I lost everything after the storm like everyone else who survived it. My family, friends, personal belongings, and other things that were valuable to me were all washed away. Now, I was by myself in the washed up ruins of what used to be my home, surrounded by thieves, kidnappers, and mysterious characters of all kinds. Despite all the dangers around me and losing everything I loved, I met a special someone to keep me safe from harm.


3. Fang

    My eyes groggily opened. A boy with bronze skin, emerald green eyes, and long, silky black hair hovered over me. I heard talking in the background as if I were in a public setting.


 “Are you okay?” he asked me, planting a kiss on the back of my hand. He had an accent. I couldn't determine what kind of accent it was or where he was from, but I liked it. “You’re a very beautiful girl. In my household, I was always taught to treat women like royalty.” I blushed, sat up, and examined my surroundings. We were in what looked like a highschool that had been horribly weathered by the storm. People were gathered around, huddled up in blankets, sharing cans of food, mourning their lost loved ones, and celebrating their own survival of the hurricane.

 “Yes,” I slowly replied, eyeing the boy down. “Thank you for saving me. Where’s my dog?” He looked a bit shocked by my question.

 “Your dog is being cared for by my father.”

 “What’s your name?”

 “I’m Saracco.” If you know me, I trust my intuition very much, and my intuition told me that Saracco was someone, who was really worth my time.

 “Audrey. Nice to meet you.”


    Saracco took me to see the dog in the cafeteria portion of the school. His father was showering the dog in affection, kissing and hugging him and everything! You’d think he wanted to marry the dog! He was even crying tears of joy! Why was he so obsessed with this dog?! The dog had a cast on his leg. I was happy to see him in a good condition. Saracco’s dad saw us coming, let go of the canine, and got himself together. He began to wag his tail at the sight of me.


 “Hello, young lady,” his father had the same accent and an appearance similar to his son’s. I think they were from somewhere in India? “Is this your dog?”

 “Um, yeah,” I nodded. Why not?

 “This is such a beautiful dog, magnificent dog. Do you know what kind of dog he is?”

 “A mutt?” I shrugged, showing my knowledge on the dog’s genetic origins.

 “No.” He held his finger up in my face. “This is an American Dingo, or as some call it, the Carolina Dog. As you can see, it can be found here in the southeast of the US. They are very rare. You are a very lucky girl. What is your name?”

 “I'm Audrey. Thank you for letting me know more about my dog, sir.” He enthusiastically shook my smooth, golden bronze hands with both of his. He was a very nice man with a complementary son, indeed.

 “No problem at all, darling.”


A little later in the shelter…

   Saracco and I were feeding the “rare” American Dingo a countless number of treats.


 “He's going to be fat after a while,” I giggled as Saracco and I sat side by side, handing the dog the tiny brown dog treats.

 “Right,” he laughed. “He doesn't have a name?” He looked at me in question.

 “No. I haven't given him one yet.”

 “He kept trying to bite me when I was helping him get here,” I said, recalling the sad memory. “How about Fang?” I smirked. Saracco suddenly cupped my cheeks and pulled me in for a long kiss filled with excitement. He parted the kiss to breathe. My eyes had grown wide and I blinked multiple times at once, trying to understand what had just happened. My hands became moist and a roaring flame was blazing through my body, especially in my cheeks.

 “You are so beautiful and smart!” he exclaimed.

 “Um, thank you, Saracco,” my voice was soft and small. After everything that had just happened, I didn't know how to react that. My mom was there to mediate for me and tell me that if I ever kissed a boy without introducing him to her first she'd chop my legs off. Basically, my morals had flown out the window at that point. I didn't have anyone to guide me anymore, except God maybe? “Why'd you kiss me?”

 “Because I think you're an angel.”

 “No,” I shook my head, bashfully avoiding eye contact with him, “I'm not an angel. I'm not that good of a person. Don't say that.”

 “Why not?” He kissed my cheek and combed his fingers through my long, jet black straight hair. It was so frizzy, salty, and oily after what'd I'd just endured. “You shouldn't put yourself down, my princess.”

 “I just met you like an hour ago, chill, dude.” He ignored my words and kissed my ear. “You're going to be a tough one, aren't you?” I asked him.

 “If that's what it takes to pursue you, my angel.”

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