''Mom, mom and I''

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  • Published: 29 Jul 2016
  • Updated: 29 Jul 2016
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This is my very first LGBT story. Enjoy, people of the world!


1. 1.

                                                                             It doesn't matter who you love, all that matters is your love...






-And now the long-awaited reportage about an unconventional family. It's quietly living in the small town of Tolmin- said the anchorman from the Slovenian STV2.


 The nation of the central European country was watching with wonder about two young women who not only got married but used a ''father on catalogue'' for their baby. This was the first case of gay marriage between two women in Slovenia and radicalized many of the country. The stigma was placed,the talk and gossip released like a plague. But the ''modern family'' found all the noise around them unhealthy and damaging. The three were living peacefully/until now/ in a flat and in a block where their neighbors knew their situation and were among the few ones who accepted their sexuality.

The girl was four and a half and loved equally her two moms. Stella constantly repeated in front of the journalists that they are''real and true family and love is all around''.

-Who do you call''daddy'' in your family, Stella-tried to provoke the girl one of the journalists

-Nobody! I don't have a dad but hey, see-I have two moms! Who can beat me on the matter?

Everybody laughed in the room after the clever answer. For Stella it didn't matter at all not being in ''conventional family'' as long she was loved and is having a great time with her two mothers.


                                                                                          . . .


 Before deciding tie the knot, the two young women-Agnes and Amalia dated for almost three years. They both were disappointed by men in general.

Agnes family was strict, so very long time she couldn't tell her parents about her companion in life. When finally she revealed her sexuality over a dinner in the family house, her father only said to her:

''I have no daughter anymore!''

His words made Agnes realize she cannot stay anymore this home, knowing she will never be understood, and very quickly packed her bags and left her parents. Agnes started living in Amalia's inherited flat in the small town of Tomlin.


                                                                                           . . .


-As you can see, ladies and gentlemen, -said a journalist-a family can live without father's figure. Traditions are not what they were and we all have to learn living with unconventional families. Love knows no borders and we all have to let people love each other and create families and raising children.....


 By coincidence, Agnes' parents were watching television and saw their daughter on the screen. Agnes' mother couldn't hold her tears and silently said''I am proud with you, my daughter''. Her husband went to the home telephone and picked up the handset. He was calling Agnes to ask her for forgiveness. Maybe he realized that it doesn't matter who people love as long as they are truly happy with her or his partner.

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