Sparks Ignited

When Angela and Carol first met they never anticipated meeting 5 Seconds of Summer, let alone living with them. Together the girls find friendship and romance under a roof of secrets. When friendships are tested and feelings exposed, can the girls remain friends through it all?

*co-authored with a user not on this site*


4. November 2nd, 2015/ Carol's POV

My morning consisted of waking up to yelling downstairs and the occasional scuffling. Finally after hearing

“Michael, hand over the damn controller!” I figured it would be wise to make an appearance. It took about an hour to do so, but once I finally convinced Mickey to hand over the TV controls, all was right in the house again. The struggle while getting him to do so was torture for me, but an entertaining show for the guys. Between their constant giggles over Mickey, trying to negotiate ways in which he’d still have the TV, and the constant attempt to get a hold of the control, it lead to a pretty eventful morning. None of us had even eaten yet, even though Ashton had cooked us all a hearty breakfast. Groaning in frustration, Michael then went in the kitchen to steal himself a plate of breakfast.


Our day was spent lounging around the house, while an occasional phone call was made by the boys to a radio station or magazine. They had been loud and obnoxious all day. I am so glad that I only have to deal with this for three days out of the week. They make the yoga classes I go to, oh so rarely, sound like heaven compared to them. When the early afternoon hit and Angela was supposed to come home, more shit hit the fan. She had opened the door to an interesting scene displayed in front of her.

“What is going on here?!” she shouts. I stare at her with wide blinking eyes, still clutching onto Michael’s frame, while Ashton was holding me from behind attempting to pull me off him. 

“I promise this isn‘t as bad as this looks.” I state, grabbing the Polaroid from Michael’s small hands.


“Hand it back!” he screams, reaching around me while I’m still trapped in Ashton’s arms. He pulls back with me, and turns so his back is facing Michael; shielding me from his grasp. He’s all giggles as I stuff the phone inside my pants pocket and Michael is still darting from left to right, trying to grab it from me.

“Carol. What did you do?” Angela asks, throwing her bag onto the floor and closing the door behind her.

“Why do you automatically assume I started it?” I ask, slightly offended. She gives me a small smirk and a knowing glare, before I sigh and know she was right anyway.

“I took a picture of Michael with his underwear on his head.” I answer like a small child, staring at the floor. Michael darts quickly around Ash and reaches for my hands.

“Ahh!” I scream as Ash tightens his grip around me and swings us in the opposite direction.


“Why do you always have to irritate the guys while they‘re trying to relax?” Angela asks, heading into the kitchen for lunch.

“But they always do something stupid and hilarious that requires a captured moment to reflect on!” I whine, leaving Ashton’s grasp and running into the kitchen. Michael follows after and we’re at either side of the kitchen counter. My hands grip the counter top and every time he jerks left, I move right. We’re still doing this when Angela sets her plate on the counter in front of us. Angela sits herself on the stool, shrugging as the two of us chase each other around. It’s in this moment when I realize she’s given up and is now merely entertaining herself.


Eventually Michael gave up trying to steal the Polaroid from me. So once Angela was finished eating and she relaxed enough, we headed upstairs to get ready for tonight. I stare at my choices of what I should wear and I can’t decide on comfort or style. If I wanted comfort, I’d go with my black ripped jeans and tank top which provides enough skin showing in front, to leave no imagination as to the size of my chest. While if I went with one of my tight fitting dresses, I’d have to watch what I do all night and how drunk I get. Seeing as how I haven’t drank in a while and would like to get a bit tipsy; I went with the jeans ensemble.


After explaining my thoughts and choice to Angela, she answers with

“If I have to wear a mini skirt, you are wearing that dress.” giggling in response. I groan but grab the dress laying on her bed.

“You are seriously trying to kill me.” I state, staring at the knee length dress.

“Kill you, help you get Michael; same thing.” she states lifting her hands up and down, as if weighing the options. Smiling, I can’t help but hope she’s right. Mickey being my crush it’d make the night a whole lot better if I could get his attention, not just because I’m his friend.


Mickey has always been my favorite, it used to be Ashton but since he started dating Bryana it kinda broke my heart. So since then I disconnected and moved onto Michael. It’s not like we don’t have almost everything in common anyway. The brief moments we’ve spent together were almost always doing nothing because of his laziness and we still ended up laughing at something or other, or finding out new things about each other.


Angela and I are talking about what we hope our night to end up like, while switching occasionally in front of the mirror as we apply our makeup. We have the guys’ newest album blaring in our room, the only thing distracting us from what we should be doing. Applying mascara turns into air drumming, and brushing our hair turns into singing out loud. Eventually Angela has to literally drag me to the chair so I can finish, while she fixes up her room over the small clutter we’ve made.

“Carol, I know it‘s hard to do but the guys have seriously been calling us for like ten minutes now. We should really get going.” I sigh but nod in agreement. Slipping on my black dress and the matching flats, we’re now fully dressed and heading down the stairs.


We went all out, Angela straightened her hair while I put mine up in a clip so it doesn’t hang in my face. My hair isn’t as long as I’d like it to be, so it often curls up and falls in my face. Since I don’t want to constantly fuck with my hair all night, I thought putting it up would be the better option. Angela agreed since I couldn’t go for comfort on her choice in outfit anyway.


While we’re descending the stairs, we can’t help but notice the four tall guys waiting by the door for us to appear. Wearing black skinny jeans and a band tee, they look like they’re ready to perform on stage; minus the instruments and ear pieces. I break them away from their small talk and glancing at their phone screens by clearing my throat.

“Boys, we‘re ready.” I state, smiling next to a same height Angela now that she’s in heels. I stare at her long legs and protruding ass in her skin tight mini skirt and smiling over the fact she’s hoping Ash is an ass guy.


The four guys take double takes from their phone screens to us. I notice Ash smiling his wide grin, accompanied with

“Ladies, looking good.” I smile knowing Angela is definitely internally freaking out over his comment. I can already see her blushing externally, making her already pink cheeks from the blush looking even more bright in color. Calum smiles in response, sending a wolf whistle our way. I laugh in response, Angela is already in giggles over Ashton’s previous statement, but hearing the whistle sends her overboard.


“Thank you boys. But we should really get going.” I answer, staring at Luke knowing out of the four he’d want to be there already. He smiles opening the door for us to walk through. I can’t help but notice his quick glance to my chest as we walk past him though. The boy is anything but subtle. Angela sits in the back with me, and she whispers

“Michael can‘t stop staring at your chest!” trying to stifle back a giggle. Closing my mouth in a tight line to prevent the smile creeping on my face.


“Seriously Angela, you look hot.” Calum says, checking her out. She laughs at first before answering

“Yeah yeah, okay. Thanks, Cal.” in a nonchalant tone. I smile at their interaction, before staring out the window watching our house fade away under the street lights.

“Carol, have your boobs always been that big?” I hear before looking up from the window. Looking for the inquisitive person, the car is filled with giggles from the three guys and Angela. Smiling in response, I stare at Michael who’s now slightly red in the face.

“Yes Mickey, I‘ve been the same size for about eight years now.” I answer with a giggle. He smiles in response, but shoves a still laughing Luke in the front before returning to his phone screen.


When we arrive, we pay the taxi driver and enter the club. The place is crawling with older people. There are a handful of people who look like they’re in our age group, but it’s mostly people in their late twenties to early thirties. Angela and I share a glance and are instantly smiling. This means the chances of the guys being swamped by fans is slim to none.

The guys had called ahead to attain a table in the V.I.P section. They did this so we’d have more privacy, and in the small chance they get recognized, the fans wouldn’t be able to follow them back to their table. There’s an Ellie Goulding song playing when we’re seated in the back, and I can’t help but lightly sing along to her chorus. An already knowing Angela smiles, I grab her hand and drag her onto the dance floor with me.

Angela and I are dancing along to the next song playing, when we’re interrupted by roaming hands. Looking behind Angela I see Ash followed us onto the dance floor. He’s stealing my dancing partner when I look behind me to see Luke followed as well. Smiling, I take his hand and continue dancing with him, swaying my hips to the beat. One of his hands rests on my waist while the other lays on my lower back. I smile knowing this is the closest we’ve been together, ever. I can feel myself blushing as I stare up at him. He’s smiling while biting on his lip ring.

I lower my gaze and turn to stare at Angela and Ash who’re going crazy. He’s all giggles holding onto Angela while she gets invested into the beat. Both of his large hands cover her entire lower back. I’m interrupted when a girl about my age comes over, and instantly breaks up Luke and I to ask to buy him a drink. I step back and smile at an already smirking Luke to head over by Angela and Ash.


Once I reach the two of them I ask

“Hey brat, I‘m gonna order a drink. You want to come with me?” She giggles in response answering

“No! Go by yourself.” with a smirk. Ash laughs and I join in, knowing that would be the answer I’d receive. Sighing, I head to our sitting area to place the order with the woman assigned to our table.


“What happened? I thought you were dancing with Angela?” Calum asks, staring as I sit.

“Ash stole her from me. As if you didn‘t already know.” I reply with a smirk.

“Yeah, but isn‘t Luke down there too?” Michael asks, still confused.

“He is, but he‘s currently being hit up by a girl who‘s buying him a drink.” I answer with a sigh.


After the woman returns with my order she hands me the bottle and as I go to pay, Michael beats me to it. We share a quick glance and a smile flashes across his face. I watch as the woman heads back to her podium where she can clearly see all her V.I.P tables.                               ______________


An hour or so passes and we’ve all had quite a few drinks. The more Michael and I drink, the louder we become. So our table is constantly being visited by someone who works there to remind us to keep our voices down. Sending everyone at the table into giggles, Ash is usually the one who has to assure the worker we’ll watch our volume.

Angela spent most of the night on the dance floor with Ash, but occasionally Calum would cut in stealing her from him. When Luke wasn’t being interrupted by the same few females, I got in quite a few dances with him. Angela grew to know the girls as well, because they’d make their way over to her guys. Eventually I got sick of Luke making small talk with them, so I forced Michael to come on the dance floor with me.


Once he was, I now understood why he never liked dancing. He has no rhythm and can’t hold a beat to save his life. A lot of his dancing was obscene hip thrusts and waving his hands in the air. Smiling at him I ask with a giggle

“Wouldn‘t it be easier if you followed the music?” He groans to my question, shrugging. With a smirk, I turn away from him and lean my back against him. Grabbing his hands I place them on my waist, blushing over him being so close to me.

“Just follow my lead okay?” I ask, turning my head to look up at him. Doing this puts my face inches from his, I watch his once care free face tense up. I look away, swaying my hips to the beat and feeling his body match my movements.


My heart races at his small hands gripping my hips tighter, to make sure he doesn’t lose me in the crowd. I can feel his breath move the small stray hairs on the side of my head, and it makes me realize he’s breathing a bit heavier than normal. Rather than ask if he’s okay, I turn to face him and look up meeting his gaze. He’s still staring at my hips, trying to grow accustomed to the switch I’ve made. He smiles and I return it. Before we can inch closer the song ends and he leaves me to grab another drink.

Breathing out loud, I look around searching for Angela. I need to know if the moment we just had seemed like more because of the alcohol, or if this could actually be happening. Once I spot Angela’s legs, I walk over pushing through warm bodies and I long to be outside. It felt like the club became smaller and hotter now that I’m away from Michael.

Reaching the two of them, I now notice Calum is thrusting behind Angela with a stupid look on his face. It looks like a cross between a smirk and a smile. She’s completely unaware since she’s facing away from him, and as a good friend I should interrupt the two of them; but since she didn’t want my interrupting her earlier, I leave her to him. Tonight would be a long night after we returned home.

Not wanting to be inside anymore, I head for the doors. After walking past a handful of people coming in, I’m now alone. Sighing, I feel the heat dissipate from me, slowly I begin to relax. The door opening behind me causes me to jump. Turning to look at them I see Calum walking out digging into his pockets. I breathe a sigh of relief, knowing it’s just him.


“Hey Cal.” I say with a smile. He looks over at me and walks the small distance, leaning against the wall with me.

“Hey Carol. What‘re you doin out here?” he asks, lighting up his cigarette. I watch him breathe in and then after a few seconds, blow the smoke out of his mouth.

“It was getting pretty stuffy in there.” I admit, leaving out the moment I had with Michael. He nods, bringing the cigarette up once more. I grab it from his hand, placing it in between my fingers and up to my mouth.

“You smoke too?” he asks, confused by my sudden movement.


Breathing the smoke out through my nose, I shake my head. Feeling the burning sensation from the smoke irritate my sinuses.

“No, I‘m what my sister calls a social smoker. She smokes too, so occasionally when I‘ve had a few I just get a taste for a piece of one.” I reply, handing it back to him. He smirks, but nods in agreement.

“I feel kinda bad doing this, but it helps keep the edge off.” he admits. I smile in response, knowing what he means. The chemicals in the cigarette already settling in my veins.

“Angela and I wish you didn‘t either, but we don‘t judge. It‘s not what defines who you are.” I answer honestly.


Another couple enters the club, and he asks

“You want another hit?” bringing the cigarette back to me. I take it from his hand, bringing it back up to my slightly parted lips.

“One more, then we should really head in.” I answer, thinking of a lone Michael and Angela. He agrees and once he’s finished it off, he stomps it out with his shoe, opening the door leading us back inside.


Walking through the same crowd of people, we make our way back to our table.

“Where‘s Ash and Angela?” I ask, looking at the familiar faces sitting there. Michael looks up at me then away, staring down at the dance floor. Calum and I sit down, taking a drink from our glasses.

“One thing I hate about smoking, is how it often leaves you with a dry mouth.” I say, looking at Calum. He nods in agreement, stating

“There will be moments when we‘re on stage and I‘ll already need a drink, but after we break I‘ll fit in half a smoke and it‘ll make it worse.” I shake my head in response.

“To answer your question, Angela grabbed him since Calum left her.” Michael states. I laugh, thinking about how she wastes no time.


“Carol, you smoke?” Luke asks with squinting eyes from the alcohol. Smiling, I shake my head about to explain when Calum does it for me. He looks over at me for confirmation and when I nod in response, we share another small smile.

“Social smoker. Never would‘ve pegged you to be one.” Luke states, taking another drink from his bottle.

“Me either.” Michael says, scrolling through his phone.

“I‘m thankful. It means I have someone to sit outside with when I take my smoke breaks.” Calum answers with a light laugh. I giggle stating

“I only smoke when I drink Calum. But yes I‘ll gladly sit and bullshit with you if you‘d like. I‘m not afraid of second hand smoke.” I answer with another smile.


Luke wobbly stands and I grab his hand, leading him to the dance floor. He manages to place us next to Ash and Angela, who’re bobbing their heads and bodies to the rhythm of the song playing. It’s not until the chorus comes in, that I realize it’s She’s Kinda Hot. Smiling I stare up at Luke, who’s smirking and he half laughs bobbing from side to side. Instantly I’m shaking my hips furiously, throwing my hands up and waving them back and forth to the beat.


He’s laughing at me, bringing his hands to my waist.

“It wouldn‘t kill you to act like a normal person.” he says close to my ear. I laugh, replying

“I‘m never normal, but it‘s especially worse when this song comes on.” This gets him laughing even harder. I haven’t seen Angela enough tonight to know if she’s just tipsy or if she’s as drunk as Luke is. I know I’m pretty drunk myself, but it’s almost like he’s had an entire bar to himself. Since I’ve got this dress on it wouldn’t be wise to get absolutely shit faced. The last thing I need is to take a tumble in it.


After the song ends we all return to the table, and notice Calum and Michael sitting next to each other. Calum is using Michael’s shoulder as a pillow, when he says

“We nominate we leave to eat. I‘m starving!” His voice raising with a squeak when he screams. We’re all laughing a bit too much, including him but agree we should eat before heading home. After finishing our drinks we head out and take separate taxis, the guys turn ahead of us and we continue on to grab some food for tonight. Agreeing on pizza, since it’s the meal that requires less effort. Ordering three large pepperoni pizzas and two large cheese, I hope it’ll be enough for the massive appetites the guys will have.


I pay the driver since Angela got the pizzas, and she opens the door for me while I carry them in. Once inside she helps me place them on the counter in the kitchen. We’re still waiting for the guys to get home, while we place plates on the counter.

“It smells soo good.” Angela says, opening the pepperoni box and throwing a slice on her plate. Smiling in response I place a cheese on mine, when we switch boxes and we grab a slice from them as well. Leaving us with a slice of each, we make our way into the living room.


Sitting on the couch, Angela shoves the cheese slice in her mouth, and I can’t help but laugh as the sauce squirts out and onto the sides of her mouth. She’s licking it off saying

“Shut up!” Still giggling, I pluck off my pepperoni slices placing them on the side, before diving into my slice. It’s still hot and it tastes amazing going down.

“Busy night huh?” I say in between bites. Angela glares at me,

“Carol. How many times have I told you to eat with your mouth closed before talking?” she asks, biting into her pizza again. I roll my eyes, finishing what’s in my mouth before asking again. She smirks but then looks over at me as I bite into my slice again.

“It was so awesome dancing with Ash!” she says with a squeal. I laugh, still finishing the food in my mouth.

“Calum wasn‘t a bad dancer either, but you know I enjoyed dancing with Ash more.” she replies, stuffing her mouth again.

“I know. I know.” I state, shoving food into my mouth.


She gives me a questioning glare with an eyebrow raised when she asks

“Didn‘t you have Michael on you tonight as well?” biting into her food once more. I blush at the thought, and am brought back to when I wanted to ask her about it.

“I wanted to ask you about it earlier!” I shout, before she stares at me with wide eyes giggling at my sudden outburst. I laugh in response, continuing with

“Was it just the alcohol, or did we seriously have a moment?” I ask, still unsure. As I finish up my crust she blinks a few times.

“From what I saw, it honestly looked like you guys were having a thing. If someone who didn‘t know either of you had seen you, it would‘ve looked like you were a couple.” she answers, finishing her slice as well. I smile at the thought of Mickey and me being a couple.


Our girl moment is soon interrupted by the guys’ return. They’re stumbling in the door laughing their asses off. Angela and I share a look smiling over them.

“Where’s our girls?” Ash asks, looking in the kitchen before glancing slightly into the living room. He takes a double take, but after seeing we’re seated on the sofa, he smiles.

“Hey guys, I see you got food. I guess we should‘ve talked before leaving. We picked up McDonald’s on the way home.” he answers with a slight slur from the alcohol.


We’re giggling, shaking our heads over the miscommunication.

“PIZZA!” Michael yells, opening the box and shoving his face with a slice, while plopping down on the chair in the living room. Soon the guys are all seated in the living room, each with food of their choosing. I notice too that they picked up a twenty four pack of coronas on the way home. They’re literally sitting eating pizza with beer.


We left the TV going as background noise, but we’re mostly making small talk. Calum positioned himself in between Angela and I, while Ash sat next to her on the other side. Luke sat in the other chair situated in the room. Once our plates were cleared and bellies full, I got up to place my plate in the sink. Between the comforting feeling of being home, a warm meal in me, and the slight twinge of alcohol still lingering in my system; I was dead weight. It took so much to walk back into the living room.


When I do I notice Angela is leaning into Ashton’s chest. Whether she’s doing this because of the alcohol, or because it’s Ash I’m unsure. I strip myself of my flats, using Luke’s chair to keep me stable.

“Have a seat.” he says in a sleepy mumble, while patting his lap. I half laugh, with a smile on my face. Once they’re in my hand, I answer

“No thanks. I‘m good.” before announcing I’m heading to bed. I’d like to say that there was a lot of protesting, but mostly everyone was sleeping by then. Mickey had passed out between his sixth slice of pizza, and Calum fell backward onto my seat when I left. Leaving a half asleep Angela in a slightly sleeping Ashton’s arms.

“Come on, let‘s get to bed.” I tell Luke, grabbing his hand. He holds onto mine laughing lightly, before shaking his head.

“Luke. Come on, your bed is a lot more comfier than this chair.” I state, trying to pull him up. He groans but gets up following close behind me. We ascend the stairs still holding hands, when he turns to enter his hallway on the left, and I let go to enter my room on the right. He stares at me for a moment, before shoving his hands in his pockets and opening his door after the short walk there.


Stripping out of my dress, I walk over handfuls of thrown clothes on the floor. I grab a baggy T-shirt and throw it over my head, before leaving my room and washing the make up from my face. After using the bathroom, I open the door to see Calum sneak up the stairs and enter his room across from Luke’s. I smile, thankful he’s going to bed in a more appropriate setting.

Once I close the door to my room, I slowly walk across the floor careful not to trip over anything in the dark. When I know I’m stationed in front of my nightstand, I unclip my hair clip and place it on the table. Shaking my head, and rubbing my scalp slightly I groan, thankful it’s hanging loose now. Lifting the covers, I settle myself under and that’s when I feel the unfamiliar body next to me.

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