Shut up


2. chapter two - 3:00 am

Saskia holds her friend in her grip tightly. She doesnt feel anything. No pain, no anger, just... numbness.

She lets a silent tear fall onto her wrist, mixing with the blood that drips onto the bathroom floor. She cries silent tears as she hears the door open, and her mother enter the small house that seems like a prison to saskia. She wipes jer tears and pulls down her blsck sleeves afted bandaging her arms and legs. She stands up, wincing at the pressure her legs have to hold.

In her eyes, saskias legs touch everywhere. But in anyone else's, they are like sticks attached to a body.

She places makeup on her cheeks to hide the stains, and concealer to hide the black eye.

She felt disgusting.

She placed her fake smile that covered her tears and sadness, like a mask the school plastics wear everyday.

She sees her mom stumbling into the kitchen with a strange man. They were intoxicated with the poison thst they call a drink. Saskias mother was giggling, while struggling to get out of her dress and onto the couch.

You can tell her makeup is smudged in the dark, and they was acting very inapropriate.

She turns away, and runs up the stairs, crying and trying to forget the image.

She rips off her bandages and hurts her skin more.

On her other wrist, she grabs her rubber bands and snaps them as far as they can.




Saskia wakes to her sheets damp with a little blood. She looks at her wrists and sees purple marks and a bloody arm.

She walks to the bathroom attached to her room and a washes away her blood that cakes her arms.

Luckily, it was saturday.






Hey guys, sorry for not posting I was busy with some stuff

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