I lost everything after the storm like everyone else who survived it. My family, friends, personal belongings, and other things that were valuable to me were all washed away. Now, I was by myself in the washed up ruins of what used to be my home, surrounded by thieves, kidnappers, and mysterious characters of all kinds. Despite all the dangers around me and losing everything I loved, I met a special someone to keep me safe from harm.


1. The Desire to Help

        I held onto the palm tree as the harsh winds and waters tried their hardest to rip it from the ground, the feeling in my arms and legs long lost from holding on so tight and long. 
"Help me! God, please help me!" I heard his poor cries for mercy in the distance. I wanted to cry too, cry for the boy, who I couldn't save and everyone else. He screamed for hours until I couldn't hear his voice anymore. The storm was still going strong. 
        Hours later, the hurricane finally lost its momentum. But I was still enduring the storm inside, swaying and swirling with the powerful winds. A faint howl in the distance snapped me out of my traumatic trance. I fell from the tree. I was still trembling with my eyes sealed shut, my limbs sprawled out on the ground. I couldn't save the boy and that would haunt me forever, but maybe I could redeem myself by helping this poor dog?


Hello all! I have finally released another movella! This one will be a little more of the thriller/mystery type! Romance? I don't know, but I have a few ideas for a romantic relationship between my character and someone else. Do you think I should add a little romance in here? Let me know in the comments! Please, like, favorite it, comment on it, and follow me to tell me that you want more! Thank you so much for reading, you awesome people! Cheers! <3

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