Changes in Thyme

Lily Luna Potter is approached by Kingsley Shacklebolt, the Minister of Magic, and told that she will be going back in time to the Maurader's era, and fix what went wrong. So under the name Lilia Grove, Lily befriends Lily and James. There will be friendships made and broken, love and hate. Will Lily be able to pay the price saving her grandparents comes with?


1. Chapter One:

Lily followed her father down the hall.
"The minister wants to speak with you, Lily." Harry said, pushing the door to the sitting room open. Lily followed him inside and sat across from the minister.

"Lily. I am here on a very important mission. We are trying to save your grandparent's lives, as well as many others." Kingsley informed her.

"How are we going to do that?" Lily asked, genuinly curious. "Time-turners only go back a few hours."

"We have invented one that can go back years, even decades at a time, as well as forward." Kingsley explained. 

"Oh. So I'm gonna go back and fix everything?" Lily asked.

"That is the general idea." Kingsley replied. 

"Won't it be sort of obvious that I'm related to Lily once they find out I have the same name and look exactly like her?" Lily asked, ever the skeptic. 

"Ah." Kingsley said. "I thought we'd come to that. The thing is, you won't look exactly like her, and your name won't be Lily."

"What?" Lily asked. "How are you going to do that?"

"Well, the name is easy. You just have to pick a name and tell everyone that's what your name is. The harder part of that is you have to remember that's your name in their time, and respond to it." Kingsley explained. "Now, as for you looking exactly like her. There are many appearance changing spells that we could use, but they wear off within twelve hours. So, we did long and hard research, and discovered a way to transfer Metamorphagus powers."

"Transfer Metamorphagus powers?" Lily repeated. 

"Well, not really transfer, but duplicate and give. Teddy, could you come out here please?" Kingsley called. Teddy Lupin came into the room. "We are going to duplicate Teddy's powers and give them to you." Kingsley turned back to Lily.

"Oh." was all Lily said.

"You can tell people your a Metamorphagus, and if you want to, you can look like yourself and tell Lily Evans that you think she's pretty and are copying her. But we need you to befriend Lily and Severus, as well as the Maurader's. This is essential. You must keep James and Sirius from bullying Severus, from the very start on the train. You must keep Severus from becoming immersed in the Dark Arts. If you can, convince him to try to be in Gryffindor. Try to help James and Lily become friends in the first year. Keep them away from Peter Pettigrew. If they become friends with him, then you'll have to make sure they make Sirius Secret Keeper instead of Peter. But they may not need Secret Keeper if Severus does not tell Voldemort the prophesy."

"Will the powers be permanant?" Lily asked.

"Yes. Even once you get back, there will be no way for us to remove these powers." Kingsley replied.

"Wait." Harry interrupted for the first time, and it was only then did Lily realize her entire family was in the room, as well. "How long will Lily be gone?"

"It will be like she never left for you. She must go through the entire seven years at Hogwarts, possibly longer. Once she returns, she will be grown up. But we thought of that, and we have made a spell that will return her to eleven years old in appearance and ability. You will still have your daughter. Me and her will be the only ones who remember this timeline, and that will start to fade from her memory within a week." Kingsley assured Harry and Ginny. They did not look as though they liked the idea, but they didn't exactly have any choice. "I assure you, you do have the choice. You could tell me to leave and find someone else, if you wish." 

"Could you come back tomorrow so that we can talk about it?" Ginny asked.

"I'm sorry,  Ginevra, but it must be now or never. If you say no, you have to say it now. If you say yes, you have to say it now." Kingsley said.

"Could we have half an hour?" Harry asked.

"Very well. I shall wait here.  Go converse." Kingsley said. Harry and Ginny grabbed all three of their children's arms, and pulled them upstairs to the master bedroom.

"What do you think, Ginny?" Harry asked the moment the door had closed. 

"I think that I don't like the idea. Lily living a different life? When she returns, she will be a grown woman." Ginny said.

"I agree. But what if it saves my parent's, Sirius's, Lupin's and Tonk's lives? Then won't it be worth it? Besides, Kingsley said that she will be returned to eleven years old." Harry pointed out.

"In size and ability. But she will still have seen things that an eleven year old should not see! She will have experienced things that a grown woman will. She may look like a little girl, she may have the magical ability she does now, but what about her mind?" Ginny looked like she was moving towards hysterical. 

"Mum." Lily said. Harry, Ginny, James and Albus all looked at her. She took a deep breath. "I'm seriously scared, partly because of what you just said. But what if it gives Dad a better life? Besides, we could always ask Kingsley to alter my memory so that I don't remember all those things. But what if I do want to remember them? Please, Mum, I want to do this." Lily looked pleadingly to her mother and father. 

"The half hour's almost up." Albus spoke up. "What are we gonna say?"

Harry and Ginny looked at each other, and nodded. The family walked downstairs. 

"Kingsley, we have decided that Lily may attempt this, on one condition." Harry said.

"What is that condition?" Kingsley asked. 

"If she wants to use the time turner thing to come forward and see us, she is allowed to do that." Harry said. "If you do not accept this, then you shall have to find yourself a different child." 

"Agreed." Kingsley immediately said. "Come, Lily, let us get you ready." 

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