place called Storybrooke, Maine. It has to be you." Dumbledore replied wearily.

"Why can't you do it? Or Minerva? Why does it have to be me?" Snape argued.

"Because you and Hagrid are the only ones who will be able to intimidate his relatives into letting him come!" Dumbledore sounded like he was getting angry now.

"But-" Snape started, but he was cut off by Dumbledore.

"Severus! For heaven's sake! Just go get the child! It won't kill you!" Dumbledore exclaimed, standing up. Snape stood up as well.

"Fine. But do not expect me to do anything else for the brat. I'll get him, then he's your problem." Snape snapped. He left. Dumbledore smiled, then turned his eyes down to his book.


Harry lay on the floor in the hut, listening to Dudley snoring. All of a sudden, he heard someone twisting the doorknob. The door banged open. Dudley woke up with a jolt, Vernon and Petunia skidded into the room, and Harry slid into a dark corner. A man walked into the room. He was quite frightening. The man looked around, saw Harry, and strode over to him.

"Come." he said, dragging Harry to his feet and toward the door. The man was just about to shove Harry out, when Aunt Petunia spoke.

"You look familiar." Was all she said.

"I am Severus Snape." Snape said, without looking around.

"YOU!" Petunia shrieked. Snape finally looked around, and looked livid at the sight of her. Harry pulled his arm out of Snape's grasp, as it was tightening painfully. He looked up at Snape, whose lip was curling.

"They sent you to live with her?" Snape asked, then pulled him out the door.

Just before the door slammed, Harry saw Uncle Vernon's purple face, Aunt Petunia's pale one, and Dudleys fat one, a mixture between white and red. It kind of looked like a strawberry milkshake. Then the door had shut, and Harry found himself being dragged toward another small boat on the shore and being pushed into it. Then Snape waved a stick, and the boat sped back towards the distant shore.

"Um excuse me." Harry began. The Snape man looked at him. "Who are you, exactly?"

"I am Professor Severus Snape, potions master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You know about Hogwarts, don't you?" Snape said.

"Er, sorry, no I don't. I've never heard of it." Harry replied apologetically.

"What?" Snape growled softly. Somehow, Harry knew that this sounded much more intimidating than him yelling.

"Uh, I've never heard of Hogwarts." Harry repeated, a little louder.

"Do you know who your parents were?" Snape asked, softer still.

"Um, I know that my father was unemployed." Harry answered, getting a little scared now that he realized that he didn't even know his parents' names.

"Tell me what your father's full name was." Snape demanded, his voice getting louder.

"Er," Harry said. He didn't know his father's first name, let alone his middle one!

"I know his last name was Potter." Harry muttered at the ground.

"That's all you know." Snape said, not as a question, but as a statement. "For your information, your father was named James Fleamont Potter. He got his middle name from his father, just like you got your middle name from your father."

"My middle name is James?" Harry asked, sounding interested.

"YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR OWN MIDDLE NAME?" Snape exploded. He was surprising himself with how much he cared.

"Well, Uncle Vernon mostly called me boy, Aunt Petunia just called me you or him, and Dudley only ever called me Potter. It took me a while to learn what my first name was." Harry mumbled at the floor.

Snape had turned purple. He waved his wand again, and the boat sped up.

"How did your parents die?" Snape asked.

"In a car crash." Harry promptly replied.


"Um..." Harry was not sure how he should respond to that.

"What do you know about your mother?" Snape asked, calming down a bit.

"Well, my Aunt Petunia says that she was a freak." Harry replied.


"Okay, okay. You asked what I knew, I told you what I was told. Besides, you saw what my aunt and uncle were like. It's not like they were going to tell me anything about people they hate." Harry responded. Snape thought about that. It was true, the boy did not seem to be a spoiled little prince like he'd thought... not that Snape would ever admit that he was wrong. Harry looked up at Snape and gave a crooked little grin, just like James did... but Snape could see Lily in there, too...

The Next Day

"Potter, wake up!" Snape snapped. Harry jolted awake. "We're going into Diagon Alley. Get dressed and then we'll leave."

"Okay, okay." Harry said, getting up. "Can you leave so that I can get dressed?"

"Hurry up." Snape said, leaving the room.

After Harry was dressed and ready, the two walked into the small yard at the back of the Leaky Cauldron. Snape tapped a brick, and the wall rearranged itself so that it was a huge archway leading into a long street.

"Whoa." Harry said. "That's amazing." Just then, he spotted a shop called Olivander's, and it had a wand display in the window. "Hurry, Sev, I want to get a wand!" He called over his shoulder, starting to run.

"Harry, look out!" Severus shouted after him. Harry turned around, and collided with a young girl with her nose in a book.

"Oh, sorry, my fault!" Harry and the girl said at the same time. "Wait, your fault? No, my fault. What?" Harry grinned. "How about we blame you?" He said.

"No, that was totally your fault." The girl said, also grinning. At that moment, Severus showed up, followed shortly by who could only be the girls mother.

"Harry! Watch where you're going!" Snape snapped.

"Elizabeth! I told you put the book away before we left the shop! Oh, hello sir." Elizabeth's mother said to Snape.

"Mom, don't call me Elizabeth!" The girl said. "It's Ellie." She added to Harry.

"Hello, Ellie. My name is Harry Potter." Harry said.

"Really? You're in this book!" Ellie said excitedly, holding up the book she was reading. It was titled The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts.

"Oh, really?" Harry asked the sidewalk, for he had blushed and looked down. Taking advantage of Harry's embarrassment, Snape turned to the girl's mother.

"What is your name?" He asked.

"I'm Emma Jones. Ellie's mom." Emma replied. "What's yours?"

"I am Professor Severus Snape, potions master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I am escorting Harry in the buying of his supplies and to Hogwarts." Snape said.

"Well, that was a better introduction than mine." Emma began, but Ellie cut in.

"You're a professor? You teach at Hogwarts?" Ellie said excitedly.

"Yes." Snape said, sounding completely unenthusiastic.

"So, Ellie, wanna go shopping with us?" Harry asked Ellie.

"Harry, I only signed up for one of you!" Snape said.

"Sure! Hey Mom, can I go with them?" Ellie said.

"Sure, I'll meet you later. I have to go find Regina." Emma said.

"Yay!" Ellie said. She and Harry started walking a little ways in front of Severus. "So, Harry." She started a conversation. "Is he always that unpleasant?" Ellie asked, gesturing to Severus.

Harry grinned. "Yep." Looking behind him, Harry could tell that Snape knew they were talking about him.



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