I lost everything after the storm like everyone else who survived it. My family, friends, personal belongings, and other things that were valuable to me were all washed away. Now, I was by myself in the washed up ruins of what used to be my home, surrounded by thieves, kidnappers, and mysterious characters of all kinds. Despite all the dangers around me and losing everything I loved, I met a special someone to keep me safe from harm.


2. Helping When Unwanted

     Even after fifteen minutes of walking, my legs were still wobbly and I was still a bit dizzy. I was able to overcome the urge to vomit a few minutes before I reached the source of the pained barks and howls.


     A big dog with a dirty, soaked white coat and pointy ears was trapped under a nest of sticks in a puddle of murky brown water. I slowly knelt down, almost falling flat on my face and reached over to him to remove the sticks. He growled and snapped at me, but thankfully he missed my hand. I had forgotten that panicked and/or injured dogs were usually aggressive. I scooted away from the dog a bit and approached him from a different angle. He couldn't bite me from my current position. My vision was still a bit blurry and I was exhausted, but I was determined to save anyone and anything I could at this point. He continued to snarl and snap at me.


 “I'm trying to help you,” I muttered to him, although I knew he couldn't understand me. I tried to pull the sticks off of him, but they were rooted in the ground and I barely had any strength left. I then got the idea break them apart into little pieces, and soon the dog was free. He was staggering and bumping into things just like I was, his tail tucked between his legs as he continuously sneezed and coughed up water. I was surprised he hadn't been drowned.


 “C’mere, boy!” I called to him, patting my thighs. “Let's go find a shelter.” He turned back around to look at me for a moment, and then he fell flat over onto his side. I gasped and ran to him. I tried to gently shake him and even give him CPR, but he wouldn't wake up!


 “Wake up!” I cried. I picked him up, despite my lack of strength at the moment, and tried to sprint for the nearest shelter. My arms and legs gave out on me moments later. I dropped the dog and collapsed myself.


Hi, everyone! I'm going to try to make the chaps longer if I can. But anyway, you know the 4/11: like, fav, comment, follow, and share! And thx so much to those who r already supporting me! You r special, and u make me feel special too! Cheers! <3

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