Changes in Thyme

Lily Luna Potter is approached by Kingsley Shacklebolt, the Minister of Magic, and told that she will be going back in time to the Maurader's era, and fix what went wrong. So under the name Lilia Grove, Lily befriends Lily and James. There will be friendships made and broken, love and hate. Will Lily be able to pay the price saving her grandparents comes with?


3. Chapter Three:

Once Lilia, James and Sirius had settled themselves into a compartment, James turned to Lilia.

"So, Lilia, how did you know my middle name was Fleamont?" he asked.

"Um..." Lilia said. She couldn't reveal who she really was! "I , uh, looked up student records, and the first years for this year. I wanted to see if I knew anybody. It had your middle names, too, so I saw that." she invented wildly.

"Ok." James agreed simply. As he turned away to talk to Sirius, Lilia noticed Lily Evans come into the compartment, sit down, and start crying.

"Hey, Lily." Lilia said quietly, sitting down next to her and putting her arm around her shoulders. "What's wrong?" 

"Petunia h-h-hates me, b-because Sev a-and I s-saw the l-letter she wrote to H-h-h-hogwarts. And, Sev d-doesn't like you, and h-he doesn't want me t-to be friends with you. H-he said some really mean things a-about you, and-" she cut of as Severus entered the compatment. Seeing Lilia hugging Lily as she cried into her shoulder, his eyes narrowed.

"Come on, Lily, let's go find a different compartment." Severus said. James and Sirius looked up. James opened his mouth to say something, but Lilia shook her head slightly.

"Can I come?" she asked.

"Sure." Lily said, at the exact same time Severus spoke.

"No! Go away. Lily and I don't like you." He took Lily's hand and dragged her out of the compartment. Lily mouthed "Sorry!" to Lilia before Severus had dragged her down to the other end of the train. 

Lilia sat down and stared out the window. 

"Lilia?" Sirius asked, sitting next to her. "Are you okay?"

"No!" Lilia bursted out. "It's my job to become friends with Severus. I have to! I have to fix everything! But he hates me, and that's going to ruin everything and get everyone I care about killed!" 

"Uh," Sirius looked at James, who shrugged. "What do you mean, Lilia?" Sirius asked. 

"Um..." Lilia said, realizing she had slipped. "Nothing, really. It's all fine. I'm just frusterated, that's all. I'll be fine, everything's fine. Sorry."

"Lilia, come on. Tell us." James said.

"I can't, James! Besides, you wouldn't believe me, and you wouldn't want to be friends with me if I did tell you." Lilia's voice trailed off into a whisper as she turned her eyes to the floor. 

"Yes, we would." Sirius insisted. "Come on, please tell us. We won't make fun of you, we'll believe you, and we'll still want to be friends with you." 

Lilia sighed. "Promise?"

"Promise." both James and Sirius said at the same time.

"Okay," Lilia said hesitently. "The first thing you need to know is," she drew in a deep breath. "I'm from the future." 

James and Sirius's mouths dropped open. 

"My name is Lily Luna Potter. Until  Kingsley Shacklebolt, the Minister of Magic, gave me the powers of Metamorphosing, I looked exactly like Lily Evans does." 

"Did you say Potter?" James asked.

"Yes, I did." Lilia bit her lip. "You really won't believe this part, but I'll tell you anyway." 

James and Sirius leaned forward, listening closely. 

"I'm trying to change the future. Hopefully me just being here has already done that, but I'll tell you about the one I come from. In the future I'm from, my dad told me all about you guys. You first met Lily and Severus on this train, in this compartment. Severus started talking about  houses, and you guys made fun of him. This made Lily hate you. You continued to bully Severus throughout your school career. James was chasing Lily because he loved her, but she hated him. Then, in fifth year, everything went terribly wrong.

You'd all been sorted into Gryffindor, along with a boy named Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. You four became best friends, and created the Maurader's Map in fifth year, after you became animagi." Lilia pulled out the map that Harry had given her before they knew she would be coming back in time. "Remus is Moony, Peter is Wormtail, Sirius is Padfoot, and James is Prongs. James was a stag, Sirius was a dog, and Peter was a rat. Remus was a werewolf. One day, after the OWL exams, you all walked out and sat underneath a big beach tree, discussing the test. Severus had wandered over near you. Sirius said he was bored, and so you guys started tormenting Severus. I won't tell you what you do. Severus, in his humiliation and anger, called Lily a mudblood when she tried to help him. She then called him Snivellus, which was your guy's nickname for him. That was the end of their friendship. However, Severus loved Lily, before, during and after that, but all she ever saw him as was a good friend."

Sirius and James were staring at Lilia with such rapt attention that she almost stopped. She had always hated being in the spotlight, but she kept going.

"In seventh year, James and Lily started dating. When they were nineteen, you married. When you were twenty, you had a son, born on July 31, 1980. However, Voldemort started hunting you down. There was a prophecy. This is it. The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches...born to those who had thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies. Voldemort thought this meant your son, Harry, because you had defied him three times, and he was born on the last day of July. So, he came after you to try to kill him. However, you knew he was coming. Severus became a Death Eater around the time you were married, but he turned spy for our side the second he knew that Voldemort was hunting you down. He tipped off Dumbledore, who tipped off you. So, you preformed the Fidelius Charm. Sirius was to be your Secret Keeper, but he pursuaded you to switch to Peter. He thought that nobody would think that you would use Peter, and the Death Eaters would come after Sirius instead. This plan, however, didn't work.

On October 31, 1981, when Harry was just a year old, Voldemort arrived in Godric's Hollow where your family was living. He found you. You were making colored smoke come out of your wand for Harry, who was trying to catch it. Lily came in and said something, nobody but the two of you knew, for about ten minutes. You tossed your wand onto the couch. Voldemort walked up to your house and blasted the door open. James came into the hall, forgetting his wand. He yelled at Lily, 'Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off!' Lily ran upstairs to Harry's room. Voldemort killed James, while laughing, then proceeded upstairs, laughing at Lily's attempts to barricade herself into the room, and keep him out. With one wave of his wand, Voldemort blasted the door open. Lily dropped Harry into a cradle, stepped in front of it, and threw out her arms, begging Voldemort to kill her and spare Harry. Voldemort told her to step aside so that he could kill Harry, but she could live. Lily refused, so he killed her before turning his wand on Harry." 

James and Sirius were completely dumbfounded. They didn't really want to hear anymore, but Lilia kept talking.

"He cast the killing curse, but it rebounded and hit him instead. And yet, it didn't kill him, it just turned in into a broken spirit, and he fled. Harry was still alive. Hagrid came and got him on Dumbledore's orders. Dumbledore took him to his Aunt Petunia's. Meanwhile, Sirius found out that Peter had betrayed them, had been working for Voldemort, and had turned James and Lily over to Voldemort. Sirius found him, but Peter cornered him on a busy Muggle street. He shouted for the entire street to hear that Sirius had been the one to betray James and Lily. He cut off one of his fingers to lead them to believe that he had been blown up, blew up the street, and killed twelve Muggles. Sirius was taken to Azkaban." 

James and Sirius looked at each other. They almost told Lilia to stop, but she didn't. She seemed to have forgotten that James and Sirius were there. 

She told them all about Harry's life at Hogwarts, and the Battle of Hogwarts. She told them about his friends, and the battle at the Ministry over the prophecy. She told them about Fred, Sirius, Lupin, Tonks, Colin Creevey, Quirrel, and the Fallen Fifty. She told them about Severus. 

She told them about Ron and Hermione, the Weasleys, the Malfoys. She told them everything.

"Harry proposed to Ginny when he was nineteen, just like you had. She said yes, and they were married soon after. Then Ron proposed to Hermione, who said yes, and they were married. Then Harry and Ginny had three children, two boys and a girl. Ron and Hermione had a boy and a girl. Ron's and Hermione's children were named Rose and Hugo. Harry's and Ginny's children were named James Sirius, Albus Severus, and Lily Luna." 

At this James and Sirius made strange, strangled noises. Lilia looked up.

"You're, you're my granddaughter?" James asked. "Harry names his children after us?" 

"Yes." Lilia said. "Anyway, I was a week out of heading to Hogwarts when Kingsley showed up. He told me that I had to fix everything. I have to befriend you guys, Lily, Severus, and Remus. I have to keep you from tormenting Severus. I have to keep you away from Peter. I have to keep you alive."

"Wow." Came a voice from the doorway. "That's quite some story."

Lilia looked over and saw Lily and Severus in the doorway. "How long have you been there?" she demanded.

"The entire time." Lily said.

"Do you believe me?" asked Lilia. 

"Yes." All four, even Severus, said. 

"Well, you weren't supposed to know, any of you, but it makes it easier now that you do." Lilia said. 

"Yeah." Was all Sirius said. The others were silent.

"I see Hogwarts." Lily said, pointing out the window. "We should get changed." 

After that, they all pretended that Lilia's story hadn't happened, except that all five of them became close friends, and it was a little tense. Lilia was glad they knew, because now she wouldn't have to keep it a secret. However, she was also worried. She could only hope that her telling them hadn't changed anything for the worse.


Hey guys! Sorry for the cliffhanger, but I do so love keeping you hanging. What do you think of Lilia telling them? Should make it exciting, right? 


Snoodles! -Ashlyn 

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