Shut up


1. chapter one -Tears

Saskia walked in the front door to her apartment and burst into tears. Her black eye burned as her tears stained her blotchy red cheeks. She knew she shouldn't have done it. She tried to actually show how much words hurt, and how much it affected her life, but they kept hurting. The sliced open her fresh cuts. They punched her, beat her. But all they did when she was on the ground, bleeding and wounded, thet laughed. Laughed at her sadness, her pain. And they did nothing about it. Even her "friend" was laughing and not helping her.

She cried her tears, and thought of the quotes that she read last night. "Depression is a war, you either win or die trying."

Ever since she was little, she thought of how happy she would be when she reached high school. Middle school her was always happy, on the cheer team, best friends with the "popular girls"

Now she was here. Almost a junior, and has to deal with two more freaking years of depression and bullying, hatred and abuse.

She was happy, up until the man that ruined and took all the trust she had in her. She became depressed. Her father was in jail, and she lived with hee mother, who was always away on business trips.

Her friends ruined the chances she ever had with any one, always telling her she was beautiful and could get any guy she wanted.

But it was all a lie.

All the nice comments that were lies turned into the cold hard truth, and she was skipping school, not eating, puking when she did.

She lost all her friends.

Except one.

Her only friend came out at night, and painted pictures with her, but without a paint brush.

You see, the friend was a razor, and the paint, crimson red, turning her paler then she was. And she was always asking"

"What happens when you go a little deeper?"






Sorry its short but i tried my best. Ill write some more, maybe update tonight.

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