Shut up


4. chapter four- smile for the picture!

Saskia's P. O. V.

You know, smiling has always been easier for me then explaining why you're sad. It's why people hate on me. Because they don't know what I hide behind my smile. And they don't know what I do behind closed doors.

I've only stood up for myself once, so it's been a challenge to let my anger and sadness release and brig it down on my haters.

But there's a reason why I've been driven into my state of depression. But that's a story for another day.

But I will tell you the little reasons.

I've been bullied.

Everyone hates me.

My mother is never home.

Hell, even the people in my neighborhood hate me!

But, sometimes it's better to be alone because nobody can hurt you.




Unknown P. O. V.

I watch her sit on the corner of her bed, and see her open her cuts. It hurts me to see her hurting herself, but she won't believe that I'm the one that got them away from her when I saw her body on the ground. The place was like a murder scene. I was able to run and get them away. They were pissed like hell.

I see her look out the window and into mine, but I'm at an angle on my bed so she won't see me. She puts away the blades where she hides them and I see her grab a bandage from her dresser, and wrap her cuts, after cleaning them with alcohol.

I once knew her, I knew her when we were young, almost into grade school. But it all changed when her father started going to the bar and hanging out with very bad people.

I know what they do to her. And I once did it to her too, it's how it all started. But that is a story for another day.






Hey so I will be posting more often it's just I've been busy and all that stuff so I I will try to upload tonight or tomorrow at the least.

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